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  1. buu

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    80 cap silkroad online <3
  2. Hey I'm currently working on an unnamed project with the Intersect Engine. I dont have much information on it as I'm currently working on the classes and items for it. I promise it's gonna be a fresh idea right now I'm looking for a pixel artist to make some hair for me. I'm willing to pay, please pm me I'll provide the base, thank you!
  3. buu

    Looking for a pixel artist

    Sorry I my games not ready enough to be revealed yet. But you can PM me what you can do and I'll send you some references
  4. buu

    Looking for a pixel artist

    I'm always looking for help
  5. Just put a "dummy" Sprite with the clothes you wanna show off in your shop. Like xeno said, it's pointless to do all that work with the event system
  6. buu

    how do i create a jump button

    He said a jump like effect. not function
  7. buu


    Lookin pretty lit
  8. buu

    Nightmare Showcase

    Damn you guys snapped
  9. buu


    Lookin fly
  10. buu

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    You need Apache and an open port 80 to have other people connect
  11. buu

    Fantabulous! Online

    It looks good af but the tilesets dont go with those characters :s
  12. buu

    Classes added!

    But what if we wanna be sword trunks?
  13. buu

    Memify This

  14. buu

    Memify This

  15. buu

    Project Build - The ultimate Building Game

    More power to you. Good luck with it
  16. buu

    Project Build - The ultimate Building Game

    Yea I'd rather punch a tree tbh
  17. Instead of placing an npc through the npc editor, trying making an npc through the event editor
  18. buu


    You need shadows bro
  19. buu

    [WIP] Intersect Panel

    I mean if you cant set it up, you shouldn't be using it ;p
  20. buu

    Nightmare Showcase

    Nice swastika
  21. buu

    [WIP] Intersect Panel

    That looks awesome
  22. buu

    Change things with client

    You can do server messages through the server console?
  23. buu

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    Fuckin awesome