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  1. Me and the boy (Cat's name : Nova)
  2. Hello ! If your items are the exact same, you can "blend" them together by having a icon with multiple fruits on it and call it generally "Fruits" This way it doesn't matter which kind of fruits dropped. Also depending on your needs there may be other solutions.
  3. Hello ! Simple question but i didn't fint a way to do it for now : is there a way to copy paste tiles beetween layers ? Exemple i've created a Higher ground on layer 1 but i need to move it to layer 2.
  4. It took a while but i'm done with the "ground details" of the hub, for sure next time i will do smaller map haha !
  5. Wait for it....


    Annnnd it's gone !

  6. I've started playing with lights, the sap of the world tree run freely in these river, charged with mana they glow when night fall. Travelling by night at Kaminhall now got a nice eerie ambient. (Map not finished yet !)
  7. But you can only grow them on your head and they are smaller everytime you use it. My super power is to generate Cryptomoney at will.
  8. Upping this too, since i'm also working with a lot of light, it's good to know if something gonna change (Im in Also if someone know, does Lights take a lot of ressoruces on server/client ? (I use like hundreds of them to make rivers emit light)
  9. Beast Boyz

    Admin Tool

    That's look very interresting ! Thanks !
  10. But you have to kill a kitty each time you use it. My superpower is now the capacity of predicting the future.
  11. Let's Dig this topic then burry it again.
  12. You can create a common event "Time of the Server" on autorun that do : Change variable "Global Variable" set on : "server time". Here's a tutorial also : Do not forget that the time used by the server is "'special", read carefully the tutorial, especially "How to add the date and time" At last that's how i've done it, if there is better i'm interested too.
  13. Creating a game May be difficult.

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