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  1. No, only with the source code, and it will be easy to code
  2. Try to put the sounds in .wav or .mp3 I think the sounds must be in other format
  3. Did you put the sounds at "Sound" in map editor?
  4. You can make a shop that sells keys that opens specific doors. And this store only sells 1 key per house. And inside the house, you can have the bank feature, so the player could store your items in the house, just could not leave it on the floor as it would disappear.
  5. Yes, I saw it after I put it in the translator. I speak Portuguese, and I didn't know that word. xD But if not possible by the Item Editor, I believe that this only be possible by the source
  6. I do not think so, have you tried to put some negative value?
  7. I already edited the formulas, but I really do not know how to improve de randomization
  8. Is this character going to be NPC or is he going to be the main character?
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