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  1. How did you get to that conclusion? o.O The engine has seen ACTIVE development for a long time now.
  2. I have identified a bug in the code and will fix it asap
  3. Hello you beautiful people of the AGD Forums. Today I have something to share with you all, my blood sweat and tears have finally come to fruition. You can now with this mod add more than 1 stat point at a time. As this alters quite a bit of the CharacterWindow you may have to edit your JSON file for it. I have mine linked here for you to compare. [Download Here] [Extra Resources] New Red + buttons to compliment the new additions Last known version to work on: Screenshots: The Tooltip is an optional feature that you can enable or disable in the Server Config File along with how many points should be added when you click the button. Thanks all, hope you'll make use of this. Change Log: 6/8 - Initial Patch File done 6/8 - Fixed bug that'd hide the + button with the wrong conditions
  4. Player-In-Party checks is something I've been looking at for a while now and haven't really gotten anywhere. As for instances, I believe they're in the works.
  5. Confirmed received and added to list Thank you
  6. Confirmed received and added to the list Thank you
  7. If you change the input into a choice box instead, you can define preset numbers. It's the only way I can think of to circumvent the variable input method
  8. Cannot confirm this as it shows up as a canceled request at the moment. Edit: just showed up. Confirmed and adding to list
  9. Confirmed received and added to the list. Thank you
  10. Hello AGD, as many of you or maybe not many of you may or may not know at this point. I commissioned JC to create the Guild System. Now his costs are pretty high but in the end worth it as the Guild System was released into the source as V1, basic functionality. As we're moving onto V2, that'll include a couple more features, I figured I'd do a call for help paying for it. V2 will include a few extra features compared to V1 and JC has expressed that only some will be made public, the rest is to be made for me. I have the full intent of sharing the extra things but because of that, the rates are higher on it. V2 Features: - Guild Variables - Will be made public as well. -- Private Additions -- - Guild XP and Level in DB - Max Guild Level / EXP Per Level in a json config file - Grant Guild XP via Event Command - Condition for Guild Level - Calculate Guild Ranking List on Server Boot - As ranks change or guilds deleted keep updating the ranking list in realtime (to avoid extra db queries/processing work) - Condition for guild rank - Event text command for top 10 guilds + level + member count - Guild join requests Everyone who helps paying JC for this will get their hands on the extra stuff that isn't going to be part of source. You can help in one of three ways. 1: https://gofund.me/769d713d - GoFundMe link 2: Send directly to my paypal - https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/aisen 3: Request a invoice from JC using Stripe, in so doing, paying him directly Thank you for your time. JC will be paid regardless but this will speed it up and ensure more features will be released to AGD. People who have contributed to the total end goal: @Khaikaa - $25 @Justn - $175 @Beast Boyz - $30 @Blinkuz - $15 @Austermann - $15 @Lunam - $15 @Guite Emortal - $25 @Rory - $30
  11. Sign me up for this o/ I'd love to help further the development of this engine in any way I can
  12. But you'll never feel enjoyment from it. My *next* superpower is to be able to map in Intersect like a god
  13. But everytime you do, you slip on a banana peel. My superpower is the ability to comprehend anything in the known universe
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