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  1. For the love of god, use code snippets for all of the JSON files to debloat the post, makes it very hard to read. But you're for sure on the right track.
  2. I'm sorry but that contrast REALLY hurt my eyes
  3. 1) Label the topic of your post better next time instead of just "Help" 2) There is something called a paperdoll, that's an image that will be layered on top of the sprite if set in the Equipment config
  4. Can confirm this, I also get a blank line
  5. I've tried to contact you through Discord with no reply from you. If you still need help with this please reply to me on Discord. - Same name as here -
  6. 2 Common Events - Each with their own trigger (PvP Kill & PvP Death) In Kill assign Killer = \pn In Death assign Killed = \pn In either of them, do a wait to make sure the variables get assigned, then do a chat box call out using the message Scaly said. Janky as heck, but could work.
  7. This can unfortunately only be done through source edits. You can otherwise make an item like a journal and display values in a common event using the /pv command. This guide is great for that purpose:
  8. Currently the way you want it to work is impossible without source edits simply because when you die currently, it'll instantly respawn you at your class' respawn location. You'd have to interrupt this process in the source so that you can pull a common event on death.
  9. My suggestion for this would be to check out the source of the engine and build it yourself, or pay someone else to do it.
  10. Not currently possible unless you want to edit source to include instanced areas.
  11. To change the stuff that shows up in the server, you'd have to edit the source file for it.
  12. Interesting layout and concept for a game but I'm sorry, the way you chose to display the text is hurting my eyes somewhat badly.
  13. You guys might wanna check the DATE of the post you are commenting on ..
  14. As far as I know there's a bug report for it on GitHub already, not sure how valid it is though because I can't reproduce it
  15. Not currently possible in the Crafting Table but can be done in the Event system, wouldn't recommend it tho. The other option is to source code edit
  16. Ability Power is a stat you can use for scaling up skills/spells. For example, if a skill has a base damage of 10 and a ability power scaling of 25% while the character has 10 ability power it would look like this 10 + (10*0.25) = 12.5 Speed is a stat that affects movement speed and attack speed unless said weapon/class/skill has a static attack speed.
  17. It's already part of the base engine in 0.7.120 or later.
  18. Are you using 0.7.120 or later?
  19. How did you get to that conclusion? o.O The engine has seen ACTIVE development for a long time now.
  20. I have identified a bug in the code and will fix it asap
  21. Hello you beautiful people of the AGD Forums. Today I have something to share with you all, my blood sweat and tears have finally come to fruition. You can now with this mod add more than 1 stat point at a time. As this alters quite a bit of the CharacterWindow you may have to edit your JSON file for it. I have mine linked here for you to compare. [Download Here] [Extra Resources] New Red + buttons to compliment the new additions Last known version to work on: Screenshots: The Tooltip is an optional feature that you can enable or disable in the Server Config File along with how many points should be added when you click the button. Thanks all, hope you'll make use of this. Change Log: 6/8 - Initial Patch File done 6/8 - Fixed bug that'd hide the + button with the wrong conditions
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