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Found 60 results

  1. Khaikaa

    WIP remaerDay

    Hi everyone! Hope you are doing awesome! The time has come! I'm presenting remaerDay, my current intersect project. remaerDay is my most ambitious project. I, with a 4 members team, am doing my best in order to make the best possible game. 100% of the game content will be custom, including very high quality graphic designs and very high quality soundtrack. But... first of all... what is remaerDay? Let my introduce to you all a presentation video explaining it . Please, have in mind that english is not my main language, so I apologize about any mistake I made there. Also, you can turn on english, spanish and portuguese(thanks to @Weylon Santana) subtitles if needed The background song is one of the actual game original songs! But, just in case you prefer to just read it, I'm also writing some of the project's info inside this spoiler: The team This is the current team(20/3/2021): - Graphic design: @Hatsuya(tilesets), @Daniele Santana(sprites and animations) and @Weylon Santana(gui) - Game development: @Khaikaa(game design, mapping, eventing and software development) and @Weylon Santana(eventing) - Music production: Eduardo Morillo Calle(game's soundtrack and sound effects) Game media Screenshots Current development status We are still in a very early stage of development, working on the first game scenarios and features. The provided screenshots doesn't represent the final product, we will improve the quality of all the shared content a lot with time. I plan to open the very first closed alpha server within 6 months from the moment this thread was created. Social Media You can follow us on twitter! https://twitter.com/remaerDayOnline We are currently working on our discord server! Coming soon!! Patronize us! Even when we are working so hard in order to make a professional quality product, it will be awesome to have a bigger team. Sadly, I can't afford that at the moment. That's the reason why I decided to create a patreon page and start the production of remaerDay merch! You can find my patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/khaikaa This is a game making community, most of you know how hard is making a high quality project. I have a full-time job which lets me pay the bills and pay the awesome work made by the team, but I can't afford going up to the next step. If you like the idea of the project and trust me and my team, please considere helping us a little bit, any help will be well received and rewarded Why should you play? Even when the game may look as a generic pokemonish mmorpg, you will discover that the truth is way different than that. You will discover very deep, adult and emotional stories, full customizable unique playable characters, never seen before game mechanics and high quality game assets, as well as a lot of very awesome secrets I'll be unveiling over time. The game will be totally free and we plan to publish it on Steam when we are sure it's ready. This is it for now I'll keep this thread updated! Stay tuned!
  2. Project Information: This project has had a lot of thought put into the design in it, it's something that blends together a lot of what I study and have been thinking about for a while. I freed up time recently, trying to get a bit of arts and creativity back into me. I just started this project about a week ago, actually putting it into code, so it's still in its very early development stages. Project Name: Odd World Development Tools: Salem2D (My Personal Game Engine) Tiled Map Editor Language of Development: C++17 Languages and Frameworks: Graphics: SFML Networking: Boost::Asio Other: Boost(system & data) Completed Features: Engine Development Maps with collision and attributes (with teleporting and map linking) GameObject and Behavior System Map Loading Sprites and animations Pixel Based Movement Game Development Planned Features Its important to note that with no story or anything, im kinda writing the mechanics as I go, and am going to keep expanding out. Once I'm done with the core features, im going to add some fun things in. Engine Development Game Development Create Basic functioning ai with basic needs. Create Chat System Network Game Allow AIs to Chat, add socializing as a basic need to existing ai Distribute AI calculations over the network Plot: The backstory of Odd World goes like this; One night, a stoned software engineer who has a strong fascination for psychology and machine learning was attempting to formulate an equation for human-like intelligence. He came up with the idea that the functionality of living thing is survival. If you want to create something intelligent, you must reproduce the function of intelligence, such a thing must know how to survive. In order to test his theory, the software engineer knew that to make such an ai would be expensive in computational resources so he would need to simplify the algorithm, he would also need an environment to test his ai in. He came up with the idea of designing a 2D world in which many of these ai's could run this algorithm, learning to interact with each other and their world based of programmed needs. He brushed off his old 2D game development library after 2 long years, and began to get to work. This environment has no story or quests, it's all about creating a space for humans and AIs to interact. The Mechanics: This game circles around Psychology, so a lot of the mechanics are a bit psychological. I'm not gonna give the full model because its a lot to explain but the primary idea behind these AI's tries to replicate human nature in the sense that the opinions humans hold are based on their experiences and what their body felt emotionally and physically at the time of having said experience. The actions humans take are based on what they are currently feeling from their environment and their values which are products of basic needs and opinions. The AI: So the AI mechanics will start pretty basic and expand out as AI requires a lot of tweaking to get desired effects. The goal of the ais, is that they have basic needs like hunger, thirst, the are required to reproduce after a certain age, they will be given the ability to talk and will be required to socialize every so often, entertainment, etc. The AI fulfills these needs by interacting with objects in the world and with other AIs. The AI will idealy have no pre-programmed responses, it will run on a special type of GNN (generative neural network) I designed which will make them very random acting at first, but as they learn what fulfills their needs through the world interactions produced by their random actions, their actions will start to get more defined and they will grow better at staying alive. The AIs eventually will have the ability to build objects and structures. They'll have currency and be able to trade, and so much more. The goal is to give the AIs a fair amount of freedom by making them act purely statistically. I have 2 different types of AIs in this project, The Hive Mind and The Individual, They both survive with the same algorithm stated above the differences are as followed; The Hive Mind AI: The collectivist is an AI that operates on single universe Neural Network shared with every other AI in the same "Hive". Each AI on the Hive is somewhere else in the world experiencing something different. However, because they are all using the same Neural Network to calculate what action should be taken, they all share the same memories and opinions, meaning they will all calculate Action under the same ideals and values. The Hive Mind focuses on the average well-being of the collective, Hive remains alive as long as at least 1 hive child is still alive. The Individual AI: Each Individual has their own Neural Network and their own experiences. They will hold their own opinions, memories, and values of the world and therefor, each individual will formulate action under different premises. When the individual is dead, yes they are very dead. The Player: The way the player will interact with the world is depending on the Game Mode the server is configured for. There are currently 4 Game Modes the AI algorithm remains the same, however the Algorithm will act differently when the rules of the game are different. How it gets what it needs to survive will depend on the environment. For example, if there is limited necessary resources, the AI may go to war with other AI or players for that resource. The 4 planned game modes are as followed: Casual Survival Mode: All things respawn at a cost. Players have same privleges as AI. Players must survive like AI. Survival Mode: AIs die permanently, Players respawn but lost everything. The player loses everything it owns on death (all items, and all houses and assets under their possession). Players have same privleges as AI. Players must survive like AI. Creative Mode: Players are basically like gods to the ai, they can cause natural disasters, take over hives, control ais, destroy property, spawn items and AI. etc. XANA Mode: Totally inspired by the old french anime, Code Lyoko. XANA mode is a player vs Hive Mind objective. The game is split into rounds, players and AI respawn at the start of each round. There is limited resources around the map. The players must kill the 1 single hive mind ai before it kills all the players. The amount of ai's connected to the hive mind depends on the number of players. The Hive mind will keep getting better, because it never resets the values of its neural network after each round. Every AI in the hive will be named "XANA". The Network Distribution: So, in order to give these ai's the ability to recognize objects that they see, I need to be able to render what they see and feed it into a neural network, and that's a very expensive operation. The server alone will host Data for the AI's. The server will also host Hive-Mind Neural Networks. But Rendering and Individualist AI's NN will be passed off to the Player's machine for formulation. Individualist AI's exist on the server, however, when they go to formulate actions, they request 1 random client on the network, to run the calculate for them and send the result back to the server for the action to be taken. Though this is easily hackable, its the only way I can make the kinda game I want. The server itself has to be a multi-agent system. The rendering of these AI's screens will also be passed off to the client. Screenshots: (Not many yet, been working on the physics and map engine mostly, will update as I go on). These graphics were purchased, but ill probably get some graphics custom made as time goes on. About the Engine: Salem2D is a game engine I work on a few years back, it has networking and game objects and what not. It's written in C++ and is making development quick and easy for me. It's open-source but its really not ready for other people, there's a lot of bugs I just fixed this past week, and am trying to make map loading more ambiguous to the game its in. Plans moving forward: So far, I've basically wrapped up the meat of the graphics engine, I got a bit of debugging on some networking features, but other than that, im at a point where I'm actually writing out game mechanics. My first prototype is to get a single AI running on a network who only has 1 basic need and that's to not die of hunger. I will add random fruits around a couple of my maps and watch as it learns to pick them up, even though it wasn't necessarily programmed to directly find food, only keep its hunger sufficed. I will be posting a lot of updates here as time goes on. This is a really cool project to me because it combines Psychology, AI, and Programming, so I'm excited to be working on this. Its fun and funny. Why Keep up? The game's not really far enough along in development that I can post "Why Play", but you should keep up because its cool, the goal is to use this project to help people learn a bit about psychology while having fun gaming. Its a survival game you can build in technically. No story, just hours of educational Interactive endless entertainment with AI. Wanna join the team? If you're interested in the project and want to help with mapping, graphic design, or programming, Add me on my discord: OddlyDoddly#2354 Do note, I will not just accept anyone and everything into this project. I require some example of work for whatever you'd like to join in on. Compensation for helping with the project will include a negotiation up joining. (Think about what you want out of the project before reaching out to me please).
  3. ✨Starlight: Online MMORPG The newest Online RPG on the Block! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The region is known as Glowina. It's a world of danger, risk and many bosses. This world is normally calm and peaceful, but lately, more powerful monsters have been coming out. They possess more HP and Power, even better loot! Many warriors have woken up here and want to join one of the two kingdoms, Moonshade or Sunlight, each fighting for control of the land! Will you join the war of the ages? Or maybe just go off on your own, fighting monsters and relying on yourself? You get to choose in Starlight! 🌟- Custom Monsters 🌟- Custom Weapons 🌟- Custom Built Map 🌟- Custom Exp. System 🌟- Custom Bosses ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Looking for Staff! Check the post here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5913-no-pay-volunteer-need-staff-for-starlight/ Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/cvxE6MYYj9
  4. Current Staff Engine Overview Features Story Road Map Shapeshifting Crafting Realms Media: Our Youtube chanel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbBcSAvX1dFG2_95ktM8CA/featured Future Splash Screen (Done by Rem’s) : Some prework drawing : Some Screenshot :
  5. Shoppe: A Slice of Life is a crafting based pve/pvp game with heavy, heavy emphasize on Story, with Production as the Theme for the entire game. The Intersect Engine is what the game is being built on. As a game designer and developer, I have roughly 50% of all the assets ready (stories, art, etc all created by myself). I'm learning to code c# so I can modify the engine to suit the game's over all vision.
  6. Eridonis

    WIP Usatsune

    Eridonis: Hello my name is Eridonis but you can call me Eri, I am here to talk about Usatsune. The Name: Usatsune is a play on words with japanese words: Usagi = Rabbit Kitsune = Fox. Usatsune is a home away from home for lost spirits, some just looking for a peaceful place to thrive or hangout in. If you notice around town the buildings are inaccessible perhaps the village folk are a bit worrisome of these new people appearing but so far I see none of them as a threat. As the days pass and we see that there is no harm coming from the new inhabitants perhaps the village might warm up to them. But for now I will keep a close eye on them. Sumire: Greetings, my wondering soul...... I am Sumire...... In honor of our meeting let me tell you a story prepared just for your arrival....... Ages ago, before our encounter here today, lived a God who created all and was surprised by naught one thing... He held no interest in the livelihoods of those whom he created... With nothing to cherish and no emotional investments, his creations became experiments... He stirred up wars and battles galore for the sake of his amusement... Thus he was sealed away for his callousness.... Within this spiritual land lives the four races divided.... Humia the Human Spirit... Demia the Animal Spirit.... Angelia the Angelic Spirit... and Demonia the Demon Spirit..... They live peacefully, unaware that the great seal guarding them has severely weakened.... A rift has formed separating their reality and that of our own awareness... Unbeknownst as to why, those spirits are emerging into this world... You dear traveler are one of these spirits..... Perhaps a descendant of the Creator.... Perhaps just a wanderer seeking entertainment... Maybe you will tell me your tale when next we meet... For now, I shall return to my place amongst the rift.... You however, will start writing your odyssey... So I bid you farewell dear spirit... Yuuki: Sup. Yuuki here, and are the classes and available abilities for them. Assassin Pursuit - Enemy running away? catch up to him/her with this spell. It increases movement speed temporarily. Shadow Step - Enemy still running away? Dash toward your opponent with this spell or run it's up to you. Vanish - Confuse your Non-NPC opponents with vanish. Houdini the F out of danger. Assassinate - Takes time to cast but very effective on a player who is not paying attention. Warrior Counter - Eat damage and yeet a powerful counter attack back. Endurance - Just pretend your a tank with extra metal plating's for protection. Reduces damages by half. Swap - Remember the last ability? It will be ignored, however you do get a 30% attack boost. Iron Will - Support your friends with defense cause why not. Mage Barrier - Take on any incoming damage with this, you can also support your friends as well. Calamity - Sacrifices 99 HP to deal a wide AoE 100 Damage, if you are a mage with lots of HP. Go HAM. Flame Burst - Watch them burn pretty much, unless you miss somehow. Spirit Transformation - An AoE that turns everyone into spirits temporarily. Reduces movement speed tenfold. Nami: My name is Nami, I am one of the Kitsune Shrine Maidens, I am here to showcase the current events during this year. Recent Event Recordings
  7. Hey everyone, My name is Antoine, I am a dev and I am currently working on my first indie 2D game made with Unity ! Dolus is an introspective journey into the world of grief. You will have to find your way through the five stages of loss in this hand drawn adventure platformer. The main animations of our sad little fellow are almost all done. We used normal maps on our sprites to handle the light. In Dolus you will be able to slide on walls ! How cool is that ? This is what you will see when you will die in game. I have added some particules to the animation, I'll show you the updated version later on Last week we started the animations from the monsters and it's going quite well ! I'll come post as soon as I have some interesting update Follow the game development journey of Dolus ! Insta Twitter Facebook Ratgibnak
  8. ian

    WIP neo town

    What it is ? About the project, the idea of the project has been considered since 2007, all inspiration came from a map classic made on top of the famous warcraft III guild of hyppons. Where can I download it ? The project is not ready yet, when it is finished it will be launched on the main gaming platforms commonly known as steam / gog When will this be released ? I have no release date for its final version. Will I be able to play before the final version ? If you want to support the project, you will receive all updates of the project in its development phase until its final version. What platforms will the project come out on ? At the moment I am only working on versions for windows / linux computer, nothing prevents a cell version from being released when the project is finished. Prologue of the project In the beginning of time, the world lived in absolute peace, guarded by the “Neo” energy, while the goddess Garrida controlled and administered the 5 essences of life (water - earth - air - fire - lightning) that represented the perfect and primordial balance ... In the past, Garrida had been plagued by the greed of Bonus, the god who controlled the 6th essence, the void. Bonus was born out of emptiness, the yearning of the bowels of the planet, in order to spread the evil essence to the surface, taking the world for itself. Bonus corrupted the creatures and the environment, brought war, set humans against creatures. Corrupted creatures seized the power of the Capital (NEO TOWN), spreading ungovernment across all neighboring villages, spreading and corrupting, paving the way for the great day in which Bonus will light up from the depths to rule all living and dead creatures triumphantly, slaughtering the humanity. The goddess Garrida fled to Orbe. The last fortress to fall, protected by a dense forest of thorns, the small town burns. The goddess needs to gather forces to fight the Void and end with Bonus, for that she will have to gather remnants of villages and towns decimated by the EMPTY, but it will not be easy. Never is... Tribes / Civilizations; Game engine ? Unity 2019 lts Ummorpg2D Neo Town Orb Kondrasy Tow'zalyn Zorpaq Dev log date 24/02/2021 now we have a system with two languages new character creation now with more details about each hero and in the future with more news I am currently working on database and gameplay liked the project to know a little about its history enter here Web Site link Discord chanel Youtube chanel
  9. froggy

    WIP Realmshaper

    Where are we at and what's next? Update as of 9/11 -20 First zone Riverwind Fields is finished Second zone Riverwind Forest is nearly complete, with only a few missing pieces Non-combat zone Riverwind City/Castle has most parts completed related to the first two zones Next up I will focus on finishing up the forest and the city elements, to be able to do a testing phase ASAP. Stay tuned! Story Concept Media Map Screenshots Items NPCs froggy
  10. Is it possible to make npc health & names invisible to players? with the setting in mind, of a swarm of npcs which cannot be seen until they enter the light range of each player? In the intersect engine.
  11. The Pentacore Demo v1 has been released! Download it here: https://mythril-age.itch.io/pentacore-demo-v1 Pentacore is a Metroidvania with a focus on exploration and platforming. The demo includes 3 areas to explore, 5 player upgrades, a nice variety of enemies, and a monstrous boss battle. So for the past few months I have been working on a metroidvania-ish game when I have the free time. I thought it would be fun to share some progress and get some feedback from the AGD community. Everything except sound effects and music has been done by me. Music credit goes to @Eric Matyas and his amazing work. I'll link a couple youtube videos to show how far the project has come since I first started work on it. First video: Latest Video: As always, I'm open to constructive criticism and general feedback! I'll try and keep posting updates on this thread but if you want to make sure to see all updates it wouldn't hurt to subscribe to my youtube channel.
  12. Fugaku

    WIP Baurah Online

    Baurah Online "The Beginning of Chaos." Overview Baurah Online is a SandBox MMORPG immersed in a fantasy world ruled by two great factions in dispute over territories, power, resources and global reputation. In Baurah there are different types of Races and Classes that will give you unique gameplay and dynamics, exploring new territories, defeating different monsters and fighting side by side with your friends against your enemies. Baurah is the central continent where conflict arises between two great factions (Gollik and Mezuk) divided on the map by a powerful city known as Throdok. Throdok's kingdom is so powerful that even the two warring factions couldn't even do anything against Throdok. The division of factions began with a dispute over political and religious ideologies. In Throdok many living beings of different races coexist that over time were adapting to the culture of the Humans, they learned to survive them and also to live together, many of these trained together with the other races for a common good. In no reign of Baurah access is prohibited to any of these races, but not all share the same ideologies so it depends a lot on which side you belong to in Baurah. In this way, a player will be able to choose between 4 Races to select (Vermot/Humans, Mantl/Orcs, Lycan/Wolves, Nihles/Elfs) In Baurah you can be a human assassin, orc or any race, there is no difference in this except for the fact of customizing the character that will make it different from the rest since not all are the same. In Baurah you can choose between different skill branches. Taking into account that there are 4 types of classes (Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Priest). You can be a Rogue Assassin, to choose to be a Rogue Archer as well as a Priest Healer or a Priest of Improvements, you can be whatever you choose in your branch of skills, you will arm your character depending on the customization that you make both skills and points of statistics. In Baurah there are conquerable islands, each faction can enter an exhaustive war against their enemies to conquer these islands that will generate resources and benefits for the victorious faction. One of the most important events in Baurah is the well-known Faction War, where every day the warriors will be able to join the war on a continent outside of Baurah, the objective is to defeat the enemy fortress by killing the guards and the head of the strength. The victorious faction will be able to have the privilege of invading the enemy city, killing their allies, their camps, their source of power, their NPCs and thus obtain points redeemable for premium items. Throdok works as mediators between Gollik and Mezuk, therefore, Throdok is a neutral city that is in favor of peace on the continent, this means that Gollik and Mezuk cannot fight wars on the soil of Throdok or in its surroundings. Lore Chapter 1: The creation of the world and the gaps. Chapter 2: War of the Gods Chapter 3: Gollik, Mezuk and their compassion for life. Chapter 4: The prayers and glory of living beings. Factions Faction: Mezuk Mezuk is the representation of pure evil. The Gods of Greed blessed the leaders of Mezuk with an aura of destruction many years ago, and everyone who shared their ideology was destined for this blessing. At first the blessing caused chaos and misfortune in Baurah until the arrival of evil creatures that invaded the different kingdoms, it is rumored that this aura of destruction that surrounded the kingdom of Mezuk was vanished. The moment you crash into the border of Mezuk City, you will find red flags on different watchtowers. Faction: Gollik Unlike Mezuk, Gollik is the representation of goodness, goodwill, and the land of the reborn. The leader of Gollik is said to be a demigod son of a mighty God who demanded peace in the world and, as a consequence of his wishes, fathered his son in search of absolute peace. Rumors claim that he was born a year after the birth of the leader of Mezuk. In the ancient scriptures they claimed that the son of a God would come to the planet and destroy evil, with the devil himself. When you reach the border of Gollik, you will see the heavenly flags fly with great force at the guard posts. Races Race: Vermot Vermot is called the humans in the land of Baurah. These beings stand out for their intelligence and their ability to solve critical situations with powerful ranged abilities that generate a great impact in battles. When using magic, these beings generally stand out with their Magic Power and Intelligence. Race: Mantl Mantl are the well-known Orcs who physically have many similarities to Vermot, however their intelligence is too low, but they have impenetrable defense and strength. Orcs generally tend to excel in those two respects; Strength and Defense. Race: Lycan The Lycan are a race of wolves that resemble a human being, can stand on two legs and have enough intelligence to reason and recognize between their friends and their enemies. Their reaction speed makes them a deadly weapon in wars, their attacks deal gigantic damage in a few seconds, they have the ability to slip out of any situation in seconds. Its particular points are Attack Speed and Vitality. Race: Nihles The Nihles are the well-known Elves that, like the Lycan, have an extraordinary reaction speed, however, their short-distance attack is their weakness, so their attacks are usually at long distances, being more effective than other races. Skill points are focused on Vitality and Attack Speed. Classes Class: Mage (High Magic Damage, Low Defense, Low Speed, Low Vitality) - AOE Damage They are the classic magicians, in this case he uses a staff and spell books. Magicians have three different skill branches; fire, ice and earth, depending on the branch you choose, you can use invocations, powerful skills in area and even transport companions during combat. His recommended breed is the Vermot since in his mastery he unlocks a special ability. His skill branches are: Fire, Ice, Earth, and Mastery. Class: Warrior (High Defense, Medium-High Attack, Low Speed, High Vitality) - Tank They are the warrior colossi that possess different heavy weapons at close range, a lot of defense and a lot of vitality. His damage is normal, he does not stand out unlike others but he is a tank by nature, his points in favor are Vitality, Strength and Defense in the end since his armor saves him the need to increase his defense. His recommended breed is the Mantl, as he unlocks a special ability in his mastery. His skill branches are: Defensive, Attack, Berserker, and Mastery. Class: Rogue (Very Low Defense, High Attack, High Speed, High Vitality) - DPS They are the classic assassins, the warriors in the dark waiting to stalk their victims. Their skills stand out in the use of skills to hide, increase their speed, among other qualities that make them stand out from others. They use daggers or bows and eventually small shields to reward their low level of defense, as assassins wear light armor. Its pros are attack speed and vitality. Their recommended race is the Lycan or Nihles, as they unlock special abilities in their mastery. His skill branches are: Assassin, Archer, Ranger, and Mastery. Class: Priest (Very High Defense, Low Damage, Low Speed, High Vitality) - AOE Heal/Buff/Debuff His attack is low like a conventional Priest, having the option of being a Damage Priest also granting higher damage. As conventional Priest they cannot actually be effective in their damage, however, their importance is vital in a war, since they can grant healing and spells to give more chances of survival to their companions; more life, speed, among other needs that can be important during the battle of factions or against monsters. They use shields and mallets to attack at short distances, with few effective attacks but very high defense. His points are defense and vitality. The recommended breed is Mantl. His skill branches are: Healing, Blessing, and Curse. Additional Systems Achievements Elements and Runes Weapon Skills System 5x Basic Professions (Harvester, Miner, Cooking, Woodcutter, Fisher) Faction Points Dungeons and Bosses Screenshots and Media Screenshots Videos Thank you very much for getting here and reading our game concept. We seek through suggestions and comments to be able to feed on their advice to improve our aesthetics or game idea. Social Networks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baurahonline Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baurahonline Discord: https://discord.gg/vEu5AtGWwy
  13. I would like to register here the most beautiful menu that I have ever made and that I will probably never be able to do again, I even made a personalized cursor, there is still a lot to finish but only this menu has left me with a lot of inspiration and pride <3
  14. First of all , excuse my bad english as it's not my main language Sooo ... What's this ? Shinki " Sacred treasure " is an ORPG game based on the other world where : angels , demons and fallen angels live Credits -Intersect developers -RPG Maker Tiles Story Things have been too much calm for the five last years in the other world . That's because a demon was planning to take his revenge after being defeated by the angel of the death : " Makoto " . First of all , that demon named " Daikoku " unleashed the sealed beasts and obliged them to generate an evil aura which aspires the power of the other beasts and gives it to him , the evil aura also turns the beasts crazy and offensive .... To stop that , angels , fallen angels and demons made a peace pact and called their strongest warriors for that they start defeating dungeon bosses . You're one of these warriors , so will you be able to stop this danger and save the other world ? Disponible classes Angel | Tenshi Fallen angel | Daten-shi Demon | Akuma Features Almost thanks to intersect developers for all these features below and for the engine that I'm using -Transformation (Thanks to intersect) --- Not ready -Using the craft system for weapon upgrading --- Ready -Weapon stats according to the class --- Ready -Launcher --- Ready -Fullscreen with resolution choice (Thanks to intersect) --- Ready -The maps in caves or dungons get more darker if you move far away from the exit --- Ready -Fully character customization using paperdolls --- Ready -Lights to let you see in the dark maps --- Ready -Mazes where you can find unique items --- Ready -Game secrets using switches and variables , will allow you to access to the secret game ending (alpha) --- Not ready -Day and night ( Thanks to intersect) --- Ready -Dungeon leader ( using variables and switchses also) --- Ready -Zones capturing which gives you more power according to the zone that you got --- Ready -Donation to the goddess " Yubiwa " --- Ready GamePlay -Dungeons in solo version or party one -Lots of quests using events and npcs -Mysteries and secrets to find for that you can continue your progression I think that's all for the alpha version Game screenshots STAFF Director : AQG Productions Game makers : Eros (me) - Kurogetsu - The Kurh Music composer : The Kurh Managers : Zerolimit Progression Tutorial --- 100 % First dungeon ---- 90 % Second dungeon --- will unlock after that the alpha goes out Alpha progression --- 95 % Thanks for reading , and I really hope you like this Visit our forum Discord invitation link available in the forum's footer
  15. Guest

    WIP Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Rebirth Fantasy is a 2D Online ORPG that is being developed using Visual Basic 6.0, RFO will be a fantasy theme game which players are placed on a world with Swords and Magic. Story line will be a little bit anime-like and we are basing the player game story on the character on the story we create Rebirth Fantasy engine is created from scratch using DirectX8 as our Graphic Engine and Bass Sound System for our sfx and WinSocket for network The Graphics and SFX we will be using are custom made from Rebirth Fantasy Team Game Style There were 7 Active Dungeons in Artic Continent, Human's started the Adventurer Guild as a place where adventurer accept missions and task and enter on one of those Dungeons. Their task is to explore and search for treasures inside the dungeon or they can do hunting missions or searching for items, mining for ores and more. Using the items they collect, they can create weapons and armors or they can also upgrade them to next level Adventurers are not set into a class restriction they can freely use any weapons they wanted to use as long as they have the skills to do use them Story Characters Game World Starter Map (Talli Island) Media Support us! by giving us small amount of Donations
  16. Winter's Harvest is a farming game like you have never seen before, though it shares similarities with games such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon it breaks free of these bonds bringing you a true multiplayer experience. In Winter's Harvest each player will have a unique farm that they may build on, raise animals and plant crops. However outside of each players farm is a whole world to explore, full of quests, dungeons, and crafting like any other MMO. If you dont have enough Hay to feed your animals through the winter you can purchase some from other players through the auction house. The game will inherit mechanics from the games before it such as relationships and weddings. However these will exist in the game between real players, with full systems to support them. Will you rebuild the world? Or let magic overtake it? More information coming soon. Main Menu Music (By SoundImage) Q. What engine are you using to build this? A. Unity Q. Are you using any Unity Addons? A. Yes, the bulk of the work is already done by: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ummorpg-2d-93984. This helps me leave the core systems alone and let me spend my time on creating content and game specific features. It is a great asset, if you have Unity experience and want to create a 2D ORPG as well, this might be a great place to start! Q. What are you using for networking? A. uMMORPG 2D uses Mirror for its high level networking and Telepathy for its low level networking. Q. Where did you get that GUI? A. I purchased it on the asset store, I will not share the link. Though it is free and I am fine with others user it, the last time I posted graphics I had chosen for my game others tried to use them immediately. Do your own research and find a style that works for you. If you search for them they are not hard to find. Full info is in the game credits. Q. What do you have done so far? A. Not much! I currently have the Main Menu and character creation / login working. I need to revamp the ingame UI and then I will start working on implementing a farming system with seasons, day night and weather. Q. Are you recruiting? A. Not at this time. Q. Do you have any estimated release date? A. No, it is purely a hobby project. Q. Will it be free? A. It will definitely be free, however cosmetic items through donations may be available. Q. What platform will be supported? A. The game will be playable via your browser and PC at launch. I may port to PS4 and Xbox or Switch if the game becomes successful enough. Q. Do you plan on getting custom art and music made. A. If I get far enough in the project then yes, I will most likely be hiring some artists and musicians. Q. Who is doing the programming? A. I am currently doing all the programming myself. Q. Why create a topic this early in development? A. Mainly to keep myself motivated and have a nice log of all the progress I have made! Q. Are you using any sort of version control system? A. Yes, GitHub. (Private Repo) Q. Will you release the source? A. If I abandon the project I might, but not likely. It also relies on payed assets that I could not legally release. Q. What is the weirdest bug you have encountered so far? A. My server console window plays the main menu music. Q. Will you give up on this project like so many before it? A. Well if there are no more questions ill just wrap things up here then!
  17. Hello everybody, I am Ykuzo sorry early for my English, that I am French, thank you for your understanding! So, DBZ Next Generation is a game of French fan dbz. The game will include the main saga of DragonBall Z. There are three modes of game: Story Mode: This mode includes the main saga of DragonBall Z. -Fight Mode: In this mode, every player has to fight alone or in team in the arena, according to their level. -Exploration Mode: Of numerous caves and dungeons to explore with the aim of collecting objects and the powerful which will serve in the mode story and fights. The mode of game is to ask for the connection STAFF: For the moment, I made alone, and thus I look for a serious person to help me Creator: Ykuzo Infographer: Ykuzo Moderator: Mapper: Ykuzo Spriter: Ykuzo Screenshot of the Game: Story Progression 20%: Saga Saiyajin: 80% Saga Freezer: 0% Saga Cyborg: 0% Saga Buu: 0% Fight progression 0%: Easy Arena [100-199]: 0% Medium Arena [200-299]: 0% Hard Arena [300-399]: 0% Ultime Arena [400-500]: 0% Exploration Progression 0%: Rainforest: 0% Desert of despaire: 0% Forgotten Tropics: 0% I accept all the criticisms because they allow to grow up ! Thank you for having taken time to read
  18. Xeno

    WIP Starhaven

    STORY Many ages ago in a scientific labratory far beyond the planet Terra, the creation of new life became an emerging reality. Scientists were able to create new forms from existing genetic material. Thus began, the Creation Age which extended out into several galaxies as the technology became prevalent. The scientists on Gamma 9 knew of the current existence of humans on Terra, but wanted to experiment by placing three other sentient races to co-habitat with them. The result: Tribal wars that lasted in Terra until all races were nearly extinct. To prevent this extinction, elders from each tribe got together and formulated a plan. Known as the Elder Council, the wisest and most skillfull of each tribe would teach the races peace. From this alliances began to form, and the races learned to prosper together. Still some, stayed vigilant in their war efforts. To this day, Terra remains on the balance of war and peace. In the village of Cherub, rumor has it that birth was given to a new race - an evolution of the genetic mutations started long ago in Gamma 9. The child is now 5 years old, and is wise beyond his years. So much that the Elder Council came to Cherub to learn from him. Through their questioning, the boy revealed that the scientists long ago planned for the evolution of the races in order to stop war altogether. Still, some details remain uncertain. When you meet them, they ask you to go on an adventure which will reveal the truth about Terra and creation. CHARACTER CREATION Upon creating a character, you will be given the choice of 4 races and one of 12 zodiac signs. Every 10 levels you can choose a new sign, until you have 4 total. The races are as follows: Human, Orkin, Elven, Drow: SKILL ADVANCEMENT Instead of choosing a class at start, players will choose 2 sets of skills from 6 skill trees. The skill trees are: Brutality Defense Focus Holism Destruction Music MORE ABOUT THE GAME Starhaven will be a story-driven, quest focused game with very little grinding. PvP will be available as Tribe Wars, set to certain times of the day. All zones, including dungeons, caves, forests, etc will be very large in size making exploration a large focus as well. Since this is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, some of the zones may be very different than the ones people are used to seeing in fantasy titles.Gear in the game will not be limited to a class set, and along with the skill trees will allow for a very unique build for each created character. Crafting, along with crafting skill levels will also be available.
  19. Well It's about time to start this topic. City Of The Brain Eatters is a modern zombie survival game created in the intersect engine. Players will be able to enter different buildings scavenge for loot and with the loot they will be able to create weapons and armor. There will only be 1 "safe area" in the world which will be the old police station. This area is now controlled by ex-police and what few survivors made it to this area. Even this area is not truly safe, Zombies can still enter the city if they happen to kill the guards off. The game will have a random ish world spawn(I will set up about 100 different spawn spots and you will randomly warp to one of these on spawn) I might also add a spawn at Police station button after you do a certain quest. Also debating about adding another controlled area at the hospital. I will be adding 2 main Drug dealers in the world which will have random prices on drugs, you will not be able to sell to them you must find a drug user to sell the drugs to. There are only 6 users in the world(might drop to less). You can not talk to the same drug dealer twice in a roll and you can not talk to the same drug user twice. (Meaning you must buy drugs from dealer A the sell to User A then you must buy from dealer B next, Dealer A will not sell to you, and You must sell to User . There will be 3 different craft houses you can used these are not located in any police camps and you will need to either clear them out yourself or get help to clear these out. I plan on also making a full sewer system under the city. Graphic Update screen shot Basic Map Idea Resources and general idea how to harvest what they will give. Crafting basic idea still need to add number of objects to it Drugs
  20. Introduction Story Planned Features Screenshots Progress
  21. Ascension Game Dev Projects Board You want to share your game and we want to see it! The projects board will soon be one of the most active boards here at AGD and because of that we are going to expect higher quality threads here compared to other sections of the site. Before posting please refer to the current guidelines on how to make an informative post to show off your game or work in progress! When Posting your Game: Do: Add a tag to your title telling us the state of your game! PL - You are still planning/mapping out your game and organizing your thoughts WIP - You have a good plan for your game and it is currently in development ALPHA - Game is still being worked on and is vastly incomplete but we can test it BETA - Game is mostly complete, bugs are being fixed and is playable RELEASE - The game is released and completely playable! Post the name of your game. (Even if it's a placeholder!) Post the engine your game is built with. (We're game devs, we like to know this stuff) Post about current progress (required!) Story Required Current Staff Sample Content (Screenshots, music, videos -- content is the biggest selling point!) Plans moving forward Why we should play more! Tell us what you are going to do! Tell us what you have done so far and what you will do moving forward Don't: Recruit here, use the recruitment board for that! Want a sub board for your project? It has to be a game! Sorry, this is a game dev forum, we don't want a massive forum index, if you want a sub board you need to be making a game. It has to be at an Alpha stage or beyond. This means that we need to have tried your game. Base on the alpha we can determine if the game shows promise and is likely to make it to release. It has to be serious and far along in development: An alpha 1 week after conception won't cut it. We want to make sure you are dedicated to your project. At least wait 6 weeks. If you think you qualify shoot a PM to an admin @jcsnider or @Kibbelz so we can evaluate your thread, progress, and game. You are free to post links to your social media pages, website(s) and communities. That said downloads must be accessible here by a direct link (no adfly, no signups)! Not following the guidelines above will result in your threads being moved to the low-effort forum. If you're topic is moved to the low effort forum it needs to be revised and polished before it will be suitable for the recruitment board. This allows the recruitment forum to remain full of valuable posts and not overran with those that happen to be low effort. If you're post is moved to the low effort board you have 5 days to revise and fix it. You can then hit the report button and ask us to re-evaluate it and move it to the main recruitment board. If not fixed within 5 days it will be deleted. This way only serious projects make it through.
  22. mikamesu

    WIP Dragon Runes

    The magic once flourished in the lands of Valline, common to the creatures that embraced her. But power, always has a cost, like those with magic hunger, crazed and tried to seize everything by themselves. This conflict became known as the first major war, which resulted in the disappearance of magical energies and all drones. She is gone, lost from the hands of the people and forever asleep. There existed two factions in the first great war to the right, the Stigma, composed of Humans, the Knights of the Bultharos Dragon and great magicians of light. From the left, the Warborn wielded themselves as weapons against their will driven by the desire for power. Centuries have passed since and suddenly these innate energies have awakened from their long rest. However, not all were blessed with the gifts of his return and those who can not handle it, quickly began to fear it. Valine is once again threatened by the flames of war, the rumors that dragons' eggs had been found would be the fuse of a new era of chaos to come. Self-attack and using skills Auto-attack Click on a monster once to direct it. Click again to attack! If you do not have a target selected and use some of your combat skills (located on the battle bar at the bottom of the screen), you will automatically select a target and an attack. Very handy in crowded rooms of Player vs Player! Area of Effect Spells (AoE) AoE attack spells damage all monsters on the screen. Some AoE attacks have a limited range or a limited number of targets that will affect them. They use bows their specialties are agile and long range attacks. They are disciples and masters of the swords, besides being very resistant. They are those who dedicate their lives to the study and practice of the arcane arts SCREENS Final considerations This is a Brazilian project and we have plans to bring it to the english community. The game is in development and we still have a long way to go before its release, the game is designed to be a 2D RPG. Our team at the moment is small only I Mika) and Kenshiro at the moment, we count on your support, suggestions and criticisms that we will help to improve more and more. Social Discord Facebook References / Inspirations / Diablo 3 Torchlite 2 Aqworlds Wing of Misadventure Ragnarok among others.
  23. update: we are now live and in a closed testing period! if you want to get involved join the discord and message Boltz!. Concept: Realm of shadows (name subject to change) is 2d MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy era with wizards, knights, and other fantasy creatures.The game focuses heavily on PVP, PVM, and skilling. The world is being cursed by an evil magic causing deep shadows to submerge over the lands.players set out in the open world completing quests, slaying monsters and exploring the shadow in hopes of stopping this madness, it will take a lot of will power to not let the evil that dwells within control you. The game is being developed using Intersect, Currently we are a team of 4 with one trial member. Solobergy aka. Boltz - I am the writer and developer. I do the mapping and some of the artwork Airrider and Future hero - They take care of 90% of the art like animations, armors etc. PnumaticLlama - Trial Member - Photoshop guy Shadow - Discord moderator. he also handles anything drawing related, an example of his work features/gameplay: Below is a list of features I hope to include in the game throughout the growth of this project if not added already. -full character customization: change complexion, hair, eyes. -paper dolls: Each item has its own paper doll allowing players to mismatch different items. our items and styles are 100% unique. -Open world PVP: this comes with an infamy/jail system to prevent players from pking to much in none shadowed areas. -Beautiful and 100% unique animations. -Skilling: I am trying to make skilling worthwhile for players who do not like PVP/PVM so much. skills will include, mining/smithing, woodcutting, fishing, etc. -Mini-games/raids. -Pets. -PVP arena. -Questing system with daily, repeatable, side and primary quests. -Unique class system: there isn't really a class system, players can obtain new spells as monster drops and quest rewards allowing them to learn and forget spells at any time. players can miss match armors and weapons to create a combat style they enjoy. eventually, players will have the option to choose a specific magic type to pursue which will give them access to different spells depending on which style they choose. The game is community driven, I want everyone to feel like there opinion matters, one of the things we do to encourage community interaction is allowing players to submit weapon ideas for a chance to get them accepted into game. players send us drawings of weapons they imagine and we turn them into pixel art and the community votes! here is my personal favorites from the first rounds winners. https://discord.gg/Cdfv9HD Come Join the fun!
  24. Summary Story Features OST Discord Video Dev Logs January 12, 2020 January 26, 2020 February 8, 2020 March 8, 2020 Meet the Team In Closing Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave your feedback and critique on this thread and on our Discord Server! We're always looking for ways to improve! Be sure to stay tuned for our Dev Logs, released every Sunday! Dev Logs Dev Log - August 18th, 2019 Dev Log - August 25th, 2019 Dev Log - September 1st, 2019 Dev Log September 8th and 15th, 2019
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