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Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

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Update of Intersect (Beta 6)
[GUI] - Part II
By @jcsnider


MULTI-CRAFT! now you can craft stacks of items (NEW FEATURE!)


Spells CD Display time (NEW FEATURE!)



When you use a Buff/debuff on a target or uppon you will show a timer!!!

Same on the Hotbar!


Same on te Inventory! (For items with actives)


Same on the spells window


SHOP: :637_dollar:


The precious design here it's pretty awesome

INVENTORY: :711_package:


Now show a bigger pic of the item and all is better positioned

BELOW: The desc and the stats can will see by more clarity


SPELLS DESC: :744_book:


Similar changes than the inventory screen (A beauty)~

QUEST OFFER: :715_scroll:


It's more harder make this than appear ~

CRAFTING TABLE: :647_hammer_pick:



TRADING: :200_briefcase:


EVENT DIALOGS: :120_speaking_head:



(All images of this post are stealed from the Jc Stream)

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11 minutes ago, Phenomenal said:


yes the site's dead, we're the spirits of former users that haunt it and use our ghostly energy to power the server

I'm actually just a google bot

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1 minute ago, Xeno said:

RIP AGD .. *cries while epic music plays* .. Oh yea, Everyone's still here... *thinks hard*

If by everyone you mean no one, then yes, everyone is here.

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On 5/31/2019 at 12:33 PM, raeven said:

ded gaem, literally unplayable 5/7

Huh? Kind of feel like you are purposely insulting Intersect Engine. Or maybe posted on wrong topic.

Either way, you gotta work on your spelling and grammar, buddy.

If that was a joke, it went way over my head.

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3 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

This whole thread is a giant shit post now. He is joking and means no offense :)


yes :3
that's the because i posted on "General Discussion" hahahaha
because i inform and have the chance to get a big shit post >u< hahahahaha :4_joy:

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