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  1. It's definitely an addition I'd like
  2. I messed around with the visual scripting in GM back in the day. I didn't too much care for it then but I'm sure it's evolved tons. To me Intersect feels too 'hard coded' for my wants. It is wonderful as you said a 'no-coding' solution. Unity is an overwhelming beast for a complete new dev in my opinion. Also overkill for most beginner projects. For me I feel Godot is going to be my sweet spot. I like using the enjoyment of game dev to fuel the learning of coding. I had experimented with simple 'hello world' stuff in several languages a few years back due to interest in programming. I could understand python more easily than others, yet disliked that it wasn't visually rewarding immediately. Godot fills that niche for me, already I now understand scene structure better than Unity could provide me. In a sense I feel like I'm now building what I would want in a game asset in Unity, If that makes sense lol.
  3. This isn't a Intersect project (not sure if this was assumed), it's in Godot with GDscript. I'll edit the post with the code when I get home (currently on mobile) for anyone interested.
  4. I wrote my first ever script! It implements 8 directional movement for my player lol. Not sure if it's what I want yet though. I may decide to go with point and click movement via navmesh. Yeah it's pretty simple but that's a good thing. Probably about me learning how to write a script more than game dev but I'm enjoying it.
  5. Fhiz is a developer for the iMMO series of add-ons for Ummorpg. I couldn't find any good resistance add-ons for the asset either. I did stumble upon another asset that has the feature built in. However after some playing around with Unity, I just feel overwhelmed by the amount of features in the editor and lack of coding knowledge. So I put Unity down and picked up GODOT. It's simpler editor, dedicated 2d engine, and python like GDscript has lowered the learning curve enough for me to learn from.
  6. Slayer

    WIP Dragon Runes

    I'd like to see the combat system in action myself. Judging from the pictures it appears like a side-view battler type design to me. Where you would enter the scene, kill the monsters then move forward to the next scene and repeat. Definitely would be interesting to see how this works in a multiplayer game.
  7. Basically I'm wanting to discuss different engines people have tried and how they felt about their experience with them. After having tried Unity and Ummorpg 2d, I realized how you really need to be able to work with code. They're amazing tools just not as beginner friendly as a needed. It's more of the same from what I gather from the similar assets on the store, namingly Suriyun MMORPG. Ummorpg has nice built in features and there is a community with add-ons, however even those add-ons require you to do documented changes to the source. I found myself wanting to understand what I was doing to the code and wondering why Ummorpg required those changes be made to allow the add-on Dev to implement the purpose of the add-on. As a non programmer I felt lost in this aspect, the complexity of the Unity editor added to this. So now I'm trying GODOT.... So far I find GDscript easy to follow and the editor to be a lot less overwhelming. This comes with the hidden benefit of not having a shiney game maker type asset, helping push me to learn to code stuff myself.
  8. Personally I'm looking for an easy way to add to add stuff like more stats and elemental damages and resistances that effect the damage calculations.
  9. I tried Lupus out, it's a feature loaded engine. Very user friendly. However it does have some issues with crashes as stated. I like the direction it's going though, it's going to be a good tool for game dev.
  10. Are there any add-ons you would consider essential? Im definitely wanting to do skill types/resistance type thing(fire/ice/earth). And more stats. Other than that the core features are pretty good. I've noticed the fhiz add-ons. Any experience with his vip content?
  11. Thanks guys, pretty much how I read from the description myself; More power=higher learning curve. I think it may be worth the $ to play with and maybe learn something useful lol. Worse case I can play with the default kit and add-ons right?
  12. I'm considering picking this unity engine up. Anyone have any experience or insight with it?
  13. Uh-huh.... But how to use /1, /2, or /3 in a productive manner?
  14. Any idea about the /123 commands and how they behave currently?
  15. How do I delete unused accounts from my server?
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