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  1. Now, does this offer extend to modifications once the source code is released?
  2. Happy new year!

    1. faller-magie


      Thanks you too.  :91_thumbsup:

      All of you !

    2. Kibbelz


      Happy new years!

  3. Glad to see the engine is going strong!

  4. I mean it is possible with a auto updater, but that autoupdater will have to package the stuff after its done downloading updates. or download a new packaged EXE in its entirety every time. I don't know how hard it is to write in code. But hey, I learn't something new today.
  5. My VR headset, should be turning up today.

    I'm pretty excitebike.

  6. Sorry ain't been around, Hard to juggle my projects and social websites.

    1. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      I upped you to Ascended status.


      Now you HAVE to be around more

    2. Phenomenal


      Don't worry about it man, just come when you can and I hope your projects have been going well!

  7. PixelFox

    16x16 Items

    Pixel-tastic. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Finally got a double bed and built it for myself. Tonight I sleep like a king.

    1. Oddly


      I have reason to believe that kings sleep in a king sized bed, therefore, you shall in fact, NOT, be sleeping like a king.

  9. What have you done, now I gotta make a Pixelfox and George character sprite. Haha But yeah looks great, nice sounds too.
  10. Update the thread with some new face icons. If people like em, ill make more.
  11. When you make a sprite look good.



    (I should be cleaning my house right now instead of making pixel memes.)

  12. I made afew sprites sheets exclusive to the Intersect Resource Pack. So thats something to look forward to. Appreciate the support. More to come.
  13. 5CWUVjh-1.png.435487cfd394dfb925f09a3a13e0bd41.png


    Free base if anyone want to use it, Its based/inspired on the Final Fantasy 6 sprites. Made by meh.



    1. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      Id love some freebase! Thanks!

  14. Small fantasy and some of its assets has been intergrated into the Intersect Resource Pack, This art and some new art will be avalible for everyone to use in the near future. The resource pack as moved to a https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ licence to match the engines licence. More art will follow, but not until the resouce pack has been released, See you in the future. ♥ Thread is re-opened, feel free to drop some more requests if you have them.
  15. So I gave making a game in Intersect Engine Beta 4.2 a go. Made little village tileset, that needs alot of work.



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Agoraphobic


      Love the graphics, terrain needs some more love. Very scarce.

    3. PixelFox


      Appreciate the feedback. :)

    4. Myles


      I agree with Kibbelz on the trees, the rest is really good quality though! Show off more work! :D


  16. Update - If anyone still uses this program, it will work with the new intersect version (Intersect Engine Beta 4.2)'s save system, old downloads removed as they no longer work. Feel free to post any ideas or changes you want. Sorry for necro posting but I think the update is well needed.
  17. Roguelikes are really fun, look past the text and youll have a great ol' time.

    1. Agoraphobic


      I grew up with them; however, I still need graphics. Even if they are old atari or dos based graphics. Although symbols are pushing it. :P

  18. Sneak Peak of a... New resource pack im working on! Shhhh dont tell anyone.





  19. Just play a sound file as the windows box opens
  20. My advice is don't use a screw driver to hammer a nail. If you want to make single player games there are better alternatives like RPG maker... Intersect does 2D Online Games Best. But yes its possible, but it would require re-purposing a whole engine, or running the server Parallel to the client.
  21. You're welcome everyone. Ill update the thread if I find anymore.
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