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  1. creat 10 same dungeon for 100 player? if full slot, player must wait
  2. 24+ Stats in my game. Critical, Evade, Armor Piercing, Lifesteal, Damage Reflect...
  3. pls help me, I want hide papperdoll hat, amor when equipped a slot (skin)
  4. You should learn programming 🙂
  5. My idea: My question: 1. How to hide papperdoll, sprite when equiupped skin slot?? thanks!
  6. I just recheck my var and save. I using other Editor.Exe, it’s work. I think my code is bug
  7. I don't know what you mean?, but this is how I open Client and Server in one button. 1. Creat a .txt file 2. paste this code 3. Save as file .bat 4. click to run ex: my project location folder
  8. How to do it? My idea: Equipment[10] is Skin slot if (Equipment[10] > -1) { Hide_paperdoll_amor(); Hide_paperdoll_hat(); Hide_sprite(); } else { Enable_paperdoll_amor(); Enable_paperdoll_hat(); Enable_sprite(); } My question 1. How to hide paperdolls amor, hat, sprite.
  9. thank for your god help. I tried but this way is too hard for me, I will try harder
  10. how to i call Update() function at ItemDescWindow in other file?
  11. https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/tree/prerelease
  12. Creat 2 player variable. “Jobxxx_exp” & “Jobxxx_lv” branch if Jobxxx_lv == 0 { if Jobxxx_exp >= 100} Jobxxx_lv set to 1
  13. how to make it update continuously? when i change (add += statsgiven[]) the item's stats i need to log out to update s
  14. Oh your ... helpful for me. Thank you I'm thinking item name will animate 2 colors when item is Epic or Legend. is it possible?
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