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  1. Now, does this offer extend to modifications once the source code is released?
  2. Happy new year!

    1. faller-magie


      Thanks you too.  :91_thumbsup:

      All of you !

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      Happy new years!

  3. Glad to see the engine is going strong!

  4. PixelFox

    16x16 Items

    Pixel-tastic. Thanks for sharing.
  5. What have you done, now I gotta make a Pixelfox and George character sprite. Haha But yeah looks great, nice sounds too.
  6. Update the thread with some new face icons. If people like em, ill make more.
  7. I made afew sprites sheets exclusive to the Intersect Resource Pack. So thats something to look forward to. Appreciate the support. More to come.
  8. Small fantasy and some of its assets has been intergrated into the Intersect Resource Pack, This art and some new art will be avalible for everyone to use in the near future. The resource pack as moved to a https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ licence to match the engines licence. More art will follow, but not until the resouce pack has been released, See you in the future. ♥ Thread is re-opened, feel free to drop some more requests if you have them.
  9. Update - If anyone still uses this program, it will work with the new intersect version (Intersect Engine Beta 4.2)'s save system, old downloads removed as they no longer work. Feel free to post any ideas or changes you want. Sorry for necro posting but I think the update is well needed.
  10. Just play a sound file as the windows box opens
  11. My advice is don't use a screw driver to hammer a nail. If you want to make single player games there are better alternatives like RPG maker... Intersect does 2D Online Games Best. But yes its possible, but it would require re-purposing a whole engine, or running the server Parallel to the client.
  12. You're welcome everyone. Ill update the thread if I find anymore.
  13. @jesusbleach for your undertale game you will want to use this one: https://fonts2u.com/8bitoperator-jve-regular.font as it is what the developer used.
  14. Hey just sharing some old fashion font files. This website has a large ammount of them in the Truetype font format. Very useful... Beep boop, if you are looking for some nice retro fonts, this is the place for you. https://int10h.org/oldschool-pc-fonts/ Copyright infomation: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ Copyright Infomation: [Location] and Freeware: https://fonts2u.com/8bitoperator-jve-regular.font
  15. theres alot of fan characters of undertale, I'm surprised there wasnt a fan game aready lol.
  16. I knew it was only a matter of time.
  17. To do list: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You know me, if you don't I make pixel art. Dabbling in the dark arts of creation and creating sharp pointed edges. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Terms Artwork created in a job is yours to keep, credit is not required but appreciated. I will not create anything that you dont have the right to. (Such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Animes). I can mimic styles. I have full right to refuse a job, quit a job in progress. All completed work can be edited, modifed, colour hued, anything you like. But please specify if the artwork I make can be used by others or not in the form (Public Use). Please fill out the form below, and make sure you answer correctly as later updates after the completion of the artwork will be null and void. You can specify if you are willing to pay for the artwork in the form. If I take on your commission I will request payment to my paypal immediately and depending on the job it may take few days to afew weeks. The commissions are a "pay what you want". meaning you can give me nothing in return for work. Ill consider a no payment for work as a request, that I have the right to refuse if I do not wish to do it. I will not create art that is beyond Intersect, all sprites commissioned/request must be used within the Intersect engine and only the intersect engine (Meaning dont put the sprites in MMO maker, eclipse or RPG maker). Refunds will be given if I quit a job in progress. or the time frame provided has been exceeded. Limited to one change per commission/request. Completed work cannot be refunded, even if you are unhappy with the results. I will only accept commissions from people above the age of 18. If you are under 18, please submit a request only. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fill out Form. on Muliple Requests, please make more Forms. Don't mash them together into one big one. It will be hard to read. Some of my Artwork: A small free resource pack. Discontinued since the base engine now comes with similar sprites. Other work:
  18. @Skaveron Alright, thank you! It was indeed asking a question, I didnt know if it exsists or if it was possible and if im missing something. Then I said, I'd recommend it, if it didn't exist. So It was a question first and a suggestion/opinion second.
  19. I was wondering, if it is possible to add a common event on a NPC, say if you interact by attacking. It will trigger a Common Event. I know you can make events that do this, but I'm talking about NPC's that spawn in and wonder around and attack you and stuff. Not events placed manually on the map. Because NPCs have some unique qualities that I'm looking for in Events. Such as Attacking/Attacking over NPCs and the ability to spawn in anywhere on the map, or spawn by a another script/event (allowing me to chain events together) I don't see a option to spawn a entity from the script lists. If not, I think it might be a good addition to the behaviour menu. I trust this might be possible once the source has been launched. But I don't know how integrated the scripting is. I was just looking for a simple, "if attacked" run a common event. For example: A wizard attacks you, you hit him once, and he poofs into a cloud of smoke. But he only spawns in once you interact with his magic mirror.
  20. Glad it can be of some use. Only a SINWAVE effect simulating water at the momment and A Resize to 32x32. Also thanks for the welcome back @PhenomenalDitto and @Zetasis!
  21. 32x32 Tile Animator! (Very basic at the momment) Input a texture, Export a animation! Water (sinwave) effect only at the momment, but more to come, hopefully! Export either frames or a complete sprite sheet: Results: [Download] Comment bellow, if you have any troubles.
  22. Leaving all together for now. Going off to do my own things else where, plus I got a game to work on under my belt.
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