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Parties need you!



Hey guys, as some of you know myself and @jcsnider are back working on Intersect. However, I need some help with some buttons for the UI of my party system. I thought no better than to ask some of AGD's talented designers to lend a hand as we want the Intersect interface to look nicer than some MS paint place holders :P 


What I need:


  • 34x32 button for kicking party members (displayed to the party leader only)
  • 34x32 button for leaving the party


Would be a huge help on my end, preferably try and keep to the default Intersect UI theme, thanks guys.

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Something like this? Would be nice to know what the interface looks like its going on. Even though I made the kick icon off center, I think "leave" looks better centered. I made 2 centered, then one with off center XD


d0TyJWA.png  lT50fr8.png


5UUwYlS.png  ozHCWoI.png

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