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  1. froggy

    Is there a way to detect your REAL LIFE location?

    Well that's good, I was about to give you proper shit if that was not the case..
  2. froggy

    Is there a way to detect your REAL LIFE location?

    Have you shared this on the forums somewhere?
  3. froggy

    Intersect Beta 5 Released!

    Woop woop! Time to test this out! So excited for all these new features. Great job everybody!
  4. froggy

    Exp per level

    Is there any way we could get a set amount of exp required to level up for every level? The percentage increase system we have right now is quite insane. I remember some old mirage engines used to have a file in the server folder where you could manually edit the exp for every level. Could this perhaps be added to B5? I don't see the percent system working for anything level 50+, at least for my game. I can imagine a level 30~ getting boosted by someone level 50~ with stronger enemies, since they would require a massive exp reward. @jcsnider
  5. froggy

    World of Adea

    Hello everybody! With Intersect B5 is fast approaching with some new awesome features I decided to work on getting most mapping done for the next testing phase! If all goes well, people shouldn't be able to clear all the content as quickly as the first testing phase, and I might even be able to keep the server online 24/7. However, as i said, i'll get most mapping done, there's a lot of connecting and continuity between zones etc that needs extra attention. To give people a grasp of what I have planned for beta 2, the current world is about 750-800 maps, not including any indoor maps. Once Intersects B5 is released, i'll start working on everything non-map, e.g equipment, pixel art, quests, dialogues, new NPCs, spells, spell GFX, sounds and music, and so much more! That is all for now, i'll do some more updates in the future, though it might be a while, since i'm mostly mapping right now. https://imgur.com/6LNEEBM https://imgur.com/9nqmbcL https://imgur.com/aIXfwO2 https://imgur.com/5cN02Kx Last two here are reposts, but worth reposting since it's planned for beta 2 https://imgur.com/Vpu0yuv https://imgur.com/UAYuXl5 Hope everybody is as excited for the future as I am!
  6. Something that i've always really thought would be a great addition is reworking of event move routes. While keeping the current system, you could also add a drawing function(like the map editor), where you set Route 1 - > draw/click the route, then Route 2 -> draw/click, and so on. This would be far more efficient and time saving when creating patrol patterns for events.
  7. froggy

    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    Will there be some type of item rank feature in a future update? Perhaps adding your own ranks and color to match the rank through the server config.xml?
  8. froggy

    World of Adea

    With the announcement of Beta 5 I felt like i should make a post and step up the progress. A lot has been done since i had the playtesting going a few months back. Mainly posting now to let people know the project is not dead, I am working on it. As of right now I don't want to spoil anything. What I can say right now is, the playtesting phase allowed people to reach about a max of level 18~, some people grinded to 20-22. Next update will feature another massive town, two new zones, and if you haven't played my game, one zone is huge, avg. 100-150 maps, only counting the outdoor parts. And with dungeons to go with it, that will allow people to reach perhaps level 40~, we'll see how i decide to divide the zones level wise. To put it into perspective, that's about twice the content of the previous test phase. There's a lot of work ahead before i can let people access the new content, but we'll get there. I will post compiled updates from now on, rather than bits here and there. One last thing, i intend to allow people to play the content currently available! Soon (I will make a post when) i'll let the server running from home, and then get a dedicated server some time in the future.
  9. froggy

    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    Will there be some type of function to close the server down except for those with administrative access?
  10. Here's me reminding you. I (we) want this!
  11. froggy

    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    Very nice.
  12. froggy

    Paperdoll layer

    In the server config you can set which layer has priority over what.
  13. froggy

    Chat bubble

    Any way to prompt chat bubbles for players/npcs/events via events?
  14. froggy

    Just questions!

    That's weird. They should be moving and attacking. Are you using the latest Intersect version? (0.4.7) And to get it out of the way, you don't have NPC avoids attributes/blocks etc on the map? And your character has weapons with enough stats to do damage?
  15. froggy

    Just questions!

    Could you take a screenshot of your NPC configuration? Also, check under "Behavior" in the NPC editor and see what option you have selected there.