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  1. Hi, would you like to cooperate? information priv

  2. It will not if you save it properly Server Off Edit Config.json to reflect the new port Save Config.json Start Server Should work.
  3. Did you Save the Config.json? Was the server Offline while doing these edits? Server needs to be restarted after doing any config edits as they're not auto updating.
  4. I do have a makeshift solution for that currently. Make a player variable called "ByWater" make it be a boolean. Make events on the tiles near said water and set it to true when player is on that event. Make a 2nd event on all tiles that are around it and not near water and set it to false in those. EDIT: YOU BEAT ME TO IT KAS!
  5. @Jackson Do this: Create a Global Variable of the type Boolean and set it to false and call it "DungeonCheck" or whatever you want to call it Make an event on the gate for the dungeon that has this. Conditional Branch > Dungeon Check = False - Prompt the player if they want to enter the dungeon - If Yes: Teleport Player in Set Dungeon Check = True - If No: Do Nothing If Dungeon Check = True Tell the player someone is already in the dungeon Boom done. On the finish line of the dungeon, teleport the player out and change the variable to False again. Not sure how to handle the dungeon if the player logs out or dies tho. That is a completely different system for now.
  6. It's constantly being worked on and now that source has been released MANY people are working on patches and improvement.
  7. That part belongs to the "CanAttack" function .. It doesn't track your mobility into said square. I'm digging through the code right now to find the right section for this.
  8. Buddy, this thing is 3 years old..
  9. This is intentional as he has to trigger the dungeon run ...
  10. The reason to why it's multiplying is because an event is tied to the player entity. So if 4 players are there, it'll run 4 times. I'll see if I can find a solution
  11. Got a fix for this. It's a little roundabout because of how Intersect handles variables. Make a Global Variable of String type and call it "Online Players String" (Or w/e you wanna call it) Make another Global Variable of Integer type this time, I'm calling it "Online Players Int" with the variable ID of "onlineplayers" Make a Common Event with the trigger "Login" Set Variable > Online Players String = \onlinecount This will set this variable to be equal to the onlinecount Set Variable > Online Players Int = Online Players String I know this looks weird, but trust me, it'll make the variable = to onlinecount just fine. Conditional Branch (Online Players Int > X) This will now function just fine.
  12. Didn't I call that out like .. Months ago? ...
  13. Could be a Texture Packing issue as well if it involves new pictures and such
  14. 1: a) This is expected when there's multiple users introducing new features and might be messing with the same code and it will cause clashes no matter what. b) OpenSource is meant for programmers and if you can't handle it, get someone to do it for you or use a pre-built base 2: Maybe a extension system is in the works and you don't know it? And as I said above, have someone else do it for you or use a pre-built base 3: I can agree that MonoGame is limited as a base but it's what they decided to use. Oh well. 4: Eh, no. It's been in development for YEARS. This was not rushed at all. a) Pedantics, a guild system would be the first thing people would make for this using the new OpenSource. Didn't really happen as it's more complex than you think. b) I'm sorry things aren't drag and drop, lol c) This is highly dependent on Server location and player location as well as their network connection. I've used Intersect since B5 and had NO issues with rubberbanding. 5: Well yeah, they're doing their job. 6: You DO have control over your own fork of the Open Source if you wanted to. But you just can't resell it, that's all. 7: Eh, no. 8: VS is completely free if you got the Community Edition ... 9: Google is your friend, there's plenty of classes online in how to learn C# To your conclusion, why didn't you?
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