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  1. Not currently possible unless you want to edit source to include instanced areas.
  2. To change the stuff that shows up in the server, you'd have to edit the source file for it.
  3. Interesting layout and concept for a game but I'm sorry, the way you chose to display the text is hurting my eyes somewhat badly.
  4. You guys might wanna check the DATE of the post you are commenting on ..
  5. As far as I know there's a bug report for it on GitHub already, not sure how valid it is though because I can't reproduce it
  6. Not currently possible in the Crafting Table but can be done in the Event system, wouldn't recommend it tho. The other option is to source code edit
  7. Ability Power is a stat you can use for scaling up skills/spells. For example, if a skill has a base damage of 10 and a ability power scaling of 25% while the character has 10 ability power it would look like this 10 + (10*0.25) = 12.5 Speed is a stat that affects movement speed and attack speed unless said weapon/class/skill has a static attack speed.
  8. It's already part of the base engine in 0.7.120 or later.
  9. Are you using 0.7.120 or later?
  10. How did you get to that conclusion? o.O The engine has seen ACTIVE development for a long time now.
  11. I have identified a bug in the code and will fix it asap
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