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Found 4 results

  1. Garlic

    Open Alpha Thyranor Awakening

    About: Thyranor Awakening is a 2D MMORPG that is being developed using the Intersect Engine. It will be focused on Faction-Based wars going on between the Onyx Dominion and the Azora Union. The two Nations have been at war for many years due to disagreements regarding who should rule the Realm of Thyranor. As time goes on, a rift opens within the Realm and a great evil approaches, causing the two Factions to join together once again. Important Note: The testing phase for Thyranor Awakening follows a different series of events. Testing for the game will be centered around a Halloween Event in which a small village has been cursed. The curse has brought monsters and beings from all realms of story and folklore to the village. The Team behind Thyranor Awakening: Mercy (Garlic) - Lead Developer. @Toast - Lead Artist Makoto - Story Designer. Crow - Artist Current Features: While heading into our first testing phase we're not aiming to have a tremendous amount of content. What's included within the first test: - Completely custom items and sprites. - Day/Night cycle. - Global Event that causes NPCs to spawn on a timer, great rewards for defeating them. - Crafting. - Shops. - Legendary Gear by completing quests involving powerful foes. - World Bosses. - A paperdoll including overlay outfits, pants, shirts, gloves, etc, rather than the standard design, to allow for more customization. Aggressive, Spooky Pumpkin's. Glimpse of the village. Zoomed in to show detail: I <3 TA T-shirt and Outfit. Just a fun little beta testing outfit for all who participate. Vial of Ectoplasm. The Open Alpha for Thyranor Awakening is expected to launch November 1st, lasting until late November/Early December. Come check us out on Discord: https://discord.gg/GznHFUy
  2. defaultx

    Open Alpha [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    Name: Dungeons of Epic Loot! Engine: Intersect Engine Current Progress: We are currently in the early alpha, only because I like to test things as I go. Right now we have a few people testing the game for me to help me break things as I make them. I am working on this project daily and making good progress. I plan and hope to add more staff soon, but for now lets break my game! Story: Bare Bone Desc: Current Staff: Myself [-DefaulT] Screen Shots: Plans: Website: http://doelmmo.com Download: http://doelmmo.com/downloads/doel.zip Discord: https://discord.gg/k2XwxJM If you test the game please report bugs or suggestions to the discord or to this thread, discord generally gets a quicker response. If i failed to meet any requirments for posting here please let me know.
  3. Gorg

    Open Alpha Samouraï MO

    Samouraï Mo is a 2D multiplayer online RPG. Go on an adventure in a fantasy medieval Japanese universe. Donwload: https://samurai-mo.webnode.fr/telechargement/ Facebook:http:// https://www.facebook.com/SamouraiMO/ Website: https://samurai-mo.webnode.fr/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Z35rA9Z Four nations This game counts four nations, the nation of fire, water, earth and wind. These nations represent the four continents of this world. When selecting a character, the choice of the people by the player determines the nation to which he belongs. Each people has spells of their own. It is possible for a player to become Daimyō and rule a village in your nation! The Daimyō has the power to declare war on another nation, manage taxes and quests of the village, called samurai. . . Quest and dungeon A huge world is yours, the inhabitants of this world have missions for you! Many dungeons have opened their doors, you only have to explore them if you have guts for! The Daimyō has the ability to provide players with a wide range of skills. Harvest and craft Nature is generous! It is possible for the player to harvest wood, plants, vegetables and ore to turn them into objects, food, weapons. . . Screenshots
  4. Lexar

    Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    /////////////////////////////////////////// /// Pokémon Genesis Online /// /////////////////////////////////////////// Hello I'm working on a project called Pokémon Genesis Online is currently in alpha I know there are several online pokemon games but why not do my own? PGO was born through the PCO yes Pokémon Cyrus online I'm not very good with texts and my English is not one of the best, so please excuse me So let's go. Main features -> TP system (each lvl you get 3tp to distribute between Atk, Df, Spd etc. 1tp in Hp = 2 as Cyrus '' PCO '') -> Pokémon Battles (PvP, NPC, Wild) -> Trainer card -> Trading (Pokémon and Items) -> Roster -> Evolution -> Bag -> Various items (Pokeball, Potions, Clothes, evolution stones etc ...) -> Bank -> Travel -> Gyms -> Catching -> Honey -> Pokémon storage -> NPC dialogs, quests etc. -> Shiny Pokémon (20TP free) -> Gen 1 to 6 pokémon (All are animated Sprites like Na 5 generation) -> 621 moves -> Pokémon Item Drop -> Pokécenter (Fast Healing) -> Pokédex (already complete as a guide for the player) -> Player profile -> and more Forum: http://pokegenesis.boards.net/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonGenesisOnline/ discord channel: https://discord.gg/YMemnuG I will update later posting more information some screenshots: Map Travel Bag Battle Rooster