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  1. Hello people, Long time without an update ! This game will never be finished as i have no more time to work on it. But ! I want to preserve this universe and use it again in another game, i will probably work on something smaller which will use assets and the universe. Thanks everybody for the journey here, i've discovered a lot along the way ! Bye bye until next time ;-)
  2. For me that's kind of ok ! It blend correctly with the tiles used :-)
  3. Hello, i'm trying to rework my class system since the having a lot of autorun event is not a good solution for serv performance lol. Do we agree that the player variable trigger work whenever it get changed ? (True/False or change in the integer/string ?) Also, i have trouble dealing with it, i've been doing some test and nothing work. _______________________________ Here's an exemple : Imagine one of my player who have two spell, "Spirit Shapeshift" and "Dog Shapeshift", let's say the player is in Spirit form normally, when he use the spell "Dog Shapeshift" it launch a common event and in this common event there is a variable "Spirit Shape" that goes off and a "Dog Shape" variable that goes on. Also when the player use the spell "Spirit Shapeshift" the variable goes on, and the "Dog Shape" variable goes off. Depending on this i would want to create another common event with "spirit shape" as player variable trigger and this event will strip the player of his dog spell (Using a conditionnal If dog shape is off ). To verify my theory, i've created a common event with the player variable "spirit shape" as a trigger and just made it say a test chatbox phrase like "This is a test". But when i use the spells that change the spirit shape variable, nothing ever happen. ____________________________________ Am i doing something wrong or i'm using the player variable trigger in a wrong way ? Help Please ^^
  4. Hello ! I'm always interrested in testing other game, don't mind me if i do some critics after ;-p
  5. I'm not sure for the language but, The first line is for the attack damage of the weapon, let's say it's 100, (and admiting there is no defense on the ennemy) you will do 100 damage. The attack line is bonus given to the player on his stat "Attack", it you give let's say 500, and the player already have 100, he will get 600, and if you put a % bonus (Like 60%) it will be 600+60% of 600 = 360. Total of 600 + 360 = 960 Attack. Also, each weapon/spell have a "scaling" stats. let's say you choose Attack for the scaling stats and put it to 10%, player will do : 100+ 96(10% of 960 attack) = 196 damage. If you choosed 100 of the scaling, player would have done 1060 damage. I advice you to do some math to balance your game correctly ! (I don't know for the second question)
  6. You can find the formula in the server side, you can addapt/modify it to match your needs, for the calculation you will need to do some math and think on how it should work at max level/etc...)
  7. Hello ! To do this you will need to make a "projectile" spell, then create a projectile and he will need to have at last 1 in the "Knockback" case. Also i suggest to use the lastest prerealease instead of the stable build or you will have trouble to upgrade later. Hope this will help you.
  8. Sorry not at all, i'm not a coder ^^" Maybe you have more luck on the discord or on a new topic. You can also request for a feature on the github, i think it's interresting that the crit chance should be applied to spell too if we choose to.
  9. Let's say when you are teleporting you are launching a dice (Set up a var with a random result) from 1 to "the number of map". Then depending of the result the player is teleported to one of these map. It's not a "generated" random like diablo but you can still do some randomisation. Otherwise you will have to do some source change to do it correctly i think.
  10. Hello ! More or less, you can. There is a "Stats bonus range" which will give more or less stats to the item. For an exemple if you have a item that give let's say : Attack : 10 Defense : 10 And if you put 10 to the stats bonus range, the stats will range like this : Attack : 0 - 20 Defense : 0 - 20 So it's more or less like diablo, but except that you cannot put stats specific bonus range (It apply to all) ______________ Speed actually affect two things : attack speed and movement speed, also the formula of movement speed is... special. YOu have better time to add a new stats instead of changing speed i think, still you can change names using the server strings. Otherwise you will have to do source change for dodge since it's not implemented in the basic engine _____________ You can even create a tower of 1000 if you want, it's just a matter of how you make your maps and teleportation between those floors. ____________ If you need more help concerning game design or mechanics i can give you more advices :-)
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