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  1. I'm considering picking this unity engine up. Anyone have any experience or insight with it?
  2. Uh-huh.... But how to use /1, /2, or /3 in a productive manner?
  3. Any idea about the /123 commands and how they behave currently?
  4. How do I delete unused accounts from my server?
  5. I noticed that /1 sends a global response, /2 send a party response, /3 sends a admin response. Using a greater number than 3 seems to allow you to set a command for it. I'm not sure how /1,2,or 3 is intended to be used though. /3 actually crashes my editor.
  6. I figured out what I did wrong last night and got it to work. Then discovered that I couldn't do what I was intending with it. My goal was to have the player spawn a npc and be able to give it move commands. Like /2 for down, /8 for up, etc. I quickly learned that common events cannot have move routes lol. Thanks for everyones answers
  7. As the title says, I'm trying to allow the player to set a variable from a chatbox /command. I'm assuming it isn't possible. It responds with "You are not in a party". Any insights?
  8. Slayer

    Map types

    I can confirm that the player drops items on both arena and normal map types
  9. Slayer

    Map types

    I'm not sure this is the only difference.... I'm hoping for a confirmed answer because I've experimented and ran out of ideas about what the intended use difference for arena and normal is. I feel like I'm missing a difference though
  10. What are the exact specifics of map types. I know "safe" type disables targeting disabling combat. What is diffrent about "arena" and "normal"?
  11. Beautiful graphics! Reminds me of DukeNukeEm on N64. I still love the TimeFantasy set too though. Ive been organizing with the files feature and working on a skill system.
  12. Slayer


    Looks good! One question: Does the player have to choose between combat skills over the trades skills?
  13. Upgrading damage formulas is a good one! Elemental magic resist types!
  14. Sounds like a bug imo. Probably should post here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/bug_tracker/intersect/
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