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  1. This moment when you want to slap yourself and congratulate at the same time for having a good idea after doing a lot of work and having to redo a hella lot of things.

  2. Close to perfect ! Just the order : Defense, Magic Resist and Speed. Otherwise it's ok ! Show us something !
  3. Okay, What is that ?
  4. I agree with beefy, Thinking Natural, there is few probability that a tree is "alone" in a field. It should me more like, patch of natural things trying to extend themself. Also, depending is there is human/animal activity in the zone there may be road or other things, if not, why the island is not full of tree and bush to a certain extend? What kind of animals live here and could shape the land ? Etc...
  5. The series continue, here the 4th animal ! :
  6. There : https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/ Good luck, you will need it ^^
  7. Not sure about this, but if you need for someone to have a gift or an access but here 2 easy way : - give him a consumable item that will make a variable "Username" on. Then, make this var as a conditionnal. - Make an npc in a no player place, teleport him to this npc and make the npc activate the variable "Username" and use it as condition. If you want the player to be able to access to the npc without seeing him in game : - Make an npc with a password that activate the "Username" variable and use it as condition. remove it after the player got it activated. There may be also other way.
  8. You guys should only able to decount 1 by post, that would be a more fair battle
  9. I think i will have to do with restricting some area with level for now. Fortunately i've planned xp and the whole scaling to level 100 so i won't be a problem until i got a better solution. Thanks anyway !
  10. I see your point, in the engine it's similar to the sharedXpRange ? The number is range in terms of tiles yeah ? But there's several way to bodyguard low level player, even in modern mmo. So i'm not sure the game balance has to do with it ^^ I remember of ragnarok online having spots for power leveling and people stacking themself in safe spot. Also it's very hard to make a full non safe spot map, can be stressful for players too.
  11. Before starting a github topic i wanted to know what are you using to adress the problem of player capable of power leveling in party with the xp Share issue or if there are things built in the engine that adress it and i did not see. I will list the problems/Solutions i have with this, feel free to add your own problems of offer solutions. Problem Stating : - I want player to be free to party with their friend without having to be bothered by levels restricted access and have fun with them no matter their level. For that, my scaling (Level 1 to 100) is made so the players feel useful even when they are low levels. However, as monster give more xp when they are higher level and as i have a 15% XP increase per level, A high level player can PL a low level way too rapidly. Solution: - Make a restriction so a player cannot get more than 1% Xp needed for his level for one "normal" monster (Configurable with a "Label" Type Monster, ex Normal = 1%, Elite = 3%, Boss 10%, World boss =25%, etc...) Exemple : A level 19 player need 5000Xp for his next level and he's in a party with a player level 78. They fight level 78 monster wich give 16000Xp. In the actual engine the level 19 player would gain 16000/2= 8000Xp from the monster, way more than a complete level. With this solution As the 8000xp exceed the threshold of 5000*0.01 (1%), the level 19 player would get 50Xp (Still way better than a level 19 monster who give 25xp). ____________________________ So what solutions do you use or plan to use to adress the power leveling ? Are you interested in the solution i've explained ?
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