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  1. Aesthetic's post in Performant way of handling skill conditions was marked as the answer   
    Well, since you seem to be versed in coding, ill post the link to the touched up version Cheshire made if you want to peek around and see if you can fix it up for your client, but beware as updates to intersect could break it or cause merge conflicts.
  2. Aesthetic's post in How to break away from the invisible border. was marked as the answer   
    What i meant by transparency is if you plan to use a menu container, that you create 1920x1080 image with your actual menu container graphic in the center surrounded by transparent bg. If you're planning to use just a transparent bg and have your buttons arranged in a certain way, there is no way to change the fact that higher resolutions will push the buttons toward the center, the buttons are drawn to the x,y position of the parent graphic's bounds, so if you have your screen suddenly become 2x the size, the buttons will move to the new appropriate x,y. 
  3. Aesthetic's post in sound for footsteps and do not display the name of an NPC was marked as the answer   
    NPC's can not have their name hidden unless you don't give them a name. Event's should be used for any NPC's that aren't going to be used in combat and to hide their name you can click the "Hide Name" checkbox towards the bottom left of the event panel.
    Not at the moment no, however when source is out im sure it wouldnt be too hard to set up some kind of map attribute or something simple to produce the sounds on step.
  4. Aesthetic's post in quick attacks was marked as the answer   
    Generally the "default" attack speed is 1000ms. However, you can adjust each weapon's attack speed individually by selecting the "Static" option in the attack speed settings of the weapon editor. The smaller the value the quicker the weapon will attack as it's calculating how long in milliseconds there is in between each attack. A good side note is that 1000ms is equal to 1 second. Good luck!
  5. Aesthetic's post in How to set item as tool type was marked as the answer   
    Did you modify the settings for your equipment slots? Your issue is that the "Weapon" slot isn't assigned to the Server's Weapon Slot. In Config.json inside of the Server resources folder scroll down to the top of your equipment slot settings. It will say WeaponSlot = ect and ShieldSlot = ect. Make sure "WeaponSlot" is = to the number of your Weapon Slot. You can find the number by counting your equipment slots from the top starting at 0 so if you have Hat, Shoes, Weapon, Shield, then WeaponSlot should be = to 2 because Hat is 0, Shoes is 1 and Weapon is 2 ect. 
    Once you fix that issue you'll get another menu in that empty area of the item editor where you can set damage, crit chance, attack speed, and tool type.
  6. Aesthetic's post in GUI Resolution (distortion of resolution) was marked as the answer   
    Gibier is correct but I'll walk you through it a bit more.
    After changing the image name, find "Bounds" at the top of the .JSON. There will be 4 numbers. You want to change the LAST TWO numbers which represent the X, and Y bounds of the image respectively. Then, scroll down to "Minimum Size" and make sure the minimum px value isn't higher than the size of your image. If you need more in depth help i have no problem hopping on teamviewer or helping you with discord screen share.
  7. Aesthetic's post in Engine with free movement was marked as the answer   
    Finding an engine for an MORPG as welcoming to new users and non-coders as Intersect won't happen hun. If you want free movement and are ok with a learning curve and offline gameplay Construct 3 can be used in your browser, however it costs money. There is also 001 Creator which, again, has quite the learning curve and is a bit dated and unwelcoming to new users. If you're going to make a game, deciding whether or not to use an engine based on one feature is kind of shooting yourself in the foot. If you have no coding experience, Intersect is the easiest way to go. If not, perhaps design your own custom engine.
  8. Aesthetic's post in Player death? was marked as the answer   
    Its at the bottom left of the Common Event window, below the graphic section ect. It's a run condition along with Action Button, Player Touch, and Autorun.
  9. Aesthetic's post in How to harvest resource nodes? was marked as the answer   
    you need to have the Axe equipped to chop down the tree darlin, make an axe item and give it a Base Damage of 1-3, make sure in the item editor you select "Tool Type: Axe" and then equip and press E on your resource.
  10. Aesthetic's post in Which Edition of Time Fantasy Graphics to Buy? was marked as the answer   
    It's best to purchase it via Itch.io, as doing so gives you full commercial rights to the graphics. Purchasing them via RPG Maker as JC said only gives you licenses to use them in a game made with RPG Maker products. I also highly recommend becoming a patron on his Patreon he regularly posts updates and new graphics for his patrons.
  11. Aesthetic's post in UI Question. was marked as the answer   
    In the In-Game GUI.xml file look for the section for Entity Box and there will be a section for character preview, mess around with it until you get it where you'd like c:
  12. Aesthetic's post in random chances was marked as the answer   
    Yes. you can tie in event requorements to a variable. variables can be randomized from a minimum and maximum variable. 
    >Set Variable
           >Random  Low (1) High (10) 
    Will generate a random variable between one and ten.
  13. Aesthetic's post in Art Assets Sizes & Easy Creation Tips? was marked as the answer   
    Intersect has dynamic graphics. Your graphics can be any size (excluding gui elements) so long as they follow the format.
    For tilesets each tile must be 32x32px but can be any size as long as its a multiple of 32.
    Entities (enemies and sprites) can be any size as long as it is in a 4x4 format with the sprites facing the correct directions (reference the default sprites).
    Resources such as trees or mining ores can be any size but its recommended for them to be a minimum of 32x32 px and a maximum of 64x128 px.
  14. Aesthetic's post in Change Tiles with an Event?! was marked as the answer   
    This is very possible through switches. Ill be posting a large guide soon that will entail switches and the event system
    In short you want to make an event with the button tile graphic, make it so when its used it changes whatever switch to True. Then have page where the button is blue and make an event with a closed door then a new page with an open door and set the requirement to switch whatever is true
  15. Aesthetic's post in Two quick questions.... was marked as the answer   
    1: There isn't support for multiple characters at this time. Once you create a character that character is locked to the account.
    2: To delete account/characters you need to download SQLite or any database browser and open intersect.db in your server folder. Then simply delete the account you wish to.
  16. Aesthetic's post in How do i get lights to work without having to turn "Is Indoors?" to true? Because it would conflict with day/night cycle, right? was marked as the answer   
    Lights do work on Indoor maps. During your day/night cycle as it starts to grow more dark the lights become more apparent. Think of it like trying to use a flashlight during the day.
  17. Aesthetic's post in Attack animation doesn't play was marked as the answer   
    @CharmingClyde You're setting the wrong Animation. You have to go into the section where it says "Weapon Properties" and change "Attack Animation" to your animation.
  18. Aesthetic's post in How to kill a player ? was marked as the answer   
    You could always just change hp to 0 via Events i believe.
  19. Aesthetic's post in Help animation editor was marked as the answer   
    Going to need some more information. Are you using a version pre-Beta3? If so, upgrade, that bug was addressed in Beta 3. If you are using the spell as a projectile, simply disable "Auto Rotate Animation" in the projectile editor
  20. Aesthetic's post in Chest with item. was marked as the answer   
    Open a new Event. Change the graphic by clicking the grey box where it says graphic. Select Action Button at the bottom as shown highlighted in blue
    Create an Event string similar to the one shown below. I don't have time to explain each function of the event editor but it's pretty self explanatory.
    Hit new page and change the Conditions to > Self Switch A = True then make the event look similar to the one below.
    I hope this helps a little bit more! Sorry I couldn't go too much in detail I'm quite busy. I hope you can understand this well.
  21. Aesthetic's post in Quest Gather Item Never Complete was marked as the answer   
    Your problem is that in the quest editor the only task you have is "Gather Item". Once you acquire the necessary amount of items the quest ends there. You need to make a second task under "Event Driven" and set the description to "Return to (NAME HERE)" ect, then from the Event you can use "Complete Task" or "Complete Quest". Either way, once the last task is completed the quest completes itself.
  22. Aesthetic's post in combat and item questions was marked as the answer   
    Click the screen to attack, make sure you aren't clicking the enemy because this will just target/untarget them. Same for picking items up, stand on top of them and click the screen, sometimes it takes a click or two.
    Shooting is the same as attacking, the 20 arrows thing just means you messed up on the projectile editor, could you post a screenshot of the projectile in the editor?
    For spells simply drag them from your learned spell menu on the bottom right of the screen onto a hotbar slot at the top right. Once you press the button on the hotbar the spell will fire, to test this try making a spell that heals the caster (set the target to self)
  23. Aesthetic's post in Projectile at wrong place was marked as the answer   
    This tutorial should help you out, in the future try to research in the Tutorial section before making a post as not to clutter the forums, I hope this helps! c:
  24. Aesthetic's post in Server Connection Issue? was marked as the answer   
    After some research i've found that Windows Server 2012 - 2016 have different protocols for allowing ports and it requires a very long, drawn out, and complicated process regarding SSH forwarding and a lot of general nonsense. So tomorrow i will replace the server with Windows Server 2008 and see if i can have some success, thank you for the help everyone.
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