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  1. No. Why not just run the server locally?
  2. If you’re using what I think you’re using, you won’t be able to have more than like 5 players on at a time.
  3. i appreciate the offer and I've seen your work around the forum (which I think is actually really good) but I need a long term artist that's available.
  4. Bump. Looking for one long term. Inbox me please
  5. That’s my favorite PoZimon dude, Flarezorn!
  6. Really nice work from @Hatsuya & @AlexandreKayle
  7. That’s why I never pay before half of the work is done. I hope it all goes good for you.
  8. Bump. Again looking for an artist
  9. Can you send some example of your work?
  10. Bump. Looking for another artist 🤘
  11. Wow I thought you only made boo boo games but this is impressive. Good job
  12. That guild system would be lit ngl. Very kind of you
  13. buu


    It works through your PC time. Try setting your computer to day and night and try it.
  14. Anyone here a fan of Dragonball Online? I made a private server and I need some testers. PM me if you're interested.

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    2. buu


      Yes I do

    3. Beefy Kasplant
    4. buu


      PM me a user and pass that you don’t use on any other platform and I’ll reply with a client link 

  15. It’s crazy to share something like this for free, thanks a lot
  16. In the editor you can change the start map and position for each class.
  17. @Joyce would this work with the new animation frames? Can we do "Hair_ idle" for example?
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