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  1. Possible QoL for 6.2? Barely any of my map names fit inside the allotted space in the playerbox. And i've seen it requested from time to time from other people as well.
  2. How do I change the location of the map name? I know it is in PlayerBox and EntityMapLabel, but it is locked to the playerbox, and when I edit the bounds it doesn't go outside the box, but 'behind' it.
  3. Still interested in getting in contact with a programmer for a few simple mods.
  4. froggy

    Nation At War

    Hello everybody! Just a short update today, Much progress has been made since my last post. The first zone and (just about) everything related to it is finished. Currently working on finishing the region capital (see screenshot 5 & 6), which is quite massive. Next after that I will be finishing the second zone (see screenshot 2 & 3). This means presenting something playable before 2021 is definitely doable. Once these parts are completed I intend to proceed with the first phase of testing.
  5. That worked! This has driving me crazy, THANK YOU! I even made new tilesets for certain parts. (I think i did the pack client textures by accident at some point in the past)
  6. Hello, For a while I have had some problems with tiles not showing up in-game. Say I create a new tileset, then some time after that i add more things to that tileset, at that point the new additions show up in the editor, but not in the client when playing. I will provide two screenshots here to show what I mean. I use Photoshop CC 2015 for editing the tilesets. And furthermore this happened almost 8-10 months ago when I was using an entirely different version of both Intersect and Photoshop. Anyone has an idea on how to fix this?
  7. froggy

    Nation At War

    Hello everybody! Project is still ongoing. Last post was about having a testing phase soon. That didn't happen. I have however been steadily working, sometimes more sometimes less. Now that summer is over and autumn is here I intend to speed up developing and do the last parts before I can let people test my project. I do not like setting dates for things like this, because I might have to rush content to meet the date. So instead I'll just say I hope to be able to release something before 2020 is over. Thanks for reading and for anyone interested stay tuned!
  8. Will you release some of your mods in the future? Like the minimap and auction house?
  9. Trigger: Proximity, if player is within x tiles of event, trigger event.
  10. A few different functions related to the same mod Different text which is prompted when a mob reaches a certain % of their health. Event triggers based on health Trigger event at %hp Spell to be casted at a %hp, or simply become available to the NPC spell table Example: Mob A reaches 50% HP, runs event A, and casts spell A. With the event part you can even freeze players, have dialogue, then unfreeze them etc.
  11. It would be a good idea to be able to checkbox "Instance" when placing a Warp, which would then create an instance for those players, and then delete it once they've left the map. Further, if you are able to set an entire map folder to: "Instance?" it creates that entire folder for that player if the instance creation is triggered. Because if two players initiate an event at the same time, it bugs out, parties will of course enter the same instance
  12. Hello, I'm looking for someone accustomed with Intersect to do a few modifications on the source code for my project: Please PM me if you are interested and I will send you a list of changes I would like to make.
  13. froggy

    Nation At War

    Hello everybody! I have barely had time to work on my project for a while. Progress has been slow due to a combination of work and IRL events. I have not abandoned anything, but the date for an alpha test will have to be pushed back. I will post more details as soon as I can.
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