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  1. Vamos Brasil !!!!! :1065_flag_br:

  2. A question, please. Is there a way to provide my game to other people, without share all my resources, like graphics and sounds? I mean... If i do it today, all the people can "take" my resources, right? I have to share all the client folder, with resources and logs too? Thks
  3. Yes, keep all the function. Its a modified project of RM, to work online. Yes, you're right. some modules of scripts thats works in a RM base project, cannot work in a netplay project, incompatibility.
  4. This is RPG MAKER project, with a lot of scripts which enable connection between a server and the client (which is nothing more than the game executable generated by the RPGMaker). Just open the project with RM, and go to tab RGSS, to understand how works. Has a basic configuration, and if you got a little experience with Ruby code, can customize whatever you want. "To learn how to make the server work, see Read me (inside the folder)".
  5. I'm glad to see you here @Valentine Our LEGEND! Thx
  6. Does't work... For example... When i change the textcolor to 0,0,0,0 , desapear. <HotbarLabel0> <Bounds>27,19,7,15</Bounds> <Padding>0,0,0,0</Padding> <AlignmentEdgeDistances>0,0,0,0</AlignmentEdgeDistances> <Margin>0,0,0,0</Margin> <RenderColor>255,255,255,255</RenderColor> <Alignments /> <DrawBackground>True</DrawBackground> <MinimumSize>1,1</MinimumSize> <MaximumSize>4096,4096</MaximumSize> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Hidden>False</Hidden> <RestrictToParent>False</RestrictToParent> <MouseInputEnabled>False</MouseInputEnabled> <HideToolTip>False</HideToolTip> <TextColor>0,0,0,0</TextColor> <TextAlign>Left, Top</TextAlign> <TextPadding>0,0,0,0</TextPadding> <AutosizeToContents>True</AutosizeToContents> <Font>notosansui,10</Font>
  7. Hello, When i try to change de text color of an Entity Label in the InGame.xml, to black (255,0,0,0), the text desapear. Anybody can help me?
    Fantastic engine!! Great job!!! When we will get a final version with source code?
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