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  1. Hey, I am looking for partner. Talk to me on FB: Shony Kellman

  2. That solution only really works for a certain resolution.
  3. Added new gif to the post to further explain Mantras! Thanks so much!
  4. I tried Bottom, Center that wont work.
  5. is it not possible to align gui to bottom center in intersect? s:

    1. Sweet Candy

      Sweet Candy

      Read this:

      And for the next question you have

      Post it on this! >:c

    2. Kyletok


      I think it was more of an observation than a question for me cause even in the guide there's no way to do that x:

    3. Gibier


      @Kyletok Of course you can, make a post here https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/forum/53-questions-and-answers/ and i'll answer you

  6. Hi all, I edited the main post, added some gifs in the screenshots, and added a story section. I also explained the mechanic of combat better, Please give it another read.
  7. Join the discord if you can! I'd like to discuss it with you https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW
  8. Thanks so much! Please feel free to join the discord https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW
  9. Hi, I am currently working on a game called Exorcia which you can find more about here. for even more info and screenshots Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW While I am loving this creation so far, I definitely need some help as taking care of all the aspects of the game is kind of daunting. Also I sorta need someone to keep me motivated and inspired as we discuss the game's design. I'm looking for: Composers, Need some original unique soundtracks Writers, my brain gets really tired trying to write the story and what not Mappers, I make the tilesets, you put them to use? Whatever other skills you might have I'm all ears. Engine: I am using the beloved Intersect Engine. Progress: Pretty much I am only working on the graphics right now, so graphics is all I have done. (Yay original graphics!) As far as planning goes, I have everything figured out . If you have a company or studio for indie games I would very much like to partner up with one of those. if you're just looking for a new project to work on, come on in! I'm not really looking for temporary volunteers (Although wont say no), if you want to join me in this task then you're part of the them forever . I give big credits. Please let me know if you have any questions. or if I missed anything I should have mentioned. I made this post after making 56 armor icons, so I'm low on brain cells right now.
  10. I went on \Server\resources\config.json, changed the order, but it did not change in the client. Ive tried several times with different orders, it seems it doesn't change anything. I want Gloves to appear above Armor, right now its the other way around.
  11. Where do I control the Inventory limit? I looked in Server\resources\config.json but it says 35. for some reason I can only get 5 items and can't figure out why it wont receive anything more. Edit: nvm realized it's a problem with InventoryWindow.Json, and the items are placed in the inventory far below beyond reach s: sorry, you guys can lock this post.
  12. Started working on icons today, making all the crafting materials. Made the first armor crafted with Bronze. And making some cool looking wraiths oh also temporary logo? maybe permenant?
  13. I've been following the discord for a while. I'm honestly very excited for this game. such a unique aesthetic and it works so well. also I listened to some of the soundtracks. awesome stuff, honestly.
  14. Kyletok

    Phantom Farm

    it's when the the end of a tile is the beginning of the next.
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