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Open Alpha Realmshaper


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Server is back up, to play you need to download the updated client: Download

And link to Discord: Realmshaper Discord


I received a lot of quality feedback during the first testing phase!


Patch notes Realmshaper 0.0.2:

Moved Westhaven further south towards Rookie's Beach
Moved things around in Westhaven, centralized the locations of the Tavern, Crafting, and Trade shop
Also added additional paths in Westhaven to give a more natural flow when walking in or out of the town.
Added dialogue to NPCs in Westhaven, Forest Garrison, and parts of Riverwind City.
Finished up some Alchemy crafts (Lesser Goblin's Blood, Medium Mana/Heal)
Added cooldown groups for potions and elixirs (separate groups)
Added cooldown groups for Food and Drinks, they are on separate groups, also reduced the cooldown from 50s to 45s
Increased base regen for classes: Archer: hp3/mp3(prev. 2/2), Mage: hp2/mp5(prev. 2/3), Mystic: hp3/mp4(prev. 2/2), Rogue: 3/3(prev. 2/2), Warrior: hp5/mp1(prev. 4/1)
Reduced the cost of the three gathering items from 35 silver each to 15 silver each.
Rewrote and added more thorough explanations to the 'In Progress' descriptions for many quests.
Slightly increased the droprate of the quest item 'Water Heart'
Changed Mystic's Frostwave ability to 'Piercing'
Thickened the rope graphics leading to the Pygmy Cave outside of Westhaven
Added Sounds for a lot of things, such as: Equipping items, drinking potions, leveling up, buying items in shops, using tools, attack sounds for enemies, crafting success, etc.
Added Paperdolls for all human NPCs
Added graphics for Gloomvale
Added graphics for Arid Hills

Changed crafting costs for food and drink consumables, so that while it may take a bit longer to gather the resources yourself, it yields more rather than buying them from a shop, balancing it out well, with crafting them yourself coming out slightly on top


Up next I will be focusing on finishing Riverwind City, and rearranging some parts of it. After that the northern part of the Arid Hills will be finished, Arid Hills is a two part zone located south of Riverwind Fields, with quests ranging from 18 to 23 in the northern region. After that is Gloomvale, located east of Riverwind Fields, which will contain quests from level 20 to ~27.

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Hey all!


I've gotten a lot done with the time available. I'm going to talk a bit about class design, a new class (Templar), and overall game design. When it's ready I will post update info regarding patch 0.3, hopefully in video format. For those who have played any of the testing phases I've had, with 0.3 the game will be playable up to level 30 (quest level), this is also the point where the game slows down, just a little bit, compared to level 1-20, which can be achieved relatively fast. 0.3 will also add one more dungeon, hopefully two if I can squeeze it in.


Realmshaper is designed to be equally PvP and PvE oriented. Instanced dungeons will be safe from PvP, and outside of those there are outside dungeons with elite mobs and some smaller bosses. Parties have a max of 5 players, with a traditional tank, healer, dps design.


There are currently six different classes;

Warrior, Tank/DPS, utilizes stances for the two roles. The tank spec is primarily tank specced, focused on reducing damage and keeping mobs attention to them, the DPS spec is a mix between PvE and PvP.

Weapons: Swords, Axes, Maces and Spears

Off-hand: Shields


Rogue, DPS, the Rogue utilizes physical damage skills, and poison which deals magic damage. The Rogue is also the only (currently) class to be able to go into Stealth, some of the Rogue's abilities can only be used while stealthed.

Weapons: Daggers or Swords

Off-hand: Half-shield, or none


Archer, DPS, Archers much like the rogue can choose whether to spec into Physical or Magic damage, their physical abilities are different from their magic ones.

Weapons: Bows

Off-hand: Quivers (not currently implemented)


Mystic, Healer/DPS, semi-utility, Mystics are primarily healers, but can definitely hold their own when it comes to PvP.

Weapons: Maces/Scepters

Off-hand Shields or Magic stones


Mage, DPS, Mages are a pure magical DPS class, focused on heavy hitting single target and AoE spells, with some crowd control thrown in there.

Weapon: Scepters(1H)/Staves(2H)

Off-hand: Magic Stones (with 1H weapons)


Templar, the Templar can fill all three roles, with DPS/Tank being the primary roles. However, specializing in healing equipment and spells will prove a strong healer as well! The Templar is also the strongest utility class, with several buffs. Like the Warrior has two stances, the Templar utilizes two various beliefs, Zealous, and Devout belief. Depending on your belief you can use different spells. (Beliefs can be changed with a 15 second cooldown)

Weapon: Spears, Swords, and some Maces

Off-hand: Shield


A few examples of Templar skills:

Tireon's Blessing:

Grant your target the boon of Tireon, increasing all stats by 5% for 5 minutes
Can be used in any religous view

3 total Ranks, learned at level 20/40/60, Rank 1 cooldown is 30 seconds, rank 2 is 15 seconds, rank 3 is 0 seconds

Can be used with any religious outlook




Imbue your weapon with holy power for 3 seconds, dealing additional magic damage to the first enemy hit
Requires Zealot

Ranks increase initial damage



Bolt of Light:

Smite your foe with a bolt of light, dealing magic damage with 125% effectiveness
Can be used in any religous view

Ranks increase initial damage.




Divine Storm:

Empower your weapon with the wrath of Tireon, smiting enemies in 5 cells around you with magic power at 200% effectiveness
Requires Zealot

Ranks increase base damage




Forcibly perform an exorcism on your target, dealing magic damage with 25% additional chance for critical
Requires Zealot

Ranks increase base damage and critical % chance




Judge your target, dealing physical damage and decreasing their Magic Resistance by 15% for 10 seconds
Requires Zealot

Ranks increase base physical damage and amount of magic resistance reduced



So for example, as a Templar Zealot filling a DPS role in his group which has a Mage and a Magic Archer, it would be excellent constantly using Judgment on bosses to increase their damage output.


What I'm aiming for is to not just have to grind, but to be able to explore/pvp with your party/guild, and be able to do fun and challenging content that requires preparation rather than just plowing through a dungeon and collecting loot!


That is all for now, just letting anyone interested know development is still undergoing!






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Hello everybody!


Since I work on the project on and off whenever I have time and feel motivated, and just about everything for the first few zones is finished I don't see the harm in having the server open to the public for anyone who wants to play, since the server is almost always up. I've updated the first post with a download link, (or click here: Download  ). I'm not gonna make a super lengthy post like I usually do, I just wanted to say the server is public and I hope you enjoy playing/testing the first few zones. Current quest level is about 20, but you can reach 25 with the first dungeon and some other elite quests/areas if you want. The next zone (second part of the teaser below) is almost finished, and spans level ~16-26, the next zone after that is Gloomvale (first part of the teaser), which is about level ~25-30, Gloomvale is a bit further from completion unfortunately.


Oh and please please if you find any bugs, errors, spelling errors etc, please do let me know here, in PMs, or on the Realmshaper Discord


I'm trying to push Arid Hills to completion so that area is accessible as well!


*EDIT* I forgot to add, for those interested in testing out the Templar from the post above, it is just about good to go, but I still need to do some more internal testing before i unlock the class.


And if you've read my previous posts here I really enjoy posting screenshots and teasers, so I will of course do that now as well!

First part is the town of Ebonwatch in Gloomvale. Second part is entering Dusthill Crossing in the Arid Hills. Sorry for the low music volume!


And here are a few random screenshots from both existing and upcoming areas:








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