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  1. James

    WIP Usatsune

    The white trees look way off to me mainly and the rocks
  2. James

    WIP Usatsune

    Well if they aren't mixed that's a shoddy tiletset.. because that rock and the trees look way different
  3. James

    WIP Usatsune

    Those mixed tile sets don't really work no offence..
  4. Those smaller buildings look exactly like Nins.. I don't know if they are in that pack or not?
  5. So you only have a Discord? i am trying not to be in so many discords..
  6. We have been doing some development streams lately working on the combat system over at Making good progress towards an early playable build for people to come in and play
  7. We have moved over to Unity , thread updated with a screenshot from the Unity build with links to the Discord, the YouTube,Twitch and the SoundCloud
  8. I've had plenty of good music made for my game Cadalion Online for free.. i would never pay someone that.
  9. Hope you gained some regular players from him streaming
  10. Pretty good for a first project
  11. Game looks good , I would go with a more interesting name though.
  12. James

    WIP Rebirth Fantasy Online

    I really like the logo.
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