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  1. Yes I was looking at your game and I see that it is online but there is no download link except for a itty bitty steam link at the bottom. Do you have to play it on steam? Cause I don't really like steam and I was wondering if you can just download the client and play it without steam. Alright well thank you very much for your time...
  2. Shaunfroggydog

    Baurah Online

    Great Job, keep it up!
  3. A custom art style your doing yourself is always very impressive, as is the fact that you are a one man army, good job!
  4. Shaunfroggydog

    Ulna Online

    Hello Moscano, I just wanted to say that your graphics look really good. I don't know what tile set you are using but it is a good one. Also I was impressed with your use of the lighting system, good job! Oh yes, and I was also impressed with the way you made it to where the player can swim in the water and sit on the benches, that was very cool. Good Job!
  5. The graphics are amazing, I don't know who is doing the drawing but you are doing a fantastic job. I would love to see a video of the game in action so I can better understand how it plays. Anyway good job.
  6. This is awesome thank you for posting this!
  7. Shaunfroggydog

    World of Adea

    Your maps are very inspiring. I like your good use of the lighting system. I look forward to seeing this game ready to be play tested.
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