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[RMXP] NetMaker


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Author: Valentine
Version: 1.0.3



NetMaker is a structure for creating 2D online games. It is currently considered a beta and is still in active development.




Version 1.0.1
-Bug at the conclusion of the corrected trade;
-Drop items from finished inventory;
-Teleport or kick all players online by typing all completed;
-Bug in player view and events corrected;
-Bug of enemies crossed player corrected;
-Creatment of teleportation without comments;
-Bug SP player does not upgrade when using SP recovery potion corrected;
-Bug in Visual Equipament corrected;
-More administrator commands;
-Bug on the corrected mouse;
-Move player with keys W, A, S and D completed.
Version 1.0.2
-Bug on corrected player removal;
-Excessive problem of corrected server processing;
-Bug on fixed tileset locks;
-Bug in the amount of drop corrected.

Version 1.0.3

-Bug fixed in switch;

-Bug fixed in VE;

-clsocket.dll updated.



» Login
» Character creation


» Shop
» Trade






1) How to make the server work:
To learn how to make the server work, see Read me.
2) Data update:
Use the converter when you make any changes to the map, classes and/or enemies of the database. The converter updates the server information, ensuring that there are no errors.

3) Translation to Englis:

To translate the client's vocabulary into English, replace the [ND] Vocab script to:


# ** Vocab
# This module is about vocabulary.
# Author: Valentine

module Vocab
  # Login and register
  USERNAME            = 'User'
  PASSWORD            = 'Password'
  EMAIL               = 'Email'
  REMEMBER            = 'Remember?'
  REGISTER            = 'Register'
  CONNECT             = 'Connect'
  ONLINE              = 'Server online'
  OFFLINE             = 'Server offline'
  # Character creation
  NAME                = 'Name'
  SEX                 = 'Sex:'
  CLASS               = 'Class:'
  GRAPHIC             = 'Graphic:'
  POINTS              = 'Points:'
  MALE                = 'Man'
  FEMALE              = 'Woman'
  # Hero
  LEVEL               = 'Level:'
  # Chat
  MAP                 = 'Map'
  GLOBAL              = 'Global'
  PRIVATE             = 'Private'
  INVALID_NAME        = 'Invalid name!'
  NOT_PVP             = 'You can not attack this player or in this place!'
  NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY    = 'Insufficient money!'
  INVALID_COMMAND     = 'Invalid command!'
  # Alert
  SERVER_OFFLINE      = 'The server is offline!'
  INSUFFICIENT        = '%s must be at least 3 characters!'
  FORBIDDEN_CHARACTER = 'Forbidden character!'
  INVALID_USERNAME    = 'Invalid or logged in user!'
  INVALID_PASSWORD    = 'Invalid password!'
  INVALID_EMAIL       = 'Invalid email!'
  REGISTER_SUCCESSFUL = 'Account registered successfully!'
  ALREADY_EXISTS      = 'This user already exists!'
  CHAR_EXIST          = 'This name is already being used!'
  OLD_VERSION         = "This version is old. Please upgrade!"
  KICKED              = 'You were kicked out of the game.!'
  BANNED              = 'You have been banned!'
  TELEPORTED          = 'You have been teleported!'
  ACCOUNT_BANNED      = 'You have been banned!'
  IP_BANNED           = 'Your IP has been banned!'
  SERVER_FULL         = "The server is full! Try again later!"
  # Choice
  ASK                 = 'Are you sure?'
  TRADE_REQUEST       = 'Invited you to an trade. Accept?'
  # Help
  CONSUMABLE          = 'Consumable:'
  HP_RECPOINTS        = 'Rec. HP:'
  SP_RECPOINTS        = 'Rec. SP:'
  SP_COST             = 'Cost of SP:'
  POWER               = 'Power:'
  HIT                 = 'Hit (%):'
  EQUIPABLE           = 'Can be equipped by'
  NOT_EQUIPABLE       = 'Can not be equipped by'
  # Options
  LOGIN               = 'Back to login'
  EXIT                = 'Exit game'
  # Trade
  TRADE_DECLINED      = 'Declined the trade.'
  TRADE_COMPLETE      = 'want to complete the trade. Accept?'
  IN_TRADE            = 'This player is already on an trade.'
  # Buttons
  OK                  = 'Ok'
  CANCEL              = 'Cancel'
  YES                 = 'Yes'
  NO                  = 'No'
  ACCEPT              = 'Accept'
  DELETE              = 'Delete'
  CREATE              = 'Create'
  # Menus
  MOTD                = 'News'
  LOGIN_ACC           = 'Login'
  REGISTER_NEW_ACC    = 'Account creation'
  CREATE_CHAR         = 'Character creation'
  ALERT               = 'Alert'
  CHARACTER           = 'Character'
  OPTIONS             = 'Options'
  SHOP                = 'Shop'
  AMOUNT              = 'Amount'
  TRADE               = 'Trade'
  # Battle
  MISS                = 'Miss!'
  CRITICAL            = 'Critical!'
  LEVEL_UP            = 'Level up!'


Some systems created by the community:

Level equip





Paulo Soreto
Kaique Hunter

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Valentine is actually to oldest and biggest coder outthere. He used to develop mmorpg for rpgmaker vx called vampyr net. he does a lot of stuff over the past 10 years ! This guy is a true legend. awesome that he is here in the community at all lol !



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This is pretty cool. I may have to download it and check it out for myself but I am curious on a couple things. First, any reason you decided to do this with xp and not vx ace or mv? And second, what are all the features of this?

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I always liked XP. Also, I started the project 2 years ago, at the time there was still in MV and MV does not use Ruby, language used in XP's RGSS and one of my favorites.



In the official forum there are already some translations for English and Spanish
All this is possible, because there is a script called Vocab that concentrates all the texts of the client, which allows an easy translation.
Anyway, I plan to do a translation for english in the next version

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