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  1. Trigger: Proximity, if player is within x tiles of event, trigger event.
  2. A few different functions related to the same mod Different text which is prompted when a mob reaches a certain % of their health. Event triggers based on health Trigger event at %hp Spell to be casted at a %hp, or simply become available to the NPC spell table Example: Mob A reaches 50% HP, runs event A, and casts spell A. With the event part you can even freeze players, have dialogue, then unfreeze them etc.
  3. It would be a good idea to be able to checkbox "Instance" when placing a Warp, which would then create an instance for those players, and then delete it once they've left the map. Further, if you are able to set an entire map folder to: "Instance?" it creates that entire folder for that player if the instance creation is triggered. Because if two players initiate an event at the same time, it bugs out, parties will of course enter the same instance
  4. Hello, I'm looking for someone accustomed with Intersect to do a few modifications on the source code for my project: Please PM me if you are interested and I will send you a list of changes I would like to make.
  5. froggy

    Nation At War

    Hello everybody! I have barely had time to work on my project for a while. Progress has been slow due to a combination of work and IRL events. I have not abandoned anything, but the date for an alpha test will have to be pushed back. I will post more details as soon as I can.
  6. froggy

    Sprite and Code

    Forgot there are other engines on the forums, my bad
  7. froggy

    Sprite and Code

    This is not possible until source is released. And when it is, either pay someone to program it for you, or learn how to program yourself, as to what parts needs to be edited, I do not know.
  8. froggy

    Nation At War

    In the next few weeks I intend to post a more thorough list regarding features and such, but until then, please enjoy a very short and simple trailer showcasing a few maps, which might be more interesting than a few still screenshots. Embedded Video Link
  9. I don't know, but check the json files in the resources folder client side, might be able to.
  10. This is a bug. I believe part of this is fixed with the next patch.
  11. froggy

    Nation At War

    Hello everybody, short update today. Simply wanted to let you all know development has been going really great, made good progress since my last update. And that I want it to be as polished as possible for the first phase, so I will do my best to have something ready in march. Hopefully the next update post will be about a release date for the alpha test. And as always, I won't post an update without a map teaser:
  12. Yeah, 'Has item' works like that. Say you use a pickaxe to .. do whatever. using conditional branch 'has item' means as long as the item is in your inventory you can harvest that resource. There is also 'Equipped item is..'. I don't see the problem? If you absolutely want to have 1 type of resource be able to be harvested by more than 1 type of tool you can do more than one row of conditions. Or am I misunderstanding this?
  13. Hello, This is already possible. See 'Harvesting Requirements' in the resource editor.
  14. I suggest adding what direction a Dash takes place. Backwards, left, right, forward.
  15. I suggest that you be able to set an NPCs movement when you place them in the NPC part of the map editor. It would be a good function to have when designing, that you can decide whether that particular NPC will move randomly or stand still, without having to create an additional identical NPC, if you have to create an additional NPC you can't use them for kill quests either.
  16. How do i change the other parts like you did? Like weaponry, tactical etc
  17. I suggest NPC's that flee should not flee indefinitely, but rather be on a timer for how long they should run before they revert to aggressive towards the player
  18. I suggest an interrupt function for casts. Two parts to this suggestion. 1. Interrupt cast either by moving your character or pressing a button to stop casting. 2. Add 'Interrupt cast?' as a spell mechanic, e.g a melee class interrupting the cast of a spellcaster
  19. I suggest you should be able to remove buffs by right-clicking the icon
  20. That's why I wrote the suggestion for 'Take All?' I haven't tested if it works but I suppose you can make the event take an exaggerated amount to assure they have none left. Still, if they can keep picking up the bound items it causes problems for them, let's hope the other suggestion I posted gets implemented.
  21. My bad, I forgot you can't destroy items except by dropping them on the ground. Still, there needs to be a way for either the developer to remove the items from the player, or them destroying it without them being able to drop the items.
  22. This suggestion has to do with quest items primarily. Currently you have to set quest items (that are to be gathered etc) to be droppable. This allows players to give each other quest items to complete quests. And if you set an item to be soulbound it can't be destroyed. So when a player loots more than needed for the quest task they're left with excess quest items that they shouldn't have. This can be solved several ways. I recommend adding these things to the engine, and all of these can have great interactions outside of quests as well. 1. Add 'Take all?' checkbox to the 'Change items' event function (useful in other aspects as well) 2. In the Item Editor add 'Limit amount: ' 3. Or some function to destroy items except by dropping them on the ground, so that either the developer can remove the unneeded quest items, or the player can do it Of course, there are many ways to go about this, and I would love some other developers input as well. Regardless, I feel the above points should be addressed in the base engine before final release, as they are pretty basic game functions.
  23. This is pretty basic when it comes to MMOs/RPGs and I don't see why Intersect shouldn't have this. My suggestion is creating 'Drop Condition' to items. Works like any other event connected function. Be able to set conditions for an item to be able to drop. This opens up a lot of fun interactions, not just related to quests. To expand upon this, I would also suggest a 'Loot Condition', that you need to fulfill the set conditions to pick up the item.
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