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  1. Yeah, not happening, learn by doing buddy.
  2. AisenArvalis


    10/31/2019 Dev Update Oh boy, I almost forgot about giving updates on the progress on the game. We've been hard at work creating the base for everything and for the last month of so we've been working incredibly hard on Eventing systems & sprites Here's a few examples, there's a lot more done but this is what I'll show you at this time. Bronze Sword, Lv1 Wooden Shield, Lv1 Bronze Platemail, Lv1 ? Sword, Lv10+ ? Shield, Lv10+ ? Platemail, Lv10+ Names of equipment has been redacted to not reveal too much of the upcoming story and setup of the game. Hope you enjoy the little sneak preview. TTFN
  3. Admin > Rumors If someone told you that you won 1 million without proof, would you believe them? .. So if Builds only go so far, that's how far they've worked on it.
  4. I believe it's either: Alpha, Red, Green, Blue Or Red, Green, Blue, Alpha All with max values of 255, so Red Text would be 255, 255, 0 ,0 (or 255, 0, 0, 255 if it's RGBA instead of ARBG) I don't have Intersect in front of me atm so I can't test if it's ARGB or RGBA
  5. Blending is a little out of whack on some of the zones but it's not bad
  6. Now it just needs a Super Mario themed UI and you'll be golden
  7. https://helpdeskgeek.com/free-tools-review/4-tools-to-create-windows-installer-packages/ Here's a couple of good ones I've heard of. I have personal experience with both Advanced Installer & Inno Setup, they're good and customizable so you can change what is being installed and be easily bundle .NET with the game.
  8. If we could do If EXP > 100 * Level or something like that >_> It'd be great.
  9. That's unfortunately what I thought. The only way to do that is by using A LOT of Conditional Branches and I'd keep 10 on each page with a spawn condition for each page, so Page 1 (1-9), Page 2 (10-19) and so on. Greater or Equal to 1 & Less or Equal to 9 (Hate that it cuts off the line) Something like this should do the trick. This way it checks Level First and THEN the EXP, this way you don't get a level up on the lower level exp checks. It's a hassle but it should work. Just make the conditions for each page if you want to spread them out like this so the events don't get mile long, otherwise you could still keep them all on one page.
  10. You could potentially break it down a bit and use a very simplified version This is just to check if their Mining EXP is equal or over 100, if it is, level up Mining skill by 1. Of course you can put another conditional branch inside of it to check if Mining Level is equal to 100, if it is, don't level (Capping at 100) I wish we could use a more complex formula to do a exponential curve on the EXP needed, but this works on my end. No need to have 100 Conditional branches for different exp values if you just reset exp in between, but this makes it very linear and might not be what you want. Edit: This is a common event called whenever you finish mining. Exp earned at the top can be altered to fit what you want and so can the Conditional Branch check.
  11. Arena: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc - Multiple systems would be great but 1v1 works perfectly too Dungeon: Multiple players
  12. Interesting debate on the Gmail SMTP port. This is straight from Google Support. If we're using SSL, it should be 465? Or are supposed to still use 587? Either way, I'm using 465 with no Timeout issues.
  13. Might wanna elaborate on your question because this is very vague and we won't be able to give a proper answer.
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