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  1. Change the Bounds section of "CreditsScrollview" in CreditsWindow.json located in resources/gui/layouts/menu Also this belongs in Questions and Answers, not Connectivity Support
  2. From the looks of it you did it correctly, let me see if I can replicate it. EDIT: Got it to work. You need to do this ban PlayerName # True/False "Reason" Replace: PlayerName - Actual Player Name of person you're banning # - Number of days banned True/False - Either True or False for IP-Ban or not. Make sure your reason for banning is in quotation marks.
  3. It is depending on the CPU strength and load that needs loading. I've seen small tasks take up 90%+ of CPU before, it's quite normal
  4. Keep it English guys @Aiden9 @GabThiais @Ricardo Great work buddy, I'm gonna download this later and dig through the code to learn
  5. I have to ask, what is the point of this? It could easily be replicated just using self switches instead.
  6. As with @Xiphoid's faction system, this will be hard to implement because of the fact that we can't access other players variables unless we pass it to a global variable first, but this has flaws in the way that what happens if multiple players dies at the same time.
  7. Good job on making it actually work this time. However, there's still a big flaw in the system that is unfortunately impossible to fix. What happens if 2 players die at the SAME time. Unlikely to happen with a small player base but if you have a bigger player base it will eventually happen. Let's call 4 players for this case. 1 Angel and 3 Demons Demon1 Kills Angel1 & Demon2 Kills Demon3 At the same time. Now there's a chance that the Demon killing an Angel could get punished for it and the Demon killing another Demon won't get punished. But overall, good job on getting it to work
  8. I have to commend your effort but as I stated you cannot compare variables to the enemy that you just killed. Using self switches will not work the way you intend for it to work. Self Switches are in essence Player Variables that are forced to Boolean values. So as I stated before, you cannot and I repeat CANNOT compare Variables OR Switches of 2 players unless you pass them off into a Global Variable first, which is prone to errors for multiple reasons.
  9. You don't seem to understand here. It's flawed on a fundamental level. Page Only exists when you're an Angel, ok. Conditional Branch checks if YOU'RE an angel, will always be true Will ALWAYS teleport YOU to jail, even if you kill a demon. Lemme break it down: @>Conditional Branch: [Player Variable: Angel is equal to True] - This will ALWAYS come true @>Warp Player[Map] @> : Else @>Change Player Items [Give: Item Angel Medal] - Will never happen ... @> : End Branch @> Do you understand what I mean here? You cannot compare 2 players variables no matter what, they're isolated in their own values.
  10. From what I can see, the Faction system isn't bad, but it has a couple big flaws. In your Reward/Punishment section, you can't compare Player Variables of 2 players, therefore the Punishment will never or always happen.
  11. You need to recreate the steps for Guild1 into Guild2 AND have all the required Variables as well.
  12. If you show screenshots of your events I can help further but to add to what you're saying here. The Label: Check Guild 2 is NOT going to do anything on its own, I added that there for you guys to ADD the logic of checking Guild2-3-4 etc on your own.
  13. To give an answer to this: In order to change the background color of that dropdown box, the file you're looking for is called: dropdownbg.png
  14. Create a new Player Variable and call it Input with the id input. Make an NPC on the map with the following Event in it: Then Modify the Create Common Event to look like the following: I also updated the Login System to help alleviate a problem I saw with the Set Label. For some unknown reason, whenever the server is restarted it looses track of player labels, by adding this into the Login System it'll refresh it on every login.
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