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WIP Nation At War

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Hey guys,


froggy(SCTrav) here. I have been working on a project beside Adea for a while, while Adea was fun to do, I've put it on the shelf for various reasons.



Thousands of years ago a cataclysmic event separated a huge landmass, the vast land split into two major continents. Since then many different factions has been formed on your continent, you as a player are a part of the leading nations military force.


While you are just starting out in the ranks of the military, there is an invasion by humans not from your continent. These humans are inhabitants of the other continent that split off thousands of years ago. There has been stories about people living on the other continents that broke off, but it is seen more as myth. However a formidable foe that rivals your nation in military power has appeared, while their intentions are not known (yet), they are not friends.


This is the base of the story. I might write more to this later or leave it to be discovered in game.




The concept of the game is simple yet complicated. If you are familiar with my previous project I always push for freedom and individual character development. This means that if you wish to help defend the realm and follow the main storyline there will be plenty of immersing options, events and storylines/questlines to do so.


Following that note, should you wish to play a solo oriented type of game that will be fully functional and possible as well. Why this works so well is because the main enemy of the game will serve several functions.

Solo quest material - Doing investigations, infiltrating and various covert missions.

Group play material - Overthrow enemy camps and settlements, these places will require a team setup with a healer and contributing damage of several players. Not solo-able at levels lower or equal to monsters.

Dungeon material - Take back strongholds and towns/areas that has been overtaken by the enemy force


Apart from following the various story elements there will be plenty of things to do and discover.



Player vs player combat is dictated by the zone (see features) you are in unless you have a bounty (see features) placed on you. PVP will be highly encouraged.


More to come




I very much like most of the features i had planned for Adea, and will reuse most of the ideas while adding new ones anbd removing some.



A feature that will have to be custom added once the source is released, and hopefully it will work.

What i had in mind is this: 

Players will be able to set a bounty on a player through an NPC, where you deposit an amount of Currency which will be the bounty, once the bounty is set, a global message will announce who has had a bounty put on them, and how much, which makes the player drop a voucher or something along the sort that player has been killed and can be turned in to aforementioned NPC for whatever the bounty was set to. You drop the vouchers you have collected when you die. Be careful when bounty hunting. I was also thinking about different type of bounties. A thought I was playing with was to have certain level of bounties. E.g there are 4 bounty levels, level one is simply the bounty. Level 2 is level 1 with whatever 2 offers, 3 is 1 and 2 and what 3 offers etc.

Now, for this not to be abused there would obviously be a cooldown, and be costly.

There will be a type of reward system, or some type of benefit for the person placing the bounty.

To keep track of the current bounties, there will either be an interface UI option for bounties, or simply a '/bounty' list.


Also, once a player PK's someone 10 levels or lower than them, a bounty will be put on them automatically, which allows them to be attacked in any zone, even safe zones. The bounty disappears once you have died. This bounty will have a fixed reward depending on the persons level(the one killed)


-Zone Types-

Apart from absolute freedom, the game will be heavily involved in both PvP. Why i'm aiming toward this is because of zones. For example:

Savage(Yellow) - Upon dying you lose an equipped item, but no experience, experience gain by killing monsters(not quests) increased by 10%

Arena(Grey) - PVP in all forms, except you lose no exp and no equipment

No Morals(Red) - Upon dying you lose 15% of your current experience, lose an equipped item, notice how this zone does not have any innate bonus? These zones could house valuable enemies and places

Safe(White) - You can't be killed by another player(unless you have a bounty on you)


The purpose for the zones is for people to engage others.


What this also does is it allows developers to make monsters more rewarding, or less rewarding, or balancing monsters towards groups, and so on.


Players(mostly caster classes, or hybrids)will have Energy Shield available, think of this as an alternative health pool.




Current progress


Currently there has been more development in some areas than others, this is due to how I develop games. It's difficult to say how much is done, because if I had the time I could have a playable product in a month, and for me a game like this is never 'complete'. A lot of material from Adea will be re-used since I have created some, and ripped some myself, so that helps.

To actually give some information I will say that the current goal is alpha testing and we are about 30% there.





















I am extremely novice in pixel art, and I have only made a few NPCs, they are incredibly difficult. Equipment however is far easier and I have made loads of custom art apart from the ones posted above.


Staff and future plans


Since I'm currently working on this project alone the progress can be slow at times, and these things take a lot of time. I intend to work on this when I have time, and the current goal is an alpha test.



I will update this main post when I have something newsworthy.


Thank you for reading,



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Update as of 6/1 -20


While there is still a lot to do, a testing phase for the current content is not far away.


I've mostly been doing non-visual developing. The current goal is to do what I did previously and do a testing phase to balance out the current content. What is taking up a lot of my time is the ground work that I want to complete first. Meaning creating pixel art, making paperdolls, creating spells/skills and animations, planning up to later phases etc, so that once all of that is complete I can just map and do regular developing for future content.


Currently all of the maps, quests, npcs and so on is (almost) complete regarding a testing phase, but as I said, there's a few things missing such as paperdolls.


The first testing phase I would like to do in 1 or 2 months, perhaps sooner.


A few things to look at for those interested

Some custom pixel art

300% zoomed:





Pixelart 100% zoom:



And a few maps



While this is not really news worthy, I wanted to at least post something, since i created the thread quite some time ago and have yet to post any updates.


Will update with more later!

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4 hours ago, nvh said:


Yeah, uh. Sorry, my pixel art is not free for anyone to use.


Perhaps in the future.

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41 minutes ago, froggy said:

Vâng, ờ. Xin lỗi, nghệ thuật pixel của tôi không miễn phí cho bất cứ ai sử dụng.


Có lẽ trong tương lai.

i'm sorry.I have no intention of taking it. I skim and thank you for thinking this is a shared resource.

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Hello everybody, short update today.


Simply wanted to let you all know development has been going really great, made good progress since my last update. And that I want it to be as polished as possible for the first phase, so I will do my best to have something ready in march.


Hopefully the next update post will be about a release date for the alpha test.


And as always, I won't post an update without a map teaser:




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In the next few weeks I intend to post a more thorough list regarding features and such, but until then, please enjoy a very short and simple trailer showcasing a few maps, which might be more interesting than a few still screenshots.



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2 hours ago, froggy said:

In the next few weeks I intend to post a more thorough list regarding features and such, but until then, please enjoy a very short and simple trailer showcasing a few maps, which might be more interesting than a few still screenshots.



The scene where you need the torch is sick.

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Hello everybody! I have barely had time to work on my project for a while. Progress has been slow due to a combination of work and IRL events.


I have not abandoned anything, but the date for an alpha test will have to be pushed back. I will post more details as soon as I can.

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