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  1. Server > Resources > config.json
  2. Awesome! I would change the buttons a bit though so that it is not an exact copy of the Intersect Engine.
  3. The default port for the Intersect Server is "5400". You have will to log into your router and open the "inbound" to this port for UDP. Then do the same in the setting of your firewall.
  4. Okay thanks. And at which file I can change for example that instead of "common weapon" it will say "Excellent Weapon"?
  5. I am going to add new items to the game which will be in green/blue (as they are upgraded. I want that also their name in the GUI will appeal in Green/Blue? How do I do that without changing the global GUI?
  6. how can I make it when I drag an item (upgrade shard), onto an equipment item, it does the event of "take equipment item & upgrade shar and give Equipment item +1"?
  7. Update: We have recruited a professional pixel artist who is going to work on paperdolls and new equipment.
  8. Thanks for this. Yes, I have put already 10 hours into balancing, and much more time to go
  9. Hi Beast Realm! Thanks for the thorough input! I truly appreciate it The short script I wrote is the basic game architecture, I am sure that when we will start actually testing the gameplay, we will done put more attention on the story line, in-depth class information, quest line, and everything you wrote. thanks for this!
  10. Sorry for the many questions Is there any map generator, that I can input the types of tiles and what are the only tiles that can be attached to them, and it generates me a map of the size that I want? If there isn't, is there any future plans to make one??
  11. Every time I am saving/going to a special screen, it gives me some warning, and it always covers the OK/NOT OK button. Any quick fix for this?
  12. What is the reason for green squares that are appearing on grid mode in the Intersect Map Maker? We have already 300+ maps, and it happens in all chain maps that sometimes green squares appear (like in the attached pictures), and the only way to handle it is by double clicking it and returning to the grid-mode and doing that on each one of the green squares.
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