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  1. Also you can do it with a spell, like "Crafting Basics"
  2. Here's some portals try, i had fun making the animation and lights : https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/ff0acd8a0721113915b6fce0b0b10097.mp4
  3. Beast Boyz


    I played a lot of RO too, good days ^^ For the trees, no "more" tree, but denser patch since it's not very natural to have trees with a lot of space between them but that's up to you after all ^^
  4. Beast Boyz


    I see what you did there Otherwise it look very big ! Maybe it would look nicer with bigger patch of tree :-)
  5. For what ? Alpha ? Well I still have a lot to do ^^ I hope to do the alpha by the end of May or begin of june, but that would be in the very best case.
  6. There is only 72 Maps, This place act as the "main hub" You can find social place and event there, also Npc with quest, story and differents kind of service. Whenever your character die, there is no xp/gold/etc penalty, but you will have to restart from there. (There is teleportation crystal available to craft, to speed up your coming back process) Each "biomes" is the "Realm Hub & doorr" that lead to other realms, in these Mini hub you can "warp" to the realm, access others service, pledge alledgiance or socialise with other people, there willl be a variety of npc tied to those realms too.
  7. Dev Log : Still working on crafting job, started mapping the Main Hub, You can already see the available biomes realms.
  8. It's a "placeholder" till a i get a better tree ^^ (It's actually a normal tree but x4 in size) No dungeon inside, it's where you come from :-D
  9. Dev log : Still working on it everyday tutorial is almost finished : What i'm working on actually : Doing math for Price, Scaling and finishing the 2 Crafting job : Crystalizer & Shaman ! Also new art from rems :
  10. There is a nice humble bundel for game dev for 20 day : https://www.humblebundle.com/books/game-dev-design-graphics-mercury-books?hmb_source=download_page&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_3_layout_type_fours_tile_index_1_c_gamedevdesigngraphicsmercury_bookbundle Do you guys have read some of these ? Are they ok to learn ?
  11. Interresting video, he's doing a good brush up of several genre, i strongly advice everyone who want to do professionnal Game design to read "The Art of Game Design" The knowledge about the player exeperience and all the questions you have to ask yourself is invaluable. When building game design rules you have to think why you did them. Sometimes something simple is not as simple as it look. As an exemple : I was working on the idea of "public mine" for each realms in my game, but it turns out it's far more complicated for severals reasons : -If the access of the public mine is permanent for their members, that means that someone could make a bot or stay inside the whole day, and since ressources have a longer cooldown he would take everything, also ressources are very close to each other and it's a very powerfull accelerator, it would work against the exploration of the world theme that i've setted up. -If i do a time/day limit it's interresting but player could feel to restricted by it. -Instead of public mine i could do a "Helper Npc" that the player pay with "quest point" or something similar to get ressources after a time, it would save me time to make the map, but it would allow player to gain things without "working" on it, still he earned the point before so it could be a solution. -I can mix these two solutions too, making the access of the mine depending of point (Ex : 15 mn, 10 points) but if the player gain more point later he would benefict from it too much... There's solutions, but which one is the best ? Well it's different for each of us and our vision of our game. Working on the intent and vision is important.
  12. -> Also different kind of monster, donjon, etc... Player can take all the jobs, but they choose to do it or not. (So it concerns everybody; also story of the game force the player to it in a way) and since you need a special ressources to learn more crafting/harvesting mastery, every mean to gain it is good (and secret /archeology is one) I didn't make it that way because it's easy, but because i wanted to value the "work" of the player and letting the player have more control on how to fulfill their needs. Having to farm toward an objective and being sure to have it because of your dedicment is far more rewarding than having an instant joy of "looting the thing". Also i use more random elements in secondary equipment and stuff to encourage players to trade a lot, Since each realms have boons in the production of their own ressources, it's easier for them to trade them with other peoples. It's way easier to make the monsters drop everything, cause a balanced crafting system need methods, calculation, and a lot of math/board. Monster drop instead rely on pure luck and unending farming. And also it's a personnal conviction but, i don't find it fair for people to drop an item on their first or second try when someone is just having several bad day farming the same thing again and again, you have to frustrate the player, but not too much otherwise it become painfull and not funny. Also if you make monster drop anything, craft become near useless. I've seen it in tons of game, bad bad crafting. Some do it better by allowing the craft to make a superior version or alternative of the dropped item, but still, they always tend to let the monsters give the better stuff anyways.
  13. Yes, Of course : 1) Ressources. they have a long cooldown in my game, and ressources are core features since no equipement drop directly from ennemies. 2)There is an harvest job "Archeology" and there is runic pillar and enigma to discover and pieces of them are everywhere. 3) Special monster and different kind of secret. Also my world won't be "this big" considering some other game, also each content is released at a particular pace.
  14. I've played lot of games, intersect-made : 4, But each one had their specificity. In my game design i'm trying to walk outside of the walked way, i try to put a lot of original content but i know that if you don't give "roots" to players, you can lost them, so i balance the original & the "standard" content to keep up some attended features. I'm reading a book "The art of game design" and so far i've learned a lot from it, i couldn't recommand it enough ! For the mapping i've setted up different ambiance and tiles and i try to stay close of it i do a "premapping" : Yellow point for quest zone blue way is an "expected" travelling of the player, but for the mapping itself, It must stick with the general atmosphere. Details such as small flower, small patch of greenery must bring "life". Skipping them is not an option since even if this world is a fiction, players need to get the feel it could exist. That's what i tend to, and i think it's a correct approach of world building, everything have rules, even magic, if there's no rules for anything, players will never feel invested in the universe nor believe it. I build my own set of rules for everything : Balancing spell design, balancing map ressources, items cost, items stats, xp, etc... Those rules give consistency to the game, the global result will be more harmonious (Or i hope so) Here's an example of my many many board (Sorry for the french lol ) Also as Paper Roleplaying Game master i've created a lot of universe and experience proved me that having a good set of global rules is sometimes more important than having the best scenario, because even if your history is great, if everything else is crap, it's lost. So if i had one advice : Make rules, Balance them and stick to them, and you will (eventually) succeed !
  15. Some progress on my tutorial map, it's not finished but i'm near:
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