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  1. download http://knightageonline.com/ This game has a very compact and beautiful terrain block. Move without being entangled cross platform from java to windows image of game PVP PK download http://knightageonline.com/
  2. to eliminate the image insertion problem when using paper dolls. behind layer paperdolls file front layer paperdolls file layers will prevent paperdolls from being inserted when equipped with different types of equipment such as armor ... This looks ugly and inconvenient This method can be applied to skills (Shield of energy, electricity around people ....) Applies to mounts as well. sorry my bad english. thanks you! <3 (My love Jeon Somi)
  3. how to keep the mount in motion while standing still For example, a bird, can be used with animation?
  4. nvh

    Nation At War

    i'm sorry.I have no intention of taking it. I skim and thank you for thinking this is a shared resource.
  5. show me how to do it by hand
  6. Or is there an easier way? Because I see that when you do, the character's name will be far away
  7. I want to create distance for my 4x4 motion photos. I want it to be more spacious so I can add riding items, wings, halo .... but with the exact ratio like this thanks you!!
  8. please help me. I did an animation for my character but I didn't know how to align it to 4 x 4. It was skewed so the motion looked bad. please help me. thanks Image
  9. nvh

    Stat equipment

    thanks you very much. i can do this in spell??
  10. Is there a way to increase the% of stats for the entire character instead of an item alone? my attack 1000 my item +50% attack => my attack 1500
  11. Can the player be revived? They have to pay
  12. nvh

    Mount system?

    Is there a way to create a paperdoll mount? i need a help
  13. Sorry my bad english google tran
  14. Is there any way to make the character go through monsters and other players without being bumped into each other? I feel so entangled. The latter may make the player feel difficult. like being stunned by other people to stop giving
  15. It is so small that the player cannot see it. can I use the word crit to indicate an image like this Image
  16. Is there a faster way?.I have to create one by one as an item +1 +2 to +15. It takes my time. show me a faster way Trivia Question: What is ability power
  17. Yep. Pls i want it. Thanks
  18. How to update the engine. I have seen that new versions are always up to date but I don't know how to update it for my 128 version
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