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  1. froggy

    Class problem

    In the class editor you can set a class to be hidden. There's a checkbox.
  2. froggy

    Real life photos

    An (almost) old swedish fart edited for resizing the image, it was really in your face at its original size..
  3. froggy


    The scaling stat enhances the damage. Say you input Attack as the scaling stat. Then set it to 100%. It will then scale the weapons damage by 100% of your attack stat. Or if you set it to 125% scaling, with 50 attack you would get a bonus of 62,5, rather than 50. The cooldown reduction afaik reduces cooldowns for your character by a set percentage.
  4. froggy

    Darkness during visual interface

    No no. The button "visual Interface" i use it all the time for connecting maps by warps. If i connect a map to a map with lö visibility on it, the preview is pitch black.
  5. froggy

    Enemies crossing maps naturally

    Yeah i guess you could make the event trigger another event on another map when it reaches a certain point?
  6. froggy

    Closing server to the public

    I'm currently doing changes to the game itself, with parts that are in the parts i wanted to alpha test. Just a "down for maintenance" would suffice, so that i can perform tests without players trying to do the content im changing
  7. I suggest adding the option of viewing the map grid of a folder or something like that for the map you want to connect a warp(or any visual interface reason) to. Right now i have maybe a few hundred maps with similar names, if i want to connect a warp to some place on the world map i have to first go to the map in the editor, select the map with the "select current map feature", remember it's location etc.. Surely there must be some easy fix for this?
  8. I would strongly suggest removing darkness when using the virtual interface, or atleast give us the option to disable it(i do disable it at view>darkness, but it doesn't count for the interface)
  9. Can i make an event, or NPC patrol a specific route across several maps?
  10. I can't seem to find any option to disable players being able to log in? Is this not possible?
  11. froggy

    [ALPHA] World of Adea

    Thank you for the nice words You are on point, there are a lot of features i intend to add once we can add custom features. For example, there will be rarity tiers, with bosses having unique drops classed as "epic" or something along those lines, like a standard MMO. The forgotten king encounter is supposed to reset if you do not kill him. I will look into this! When you advance your class to soldier, wanderer, or ranger(ranger not ready yet!) you lose spark which is a magic spell, and restore. Restore was created mainly to allow players a bit more safety while starting the game. There will be other restorative skills further down the line, which differs and varies depending on your class. There'll be plenty of variations since there are 28 classes in total, 29 including Adventurer. I will also fix the cursed skin quest, error on my part Thank you! For feedback i mainly wanted to know what people thought about balance, writing, etc, and maybe find some bugs or errors that ive missed! I'll definitely look into having a discord channel once i'm further in development
  12. froggy

    [ALPHA] World of Adea

    Thank you! Please do, looking forward to your feedback. A slight update for you all, after the weekend i will resume work on the upcoming areas, which are already mapped! And i'll try to keep you guys updated regularly with what i'm working on, and some screenshots
  13. froggy

    [ALPHA] World of Adea

    Right now the player sprite is looseleaf, meaning this: With the items in the GIFs made and paperdolled by me. With future intersect releases i intend to hire a GFX artist to make some custom sprites and perhaps items that suit my choice of tiles. So while this is what you would play with now, it is not the finalized product. On page 2 i posted a lot of my custom items, and some spells(not made by me though), maps you can find on pretty much all pages in the thread. And here is a sprite that i made: (zoomed 300%) Potions will have a cooldown! Intersect currently does not allow cooldowns on items. Also great job finishing the first dungeon Did you also complete the small puzzle dungeon after that? (In the eastern forest)
  14. froggy

    [ALPHA] World of Adea

    Has anyone completed the first dungeon or played a bit after that? Noticed there were some new accounts but i have no idea how far people played Server will be left up all weekend for anyone interested!
  15. froggy

    [ALPHA] World of Adea

    Thank you! The server will be up for atleast a week or so i'd say. And even though the area currently available might seem small based on what level you can reach, there are still loads of things to do!. A lot of the items i have made myself. It's a big mix honestly haha .