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  1. Looking very good! Also gave me a chuckle, 'kuken' means cock in Swedish. The Daikocock Pyramid is looking real good! Looking forward to a final release
  2. froggy


    Shame the other tilesets didnt work out, really liked them! But good for you that you are able to work, best of luck to you!
  3. Hello, I've been working on my project World of Adea for quite a while. While i originally only intended to only do mapping for fun whenever i felt like it, it ended up as something i wanted to finish/be playable, while there's quite a bit of content playable for Adea i felt there was something missing. Since i originally used it just for mapping since that's what i enjoy the most, i had zero plan or thought behind what i was creating. Intersect has also come a long way since i started doing anything with it, with those things combined, i felt Adea was rather lacking in player progression, balancing, zones, etc, just over all simply put. So a while back i started ripping some tiles from games that (there are rips by game rippers, but they're just raw sheets) and editing them myself to make them fit to a 32x32 grid. It has taken many many hours.. Not just to make them fit, but to edit pixels since they're not intended for a 32x32 system. From what i can tell, tidbits of graphics from these games have been used over the years, but not the parts i've customized myself. A part from this, i also dabble in pixel art, i've made a few of my own item paperdolls, and monster sprites. They can be found in my Adea thread. An important aspect that i will completely ignore for now, and possibly change in the future, is how i do paperdolls. I made them overly complicated, adding 'attack' animations with the movement frames. I will not do this now, and instead just use the movement frames for attacking. This will also allow me to use more sprites, change them easier (since i used a modified sprite as my base sprite), and also use bows/ranged attack weapons. With that said, I've decided to put Adea on the shelf and move on to a new and more well planned project. So before i delve into my plans for a game that i will spend most of my game creating time on, here are a few sample screenshots of the graphics mentioned above: https://imgur.com/a/fjQjy0q To start with, any projects i've made over all my years of game developing has just been raw mapping and some combat, never created a thought out story line. I intend to change this, by combining a base story, and then individual stories depending on the class you pick. Now, to be clear, there is a base story that everyone starts out with, but that quickly branches for each player. I've never been a fan of the 'great story line' where your path is laid out in front of you, with few deviations. What i've been thinking goes a long the lines of this: After character creation you discover you are part of your countries army, which is in the process of beginning an invasion of a neighboring continent. After you set sail, and i was thinking some type of short event movement controlled intro here, you land at an island a ways out in the ocean outside your target destination. This zone acts as the tutorial zone. You gain a few levels, during those levels you get to do a few simple tasks gathering provisions for the rest of the journey, to have the player acquaint themselves with the various schools of attack(melee, ranged, caster), and then set sail again for the mainland, however during the last stretch of ocean there's a massive storm, which sinks the entire fleet. You then wash ashore and start working your way inland, discovering a village (which is just outside Nusst, the capital of the continent). Nusst controls the entire region and most of the continent. There are outposts in every village/town to enforce rule, protect the citizens and collect taxes, etc. They also serve as quest hubs. Once there, the player decides it would be best to try to blend in, claim you are from a distant village looking for work, and thus you start your journey. Here is where it starts to branch off. I will include some elements from Adea, such as the class advancement system etc. Same with how i intended to create story lines. Each class will be given a quest chain that 'never ends'. It's purpose is to be able to further your class and have a type of goal, this quest chain is partially gated by content level, with dungeons and such being included in the quest objectives. This part includes whether you wish to work your way up the military ranks of the ruling nation or not, meaning you can freelance if you so desire. One of the things that will further your choices even more, and this part is not fully fleshed out (see below about organizations) is factions/reputation. Apart from your class quest chains i've put together a neat little idea, and that is organizations and factions. One thing i find is lacking in a lot of games is the villain groups. WoW does this excellently (or did, i haven't played the later expansions). So i've decided to take a page out of their book and implement that into my game. You can expect to have frequent encounters with: The Jade Alliance - These guys are a bit of a mix between all type of characters, bandits, outlaw mages, sellswords, and the likes, that banded together under one banner. They often raid supply houses and supply convoys. Western Trading Union - A group of excellent smugglers, thieves, and mercenaries united together to safely steal, ship, and sell various materials and resources. Excavators Company - The excavators company is a shady group of wealthy people who hire workers to excavate and plunder the land for resources. This group often works together with the Western Trading Union. The Southsea Raiders - A fearsome fleet of pirates who regularly attack and capture unprotected vessels out on the open sea. They also have a strong presence along coastlines and many harbors. Apart from the villainous type of groups, i've got plenty of good groups and organizations planned. While the groups mentioned above are mostly for player progression combat and quests, the good groups will serve as quest hubs etc. Features/ideas I intend to implement line by line: Fully open world Bounty System Encouraged World PvP Different Zone types with individual rules And all the usual jizzyjazz games nowadays has As you might be able to tell, i'm not much of a storyteller. Just not my strong suite, i'm rather unsure about the direction i'm headed with the game in general, but over all i'm quite satisfied and think it will be a lot of fun if executed properly. That is why i made this thread, since I work alone it is difficult to see if an idea is decent or not. So, based on the short idea and ideas i've posted, any thoughts? I'd love some feedback Worth noting, since i have a general outline of what i want to do, i've been developing and mapping for quite some time now, but i've halted enough so that i can still implement changes to the ideas above.
  4. 1. Yes and no..? You can give an enemy more than one 'spell', though i doubt this is the feature you are looking for. 2. Yes. 3. I guess, yeah. You can connect an event/spell to a weapon. 4. Possible, yeah probably. Current feature? No 5. Don't know, i'll let one of the developers answer :p
  5. froggy


    Hey dxx, How come you stopped using the other tilesets?
  6. I don't mean to discourage you, but unless you work on your developing you won't have any players interested in playing your game more than once. To put it into perspective, I started on my project with Intersect in 2016, and i have had one testing phase so far, but to be fair, I don't have a lot of leisure time to do what i want, so my progress has been slow Should you release your project to the public in two weeks time, don't be discouraged if you don't have a lot of recurring players. Keep working and improving and you'll get there if game developing is something you're interested in. Anyhow, good luck with the release!
  7. Look at other projects, find a map you like, try to recreate it from memory. Then look at the difference. Draw inspiration from other mappers. I get compliments on my mapping, Nightmare also has good maps. Another tip is to try out different tilesets. I for example dont like rmxp tiles that you use. It takes a long time to become a great mapper, have patience and dont give up. Shortly put, look at other mappers work, and look at what they do that you dont.
  8. @Justn What graphics are those?
  9. New to the community and I can't private message you, so I'll post here. 


    Great looking project, I think I remember this from ages ago. Did you play State of Conflict? I feel like we may have crossed paths before.



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    2. froggy


      Yeah man I played JO. Though this was like.. 2003-2004 ish. So, holy shit 15 years ago. But yup. IIRC my first character was a Ninja called Shakuriji or something like that, then i made a Mage called Raydric or something. That's actually how I got into mapping. I remember it clearly, I was buying a house on JO, and to do that you had to map it yourself (or a dev could make something up), so they had you download the PW server & client and screenshot the house you wanted.


      Good times :D 

    3. milos


      Very. I honestly spent probably 3 years playing that off and on, probably more. Dont even want to actually have the real statistic We probably just met on the PW forums but jesus the memories. Also god damn 15 years ago. Incredible. 


      At one point a friend of mine and I were actually responsible for bringing JO back from months of being off line. 


      Ugh I've been dying for a game in the same genre... I'm definitely rooting for yours. The complete abandonment of 2dORPG games like those has fallen completely off for no good reason. Genuine DAYS, or even fuckin weeks, months, years of entertainment. I'd be glad to throw money at 15 years later as an adult. They just dont happen in the way I reminisce about. 


      Again: Looks fucking fantastic and I can't wait to dive in.

    4. froggy


      Yeah man I know! Aldo looking forward to the testing phase.


      Will let you know :)

  10. froggy

    World of Adea

    *edit*: Those who want to be notified via PM/e-mail once the next test phase starts can PM me and i'll let you know! Since i am not a very patient person, I wanted to share some more progress because I have spent a lot of time this week on the project. And especially since i decided to set a planned date for the next testing phase! General features: Renamed all playable maps, since this information is visible to the player now. Added Resource gathering. Ore is prevalent throughout Adea, you can harvest ores with an Ore Chisel. Crafting introduced to the game. There are two type of crafts. One is called Crafting, with this you can upgrade your equipment with +1/+2/+3, making it stronger, you can also imbue some equipment through crafting. The other crafting kind is called Synthesis. Synthesis allows you to create an entirely new piece of equipment from parts. The first synthesis crafter is found in Marda. Added correct spell icons for every spell/attack/buff, and prepared for future ones Dungeons/NPCs/Quests/Items: Changed how the Forgotten King spawns. You can still repeatedly trigger the fight by exiting and re-entering the catacombs. All boss fights are inteded to be repeatable so that you can farm gear/synth materials from them, boss fights are intentionally designed to be very difficult, and in later dungeons they take much longer to traverse than the first couple dungeons you play through. Added new NPCs with custom dialogues all over in Teirm Added proper enemy attack animations depending on the type of enemy. Rebalanced items Rebalanced item drop % Added new items for the first few zones (mostly misc. items, and craft/synth items) Added gemstones, gemstones are highly valuable gems used for trading, or synthing. Visit your nearest bank for a currency exchange vendor. Rebalanced quests and quest rewards Restructured and changed how some quests(events within quests) are completed. Finished the quests that were not able to be completed during the first testing phase. Health & Mana potions now has a cooldown. Added craft upgrades for Shortsword, Steel Sword, Skinning Knife, Blade of the Adept, Sword of Command, Gemstone Dagger, Gemstone Sceptre, the Forgotten King weapons, Copper Sceptre, and the Seafarer's Blade. Weaponry now has a set attack speed based on item type. Converted an office to a pub in Teirm, which now houses Jarm & Harus (Robbed Sailor quest) Added 4 new quests in Teirm and just outside of Teirm, they are all side-quests, with OK to decent rewards. I had more added, but decided to remove them from the starting area & previous designated target level to reuse them later. Zones/Maps: Finished Teirm Castle Harbor and finished adding content related to the zone. Marda is almost fully playable The Titans Desert is almost fully playable Black Market has been added to the game. It has been mapped & vendors added, content not fully fleshed out (as some parts are for yet uncreated areas) Added a few secret areas/events in and around Teirm. Remapped western Teirm, removed the small port in town, the western gate will now lead players to the Orguz Wastelands. Added Adventurer's Guild in Western Teirm, which will play a role for the future zones to the west. Added accessibility to the locked door in the crypt. After doing all of the above, I played through the game myself, doing all content I know is available, leaving me with a list of 44 things that needs fixing/changing. That involves fast fixes such as broken dialogue to restructuring quests etc. Next update should include much more, and I'll make myself wait with posting that update The most important part about today's post is that I am going to do my best to have the next phase of testing to start on Friday April 5th! This update is going to be massive once it's ready! FROGGY
  11. I always liked how WoW does enemy targeting. Tab simply cycles through the nearby targets, starting with the one closest to your character. In Intersect's case it would probably cycle through a set max range, though.
  12. Can you post a screenshot of how you made maps function?
  13. froggy

    World of Adea

    Hello guys! As many of you I have been very busy in December, what with Christmas and New years etc, my vacation ended at the start of January. I have done quite a lot on the project since my last post, unfortunately I don't have any fancy new screenshots to show, since the work i've been doing has involved dialogues, quests, npcs, planning, etc. List of the things i've done: Added Crafting. More details with future updates. Edited and renamed all playable maps, since this information is visible to the player now. Added new NPCs with custom dialogues in Teirm Added 7 new quests in Teirm and just outside of Teirm, they are all side-quests, with OK to decent rewards. Created all NPCs(mobs), and quest NPCs for the Titans Desert. Finished Marda city outdoors, next is indoors. Finished Teirm Castle Harbor Added proper monster attack animations Rebalanced quests and quest rewards Restructured and changed how some quests(events within quests) are completed. Rebalanced boss spawning to prevent pure farming of specific bosses Rebalanced items, since you can add more stats to items now with Intersect 5.1 Finished the quests that were not able to be completed during the testing phase Rebalanced some items that were too powerful. Important notice, Health & Mana potions now has a cooldown. Apart from the listed above i've fixed a shitload of minor errors and tileset things. And as you can tell from the list, I want to fully complete the parts that were in the first testing phase, so that the entire first area and areas related to it is fully complete. Those of you who played it might've seen that some parts were missing during the test. Anyway, that's all for now. I'll keep you guys posted! FROGGY
  14. What tileset are the bottom two images?
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