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  1. "They" Who are "They", and also there is no "Vanilla" of this, it's a game engine, not an actual game, you use this to MAKE games, not to PLAY games..
  2. This is a very neat feature by itself but I feel that what @Arufonsu linked would work better as it doesn't require extra renders. However, this posts feature would be useful if you want to add rarity borders around inventory items while keeping them clean on the ground. That could be an extra feature to be added at some point I guess.
  3. I'm extremely interested in something like this Using just vanilla resources or resources determined by jam host is for sure something that would even the playing field
  4. This modification is now almost 2 years old. I haven't had the time to update it and I don't think I will update it. I might take a look at it and release it as a github link so people can patch it themselves if they really want it.
  5. type in power "CharacterName" 2 This will make that character an admin alternatively you can use 1 if you just want to make them a mod. If you need to make their ACCOUNT admin use poweracc "account name" 2 For example, if I wanted to make myself Admin power "AisenArvalis" 2
  6. Automatically changing the background of an item depending on rarity is something that can only be done through source edits and even that is a tricky thing to do. Best bet is to use custom images for each item and possible work this in so dropped items use a different image: Bare in mind that the moment you start messing with source code, you're kinda on your own in terms of support.
  7. Depending on the limits you want to set on this system it is technically doable through the eventing system but t here are a lot of obstacles to overcome there. Gardening is very doable through events along but since construction is a tad more complex, it would require a bit more tinkering. If we're talking building entire houses, it is very unlikely to be possible. If we 're just talking about making furniture inside a house, very doable with the eventing system.
  8. Not 100% sure at the moment since I don't have my files in front of me but I believe that's InputBox.json you need to edit Specifically the XY coordinates of the Title or Titlebar parameter
  9. Man those Ragnarok Online sounds brings me back xD Good job
  10. For player variables (PV), they are saved and stored on a non-volatile basis (They don't get removed unless told to be removed or changed) For Common Events on PvP Kill/Death, it is not possible to check the targets variables unfortunately.
  11. What you're forgetting here is that giving spells to a class does NOT give them to the player retroactively after they've made the character. You'd have to make an event that teaches the player the spells.
  12. I believe Kas is using a custom made base sprite and isn't sharing it. @Beefy Kasplant Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Thought so, most recent version is You're quite a few versions behind.
  14. Better question is, what version of the engine are you running? It may be that you're running an outdated version
  15. For the love of god, use code snippets for all of the JSON files to debloat the post, makes it very hard to read. But you're for sure on the right track.
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