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  1. jcsnider's post in Diagonal movement was marked as the answer   
    Any diagonal movement seen in the past was due to a user created source code modification here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/4908-diagonal-movement/#comments
    That modification no longer works on the latest versions of the engine, and the author of the mod has not kept it up to date.
    Work to have diagonal movement is in progress to be implemented into the engine as a base feature. You can track the conversation and progress in this pull request (pr) which is effectively an official request to bring new code into the engine.
    Due to the nature of pull requests, and open source development you can go see the 53 files which are being modified and technically build your own version of the engine with the feature before it's ready... but that would be an option only available to developers.
    Currently developers are going back and forth a lot to refine and polish before it is merged and released. We cannot provide an ETA but progress is moving rather quickly, it probably won't be long until is is available in the base engine for everyone.
  2. jcsnider's post in The worst bug from this intersect version was marked as the answer   
    Bug reports here will be lost and forgotten, please post bugs in our bug tracker.
  3. jcsnider's post in Engine update and self-translation was marked as the answer   
    You use patch when the only difference between your current build and the new build is the revision number (0.7.1.XXX).
    You upgrade when the major or minor number is changing, and upgrades must be done in order (0.7.1 -> 0.7.2 -> 0.7.3 -> 0.8.X) etc.
  4. jcsnider's post in Can't Retrieve Connection Information from AGD Servers was marked as the answer   
    We had a misconfigured DNS record due to a recent server switch-up. Should be fixed now but might not take effect for 24 hours or so while we wait for dns propagation.
  5. jcsnider's post in Crash Intersect Server on VPS OVH Windows server 2019 was marked as the answer   
    UPnP only applies to home networks. You need to configure your servers firewall and any firewalls within OVH to manually open the game ports.
  6. jcsnider's post in Deleting character after death was marked as the answer   
    As @Blinkuz has kinda said, this is a very 'niche' feature for mmorpgs which wouldn't be suitable or worth maintaining in the base engine in my opinion.
    On the bright side It is something that can be accomplished relatively easily via source edit -- you can ask here and wait it out in hopes someone does it for you.
    As for other features which would be good for the base engine please post them and an bug reports in our official tracker.
  7. jcsnider's post in Is it possible to run an event on a map that has no players on it? was marked as the answer   
    No, not possible. Events are 'owned' by players so if there are no players then no events run.
  8. jcsnider's post in How to publish a game for MacOS was marked as the answer   
    Include all of these files in the same folder as your client's exe.
    Then rename the Intersect Client.bin.osx and Intersect Client.bin.x86_64 files to match your client exe name.
    So for example in Ambardia I have
    Ambardia.exe  (Windows)
    Ambardia.bin.osx (Mac)
    Ambardia.bin.x86_64 (Linux)
    On windows I launch the .exe normally. On Mac I run the osx file. On Linux I run the .x86_64 file.
    All the other files are a slimmed down version of mono, so by distributing these alongside your client your players do not need mono installed and it should 'just work'.
  9. jcsnider's post in Changing Game Name was marked as the answer   
    You can rename the .exe itself to whatever you'd like.
    To change the titlebar while the game is running that string can be found in /resources/client_strings.json file.
  10. jcsnider's post in Are variable GUID value unchanging? was marked as the answer   
    The guids are static and once generated do not change.
    You can copy the Guid of any item (variable or game object) by right clicking their name on the list in any editor. The guid will be in your clipboard and can be pasted wherever you'd like. 
  11. jcsnider's post in FPS drop and micro freeze was marked as the answer   
  12. jcsnider's post in How to change Dialogue Area? was marked as the answer   
    Easy as setting the height (4th value in the bounds property) for both the EventDialogArea and EventDialogAreaNoFace elements in each of the EventDialogWindow jsons
  13. jcsnider's post in How safe is changing tile size in 2021? was marked as the answer   
    All of us devs use 32x32 tiles for testing/development... so using larger tile sizes may result in weird graphical glitches that we just haven't caught/encountered which will need to be reported as bugs for us to fix. That being said, changing tile sizes isn't dangerous.
    Changing the map sizes (the number of tiles in width, height) is sorta dangerous because you cannot change them again without wiping all your maps.
  14. jcsnider's post in Managing releases for the database was marked as the answer   
    Correct forum for sure.
    We don't really have any sort of change/revision tracking within the editor (and we really should!) -- hopefully that will come in the future.
    I think the best way to do it is to have 2 servers, a low powered development server in which you edit and then a higher powered production server for players.
    Then you have a date each week where the production server goes down for a few minutes for updates and you replace the production game database with the latest development database.
    That keeps updates rolling out at a stable pace while also making sure no one ever has editor access to your production server.
  15. jcsnider's post in Is there a way to easy transfer properties from one map to another? was marked as the answer   
    It's being actively discussed right now actually. Stay tuned. 
  16. jcsnider's post in Create variable with input variable after /command was marked as the answer   
    Create a player variable called guild name, make it a string variable so it can handle text.
    If you want to use /createguild as a command that's fine but don't worry about the parameter.
    Add a command for Input Variable

    Then use that to make the guild.
  17. jcsnider's post in Noob in need of help was marked as the answer   
    Job done here:
  18. jcsnider's post in Running was marked as the answer   
    You're literally trolling. First off there's nothing being sold. Secondly, take the patch file, throw it into diffy.org or any other git patch visualizer and you can see the exact lines you are interested in. Shouldn't be on us to go list them all out for you when the info is a few clicks away. Regardless though, it'd probably be best to go find something else that's better at spoon feeding. Topic locked. 
  19. jcsnider's post in Source code editing? was marked as the answer   
    The json files are not source code. The json only describes properties for elements within the actual source code. Once loaded the jsons are rewritten with the loaded properties + any new objects since the json was created. Since you are adding objects in the json that do not exist in the code itself they are being removed.
    Here is the file that describes the PlayerBox.json
    To edit the actual source we have documentation here (starting with downloading visual studio, cloning the repo, compiling, etc)
  20. jcsnider's post in Minumum Resolution was marked as the answer   
    The options are hard coded at this time. In the client project under MonoGame/Graphics/MonoRenderer.cs somewhere in there.
  21. jcsnider's post in How to use Plugins? was marked as the answer   
    Plugin system isn't ready or able to be used yet. All the examples are very dead. We will work on getting them more ready for use in the future, for now source modifications/patches are still the way to go.
  22. jcsnider's post in Beta 7 - v111 lag? was marked as the answer   
    Following up.. new db system saves global variable modifications in real time in v103+.
    This game had an autorun common event that was updating a global variable for every player every map update (give or take).
    That led to a ton of waiting for the db to become available, and for disk writing which slowed things down considerably.
    I will make an edit in a future version that batches those variables changes, and writes them to the db at a specified interval designated in the server config.
  23. jcsnider's post in It is possible to export to android, do you know if the developers have it in mind? was marked as the answer   
    Not possible at the moment nor is that sort of functionality planned. Windows, Mac, and Linux only for the foreseeable future. 
  24. jcsnider's post in Mono Password Reset error? was marked as the answer   
    If turning off UseSSL worked then your host isn't using SSL for mail. (SSL for mail and SSl for websites are different)
    The gpath assertions can be ignored, not a problem  
  25. jcsnider's post in Players now having issues creating characters was marked as the answer   
    Yeah one issue in 6.2 I never worked out were null character names... if you open the playerdb in sqlite browswer and go to the characters table you can scroll down until you find one with no name, remove that row/record, and then save back to the db. Should fix it. 
    That issue has been resolved in B7 afaik but the db still needs to be fixed before upgrading.
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