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  1. froggy


    Busted No but really, I've played a lot of RO and I love the sprite design. I used palettes from their zombies for my own zombie for example. I also think about RO world design for my maps. When you say bigger patch of trees you mean more trees? The zone in the screenshot is a fields type of zone, it isn't home to dense trees, the next zone is though
  2. froggy


    I decided to push back an alpha test from late last year to just when it's ready, I wanted to overhaul some things and rework some basic gameplay stuff, mainly because I was unable to find a programmer to do some changes to the source that I feel is essential to an MMO, so even though it will require a lot of backtracking later on to revise things into how I originally wanted it I have kept going with what's available right now. What has been taking so long, apart from a full time job and other various obligations is because I have been adding the core elements of the game, things like crafting, items, various pixelart (NPCs, items, paperdolling them), adding all of the spells and ranks with their animations, sounds, music, graphic editing etc. And of course apart from that, making everything else related to the first two available zones. Once these things are completed and established I can focus on each new zone and the content therein, making progress much smoother and simpler. For now I'll show some NPCs I've made, and the first zone of the game, which is fully playable when it comes to quests, dialogues, etc. The first zone consists of ~325 outdoor maps. This is including the capital, Riverwind and excluding indoor maps, which should easily add about 100-150 more. As you can see in the capital there's some parts missing that I haven't gotten around to adding yet. The top left region is (will be) the crafting district, the bottom left is residential, the bottom right is combat/residential, and the top right is the trade district. To the west of Riverwind Fields is the second zone, Riverwind Forest. From the fields, to the east is Gloomvale, to the south is the Arid Hills, and to the north is Coldwind Pass. The territory of Riverwind consists of 7 zones (some smaller some larger) the size of Riverwind Fields, with plans to conquer and expand their territory further as you progress the story/your role. Anyhow, here's Riverwind Fields, and three types of Goblins you will encounter there! And then two types of goblins, and a type of tribe leader: They still need some editing! Zoomed 300% Very soon I'll showcase some spells and other things!
  3. Traps are not visible on the ground, hit/cast animation does work though.
  4. Hello, Since Intersect has come a long way since i first joined in 2016, I was wondering what future updates will bring. Will it be mostly stabilization and optimization, or will we see the addition of more basic mmo features? By that I don't mean bigger systems like pets, instances etc. But rather small things that have a big impact, for example, Event trigger on mob %hp Making shops accept sellable items (without having to add them 1 by 1 to the shop) Be able to complete multiple quest tasks in no specific order
  5. how do I make a gather quest like I want to get a book from a N p c

    1. Gibier


      @Bimbo please ask your question on question amd answer section

  6. froggy


    Thanks! I intend to make a custom GUI, but that will have to be a bit later since it will most likely take a while.
  7. froggy


    The project is progressing nicely. You might have noticed I changed the project name, I felt this was more interesting and offers more possibilities than the previous title. But knowing myself, I might change it up again before release On to actual progress, Everything is pretty much ready to begin a testing phase soon. The first zone of the game is finished, and the second zone is also pretty much finished except for a few key elements like obtainable items, craftable items, a few NPCs, some shops, a questline for each of the classes to obtain key spells/abilities, and some switches, GFX, connecting resources and item reagents to crafting and professions etc. If I were to put it into a timespan, I would say within a month, month a half maybe, maybe even earlier. I hope some of you are looking forward to it, I know I am! Oh and here is the new login screen, what do you all think? A bit simple, but I like it, of course inspired by the original Intersect background froggy
  8. Hello, So I did a simple travel system, I chose to use options for now:
  9. I thought about that, and the more I think about it the less I like this approach.. That does sound good! Do you mean like a / command? I suppose that's possible, you can have spawn conditions dictate 'Map is' and then use /travel #. I also thought about this, but in my case it would result in far too many spells.
  10. Has anyone got a good system for quick travel between certain locations? I was going to have a player attune themselves to a location to be able to travel(warp) to and from there, but using options leaves you with just 4 options, it becomes rather messy. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Update first post with bug rather than question
  12. I'm playing around with showing images on 'zone' switches. For me the image sticks to the screen when you enter a different map (through warp attribute), does it do this for anyone else?
  13. Possible QoL for 6.2? Barely any of my map names fit inside the allotted space in the playerbox. And i've seen it requested from time to time from other people as well.
  14. How do I change the location of the map name? I know it is in PlayerBox and EntityMapLabel, but it is locked to the playerbox, and when I edit the bounds it doesn't go outside the box, but 'behind' it.
  15. Still interested in getting in contact with a programmer for a few simple mods.
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