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  1. If we could do If EXP > 100 * Level or something like that >_> It'd be great.
  2. That's unfortunately what I thought. The only way to do that is by using A LOT of Conditional Branches and I'd keep 10 on each page with a spawn condition for each page, so Page 1 (1-9), Page 2 (10-19) and so on. Greater or Equal to 1 & Less or Equal to 9 (Hate that it cuts off the line) Something like this should do the trick. This way it checks Level First and THEN the EXP, this way you don't get a level up on the lower level exp checks. It's a hassle but it should work. Just make the conditions for each page if you want to spread them out like this so the events don't get mile long, otherwise you could still keep them all on one page.
  3. You could potentially break it down a bit and use a very simplified version This is just to check if their Mining EXP is equal or over 100, if it is, level up Mining skill by 1. Of course you can put another conditional branch inside of it to check if Mining Level is equal to 100, if it is, don't level (Capping at 100) I wish we could use a more complex formula to do a exponential curve on the EXP needed, but this works on my end. No need to have 100 Conditional branches for different exp values if you just reset exp in between, but this makes it very linear and might not be what you want. Edit: This is a common event called whenever you finish mining. Exp earned at the top can be altered to fit what you want and so can the Conditional Branch check.
  4. Arena: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc - Multiple systems would be great but 1v1 works perfectly too Dungeon: Multiple players
  5. Interesting debate on the Gmail SMTP port. This is straight from Google Support. If we're using SSL, it should be 465? Or are supposed to still use 587? Either way, I'm using 465 with no Timeout issues.
  6. Might wanna elaborate on your question because this is very vague and we won't be able to give a proper answer.
  7. Server config file, make sure players can have more than 1 character, it's default to 1 to my knowledge.
  8. Arena or Dungeon matchmaking system would be nice since it's on the harder side of eventing I believe
  9. 9/13/2019 Dev Update Time for the next feature on the road map, hopefully this feature will excite some people as it will be a major thing (I hope..) Player Owned Housing/Shops As it say, you'll be able to buy housing in the game and use them as actual housing or you can convert it into a shop and sell your hard earned items through either adventuring or crafting/gathering. These houses will be limited though so act fast before they're gone. (Might make a system to add more plots when it's all taken up just so everyone has a shot at it). These houses will also start out small but you can spend either Gold or Materials to upgrade them, giving you more space to do what you wish with the interior or exterior. If you choose to make it a home, you can still build multiple things inside of it like a Kitchen, Storage Room etc to make living in Erathea just a little easier. However if you choose to make it a shop you can designate a room to be the sales floor and place signs, showcases and similar things to sell your wares. The only stipulation on owning a house/shop is that you have to pay for it on a monthly basis (Might change depending on how we feel like changing the gold sink ) otherwise you'll get a notice about it being demolished. Any items inside your house/shop will be sent to you via in game mail when it is demolished. Another small thing being added is what was just mentioned. In-Game Mail You'll be able to send and receive mail in the game, send items or just a plain text message to your friends, this way you can send items to them while they're offline and you can take on orders for crafting much easier. More to come of course so stay tuned
  10. Absolutely not They can do both if they want it.
  11. 9/8/2019 Dev Update The next few systems have been fleshed out a little bit more, I'm proud to present to AGD. Skill Learning & Honor/Reputation Skill Learning Players will learn skills by simply using the associated weapon for an extended time. In this example, the player will use a Longsword but has no training done with it so their skill level is 0, after using it for a while, their skill level is increased to 5, learning a new skill for the Longsword. There will also be numerous variants of skills to learn, please look forward to it. Honor/Reputation The name for this system is still somewhat up for debate and will be finalized soon. In essence this system ensures that the players actions affect their standing with other players and NPCs. A Good player will help others with tasks and help out NPCs with quests that benefit the land. A Bad player will refuse to help others and NPC and will go out of their way to kill other players (PK). This system may or may not affect Skill Learning as well. More will come, but that's it for now o/
  12. Well, time to redesign some ui for b6.
  13. AisenArvalis

    WIP Erathea

    Erathea Online is the project I have worked on for numerous years but now is the time to bring it to life. Life is also the main theme of the game, it's meant to be similar to a life simulator. There won't be any classes or specific roles. You want to be a Warrior, be a Warrior. You want to be a Farmer, be a Farmer. It's that simple, anyone can play anything they want within reasons. For example, you can't play as any non-humanoid race (Dragon, Wolf, etc). Features: No Classes Hundreds of Skills & Spells to learn A vast world to explore Intricate Crafting & Gathering system Player owned land/houses Team: @AisenArvalis - Team Lead Nathalorial - Mapper, Storywriter Silver - Sprite Artist Yoh - Programmer Engine: Intersect Engine to begin with and will most likely be made using a custom engine made from the source when it's released. Progress: Story - 10% Maps - 0% Quests - 0% Monsters - 1% Equipment - 1% Spells & Skills - 0% Roadmap: Great City of Highborough Plains north of the Great City Cave in the plains Of course, as more information gets to a release worthy state, I will edit this post or make another post. I'm also a very bad writer so don't mind my horrible setup for the game information.
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