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  1. Kevin

    [RMXP] NetMaker

    Valentine is actually to oldest and biggest coder outthere. He used to develop mmorpg for rpgmaker vx called vampyr net. he does a lot of stuff over the past 10 years ! This guy is a true legend. awesome that he is here in the community at all lol !
  2. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    it will and has to be removed.
  3. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    //edit the gif link expired now its back up. Sorry for doublepost
  4. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    Added a short gif, how the dungeon browser works! Hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome
  5. Hello my lovely Community. For my developer team i'm looking now for a decent graphic designer. I'm working on a new mmorpg engine in visual basic 6. If you are not familiar yet you can look up the project here : Kevin's Engine since im starting to release the engine soon, but the current graphics are not from me, i would be glad to get some help there! If you are intressted you can leave me a private message with further details. Greetings.
  6. Kevin

    XML question

    XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.Load("yourxml.xml"); XmlNodeList elemList = doc.GetElementsByTagName("game"); for (int i=0; i < elemList.Count; i++) { Console.WriteLine(elemList.InnerXml); } or XmlTextReader reader = null; try { eader = new XmlTextReader("yourxml.xml"); reader.MoveToContent(); string name = reader.GetAttribute("Name"); Console.WriteLine("Your game name :" + name);
  7. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    going to work it out more, and will make you a short video how it works.
  8. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    @jcsnider thank you, also as i said in the thread, all graphics are not from me and getting replaced by selfmade graphics on release to not get trouble at any way.
  9. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    Short preview from the upcoming Dungeon Browser System with following features. You can edit maps into instanced maps and make them to a dungeon map once it's a dungeon map, it shows in the dungeon browser, with all infos you put it You can Enter the dungeon alone or with your group by pressing "Enter Dungeon" You can look for a group by pressing Find Group The group finder will look for an open group who also looks for other players to play the dungeon and let you join you automatically.
  10. Kevin

    A VB6 Issue!

    You need to register all activex components.. means dll, ocx etc. just install a vb6 runtime installer
  11. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    I have edited the Thread with new Information. Since Robin released his Source Code from Crystalshire i used this Engine as a base to put in my features i working on. So i have added stuff like a Quest System, Instanced Maps, Dungeon Finder/Browser, Matchmaking System etc. Since i cant post that much pictures here, i will do later on a Youtube Video where i explain and show all features i put in into the Engine. I repeat it here again, since people dont understand what i write. All graphics you currently see in the screenshots belong to Crystalshire, since i focus on the new systems, new graphics come later on. If you have any question about the systems i wrote in the list and how it works im free to answer you or give you a sneakpeak on it.
  12. Kevin

    Wolfy 2D Engine

    i don't want to hate your engine i respect your work, but i rather would use Unity over a selfmade engine. Probably if you would make your stuff working on Unity and bring it on the asset store you would get some money out of it since there are just 3-4 good mmorpg assets at the moment. maybe you could beat em by making a own c# server rather then using a cloud server like photon and stuff.
  13. Kevin

    [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    I'm looking for a graphical artist which help me to design the new engine. Updates on new features coming soon once they got some good looking graphic and own graphic. You can send me info via PM
  14. Kevin

    VB6 converter?

    you could also go with Orion+ from @Damian666 which is a ported version from eclipse / mirage to VB.NET, that you could convert easy to C#, i dont know about licence, that you have to ask Damian.
  15. Kevin

    VB6 converter?

    You can convert a VB6 project into Vb.NET by using the integrated upgrade tool from visual studio 2005, but you have to make some adjustments after the vb6 project got convertet into vb.net. As far is i know is that you have to make changes to Arrays and other stuff. Most of the Code getting Upgraded/Converted from VB6 into VB.NET without trouble but if you want to upgrade a eclipse engine project into vb.net it will take actually quite long to make the adjustments to all the stuff like Arrays. And then when you converted it successfully into vb.net you start converting it into C# for example. There are a lot of converter which converts vb.net into c# successfully but also there you have to make changes to Arrays and other stuff, because how Converter works are like Language Translator, and most of the converter cant convert from vb.net the "ReDim" function which you also have to make adjustments. So again it would take to long to make it work. That means if you want to make for example which i guess you mean it, convert a Eclipse Origins vb6 Project you have to go this way: Install Visual Studio 2005 -> Open a VB6 Project and let it Upgrade -> Make Adjustments and fix the source problems -> Use one of the few vb.net to c# converter-> Make Adjustments and then you are good to go. But again, its really exhausting and you have to spend a lot of time into it. But anyway, i hope i could help you with that and good look :)!