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  1. It's amazing. Very detailed. The music matches every zone you showed. A big congratulations!
  2. Can you post some pictures of the engine? It would help a lot if someone wants to use it
  3. That's awesome @Valentine ^^
  4. This is awesome. I really appreciate the work of @Valentine But,will there be any English translation? I don't understand sh*t of it :/
  5. I thought it was for Name lock :/ So many dumb mistakes P.S Fixed it. Thanks to @Kyrise
  6. Anyone can help me? I don't want to lose my progress
  7. It's all on my pc,which means it's localhost. I haven't changed anything
  8. Hello! I haven't posted in a while. I've got a strange problem. I've got classes and stuff,but it doesn't let me select any,like it doesn't have. Help me please Thanks in advance. P.S - Don't mind the logo,it was just a test. i will remove it. Here is the error log
  9. @EVOLV Dude,i want to say a HUGE THANKS! I was so lost in making a quest,but you are a life saver. If you continue doing guide,it would be awesome! Much appreciated! P.S You could try recording the tutorials,explaining them and etc. I think it should be easier for you.
  10. Umm,isn't this Eclipse Renewal?
  11. Well,what's the best newbie linux distro? I wanna start using it,maybe to play games and develop my own. Help meh
  12. From what you've said,i got some courage to start. I will setup a plan,but i think i will need a dev or a small team to help me out. I want to make a MMORPG,which is a big project even if it for 10 players. Thanks to @Essence for the kind words.
  13. Hello Guys! I've been following Intersect very closely and now to the main question. From where should I start? I will underline that i'm a noob/completely new to these stuff. I don't know any programming language, but i want to make a game because it's my dream and a hobby. Can you guide me please? Thanks! Sorry if i posted it in the wrong section,couldn't find the right one.
  14. @PhenomenalDev i see Thanks tho. Is C++ available to use? Since they are from 1 family and derived.
  15. Hello dear community! First of all i want to thank you for this excellent engine. Now to the serious question. I would like to ask,what programming languages can we use? C# or VB? Thanks.
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