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  1. Here's the video of the week, frog's incoming !
  2. Finished ! General feeling : Level design is nice, but imo if you show the full map to the player it eliminate the need to explore each room, if you want the player to explore more instead of just running to the next room it would be better to hide the full map and only reveal new room when explored, Maybe show the room that are avaible from where the player is (Those who are reachable in the block you are actually) Normal beam : You firing rate depend on how fast you can press the button, if it's intented i should have took an autoclicker lol. It would be nicer if you could just push the s button for continual shooting instead of having to press S continually. Sword : Feel good at first and useless after few minutes, the hit box cannot touch the small insects when standing, (And if you crouch you can''t kill them in one hit and will take dmg anyway, if you use the beam to dmg them and finish them with sword, well better use beam totally since there is no "point" in killing with sword) and you have a lot of hassle to touch flying ennemy coming on you. There is no to few reason to use it since you have unlimited ammo with the basic gun and it’s safer to use it whenever you have the opportunity to. Also the dmg of the sword are weak compared to the risk you are taking using it, perhaps a lot more dmg, more energy cost or/and add a little knockback on it for a lower attack speed, soi t will feel like high risk high reward. Monster life is very inconsistent, first ennemies are fine, but after they have a loooot of hp. Bouncing missile : Fun but very costy in energy, i hoped for more bounce since usually monster are only touched one time or two. In the bottom right map of the lower level I found a bugged chicken with unlimited hp, not moving but having like the seizure of his life. In the plant world there are platforms were you take dmg even if there is no spikes, it’s usually the first block before the spikes. Please put a save point in the begining of the plant world /cry When you climb on yellow block, they die way to fast in chain reaction(It felt ok when having the double jump, but before it's like a perfect timing) making it hard to move with all the ennemies around and no means to kill them since you can’t aim with precisions. Monster on spike feels like a double punishment x) Double jump feelt really welcomed, maybe having at the begin of the plant world would have made the run more enjoyable, i had the feeling that the safest way was just spamming beam from distance then advance step by step slowly. Tunnel monster : Maybe make him invincible but slower so we can actually dodge him more easilly but instead of stopping before the tunnel and spamming him to death ? At some point in the forest i got the 4 directionnal beam, interresting and strong. But when having to descend after i was more in need for a strong Down/Up killing things, Maybe a drop bomb things ? Also it doesn’t always explode when in wall contact I went to the boss before the save point lol, maybe add a warning before ? Carniflora is fun but totally cheeseable since there is a perfect safe spot in the very beginning of the room, just be between two spike and before the platform, then beam it to death with normal beam : it’s what will do the most dmg since it’s spammable. It took me an hour and half to finish it, 45mn in game time but I died two time in the early plant biome and had to redo a lot of walk. Things I liked: The sword in early game. The graphics are nice and feel pleasant. Having the double jump make me enjoyed the game much more. The leveling design didn’t lost me and that’s a good point. Things i disliked : Sword being useless after a few mn, the begin of the plant world and the Hp pool of every monster (They are so thick lol) Their damage are fine i guess. Hitboxes of flying monster and sword attack feel sometime clucky, taking more hits than i deserved. Things i would love to see : Bombs and Aerial attack, Aiming missiles(or beam or else), Fast travel beetween save point (I forgot to check one room and it would have took me too long to there by walk lol, so i did the run with less hp). It’s a little messy but i wrote this while playing, i hope i twill help you, i had fun for the most part, continue and it will be very good ^^
  3. This moment when you want to slap yourself and congratulate at the same time for having a good idea after doing a lot of work and having to redo a hella lot of things.

  4. Close to perfect ! Just the order : Defense, Magic Resist and Speed. Otherwise it's ok ! Show us something !
  5. Okay, What is that ?
  6. I agree with beefy, Thinking Natural, there is few probability that a tree is "alone" in a field. It should me more like, patch of natural things trying to extend themself. Also, depending is there is human/animal activity in the zone there may be road or other things, if not, why the island is not full of tree and bush to a certain extend? What kind of animals live here and could shape the land ? Etc...
  7. The series continue, here the 4th animal ! :
  8. There : https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/ Good luck, you will need it ^^
  9. Not sure about this, but if you need for someone to have a gift or an access but here 2 easy way : - give him a consumable item that will make a variable "Username" on. Then, make this var as a conditionnal. - Make an npc in a no player place, teleport him to this npc and make the npc activate the variable "Username" and use it as condition. If you want the player to be able to access to the npc without seeing him in game : - Make an npc with a password that activate the "Username" variable and use it as condition. remove it after the player got it activated. There may be also other way.
  10. You guys should only able to decount 1 by post, that would be a more fair battle
  11. I think i will have to do with restricting some area with level for now. Fortunately i've planned xp and the whole scaling to level 100 so i won't be a problem until i got a better solution. Thanks anyway !
  12. I see your point, in the engine it's similar to the sharedXpRange ? The number is range in terms of tiles yeah ? But there's several way to bodyguard low level player, even in modern mmo. So i'm not sure the game balance has to do with it ^^ I remember of ragnarok online having spots for power leveling and people stacking themself in safe spot. Also it's very hard to make a full non safe spot map, can be stressful for players too.
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