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  1. Khaikaa

    Today I did this on my project...

    A few days ago I started a little personal project aside my main project(Proyecto Helheim). I'm trying to do everything by myself and I made my first little tileset: It is of course so plain and empty yet, also there are a few mistakes, such as some shadow mistakes, but well, its my first tileset so far, what do you think?
  2. Khaikaa

    Demo Game Murder!?!?

    I'm your VP, so don't you dare messing with me, I can quickly make you clean my personal bathroom for the rest of your life, and I swear to god you are not gonna like it.
  3. Hi everybody, I would like to know if there is a way to control a powerful computer (idk... 16gb ram, i7...) using a raspberry. Of course I expect that won't happen by free, but I would like to know if that's possible and how to do that. Thx!
  4. Thank you all for your answers, it definitelly is not as I expected, so I guess it would be better to buy an actuall computer instead purchasing some vps
  5. So, for example, I could purchase a vm from azure or amazon and I could work with my raspberry as if my raspberry was a powerfull computer? doing things like programming in visual studio, working on unity... etc?
  6. Khaikaa

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    (this is not a way to encourage hit triggers at all... )
  7. Khaikaa

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    Great news, I like this updates so much! Just a little thing @Kibbelz, would be possible to "break" the sleep state by hitting the target? I mean, it would work exactly as stun, and its effect will dissapear after x secs if nobody acts, but if someone hits a sleeping enemy I think it should wake up, would that be hard to add?
  8. Khaikaa

    Certain NPC despawns after x milliseconds

    Be carefull with that, the way events run may stop the despawn if the player dies/warps before that momment, and the npc would be there until someone kills it or until some other player runs a npc despawn command.
  9. Khaikaa

    Adverts System

    Actually... you can do an advertising system in 5.1. How? Using the show image command. Make a common event that runs each 30-60min. That common event will show a random advertising picture previously added to all player's client. Please, make sure to show this advertisment only when the player is not in a dangerous place(so the ad doesn't make him die).
  10. Khaikaa

    How to make - Ranked system (Tested)

    Nice to see people playing with the event system, and well done with your rank
  11. Khaikaa

    are there any kill function?

    well, you can always add invisible agressive npcs at the edges of the world so if a player go there they kill him in 1 hit with no animations.
  12. Hola a todos, soy Khaikaa y, junto con @Chondo, soy el creador de Proyecto Helheim. Si no conocéis Proyecto Helheim podéis echarle un vistazo en este enlace: En estos momentos estamos pensando en ampliar el equipo. Hasta ahora hemos hecho todo entre los 2 con la excepción de los diseños y las traducciones al gallego, pero creemos que ha llegado el momento de ampliar el equipo y empezar a tomarnos el proyecto más en serio. ¿Qué buscamos? Buscamos gente de todos los perfiles, desde diseñadores gráficos hasta desarrolladores. Sin embargo, el perfil que más nos urge es el de pixel artist. Por el momento no ofrecemos dinero. Si estás interesado o interesada puedes ponerte en contacto con nosotros a través de este mismo hilo, a través de nuestra página web (https://proyectohelheim.wordpress.com/) o a través de nuestro servidor de discord (https://discord.gg/QmGTHj).
  13. Khaikaa

    Pokemon Gen 8 released

  14. Khaikaa

    Change Event Sprite in Event

    or even better, make a .gif!
  15. Khaikaa


    He said that they are sharing the earnings equally, so payment depends on how many copies they sell.
  16. Hi there, I would like to know if there is any tutorial or documentation which explains the migration process step by step. For example, why should I add a host? is that because I have to point an external mysql server? After the database is correctly generated, what do we need for connecting with it? Is it necesary any kind of software installed? (for example, the most obvious one, mysql)
  17. Khaikaa

    From sqlite to mysql for dummys?

    I only have to point to a mysql server and intersect will generate the whole database?
  18. Khaikaa

    VR Mode - Cardboard Viewer

    It's not that simple.
  19. Khaikaa

    VR Mode - Cardboard Viewer

    Well, its ok to think alternative uses for intersect, but i dont see the point of making a vr game on intersect at all
  20. Hi everybody, Today I'm teaching you how to break another limitation of intersect engine: how to know the empty inventory slots of a player's inventory. Let's start with an example of usage: Imagine that you created a very nice minigame that gives a nice reward to your players. But... what happens if a player starts the minigame with a full inventory by mistake? This player will lose this nice reward and there is nothing you can do to solve that... right? WRONG! You can check that player's inventory and send a warning message to him/her, so the player will notice he has not enough empty space on his/her inventory and go to the bank/shop to make more space. But how? We will make this with an event that fills the player's inventory with a special item. For each item we add to his/her inventory we will add +1 to a player variable and repeat. After his/her inventory gets full, we will take all these special items so the player gets back his/her inventory empty spaces. That simple! This is as so easy to do: Before getting started, make sure you have an available player variable and a useless item. If not, create them. First of all, we set the player variable to 0 and add a label(I called this first label "contar"). After that, add a "change player items" command which will be adding the useless item. If it successfully adds the item, we add +1 to the player variable and go back to the "contar" label. At some point there won't be any empty spaces in the player's inventory, so this loop will break. After that happens, add a new label(I called it "vaciar") and add another "change player items" command. This time, it will be taking the useless item. If we successfully take 1 of the useless items, we go back to the "vaciar" label. At some point we won't be able to take more useless items from that player's inventory and the loop will break. After that happens, add some show text command(i did this with a show chatbox text command) and tell the player that he has "(value of that player variable here)" empty spaces. You can optionally tell the player that he needs at least "x" empty spaces so he/she can earn these great rewards. or you can even forbid his/her entrance until he/she has enough empty space. I hope this helps someone!
  21. Hi everybody, As many of you already know, my mate and I worked so hard in order to find a way to make some sort of mechanism to control players logging out. We achieved this a few months ago in a very primitive way, but we perfected this system so we can actually know if a player has logged out and run an event when that happens. We are opening a new game mode in our project(Proyecto Helheim) which has this system enabled in a few hours, but I wanted to show you a little demonstration before: Embedded Video Link http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/70f0e3ccd827d90d0e91d85c28566882.mp4 As you see, we did it, we beated one of the most hated intersect limitations. I'll be writting some documentation showing how to do this in a few days/weeks(as the system is very complex and I will need a lot of time to explain it well) in this thread. After we release this new game mode you'll be able to try it, log out during the game and see what happens by yourselves. Warining: Logging out of the game mode counts as a defeat. Stay tuned!
  22. Khaikaa

    Proyecto Helheim

    - Added a little present for all AGD members that play the game! Write /agdmember in the chat and you will get this nice AGD rocket!
  23. Khaikaa

    Open Alpha Proyecto Helheim

    What is Proyecto Helheim? Proyecto Helheim is the codename of a MMORPG game developed with Intersect Engine (current version: 4.9.1). Everything (graphics, music, story, illustrations...) are 100% custom and original, we have not used any existing resource in the game and we are so proud because of that. The game was developed by @Chondo and me, but 4 more people worked with us(zaicuch, akatsuya, metarupx and megaoy). In this game everything is up to you. We killed the typical mmorpg game style and created a new one. No more farming to level up, no more linear stories to follow, just play as you want. Our level system is different from other projects in which you get experience by killing npcs or completing quests, in Proyecto Helheim it doesn't matter how many npcs you kill or how many quests do you complete, you will only level up by developing the 3 basic character's skills: Weapon skills, profession skills and coliseum skills. There are not permanent decisions in Proyecto Helheim. You can change your fight style or your profession whenever you want without any kind of handicap, so you can try everything with the same character. Also, our server is multi-language, so you can change the language whenever you want without modifying any client config file just by typing a simple command in the chatbox! In this version of Proyecto Helheim you will be able to explore Syraco, the smallest island of Olivium archipelago. Deep and dark caves, big forest with huge wildlife, extensive beaches... There are tons of new places to explore! Also, and for a limited time, there is a portal in the middle of Syraco's settlement which teleports you to the Olivium coliseum, where you will be able to play custom game modes never seen before on any intersect project! There is a 100% original story that you can discover. There are different weapons with special skills and different professions with different benefits. Do you want to cut down trees or craft stuff with some animal leather? Maybe you would like to be a biologist. Do you want to explore the caves and harvesting rare minerals to craft special items? Be a geologist! Your character may be unique. No, don't misunderstand me, when we say unique we say REALLY unique. There are special unique powers you could find, and if you are the very first player finding it... you will be the very unique player who can use them! But be careful... Proyecto Helheim's world is very dangerous. If your character faints... it could actually die! Be sure that your character's SSI is full of charges before you go to an adventure or your character could go to the purgatory if he gets defeated! Only your will could save it from the purgatory rooms, it will up to you saving your character's life or letting it die and creating a new one. But... let's stop talking and show some actual game content! So what? Are you ready to try Proyecto Helheim? Download it here! -> https://proyectohelheim.wordpress.com/descargar/ (only spanish at the momment, working on english and galician versions) You can now follow us and stay tuned joining our Discord server and all our social networks! Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Vtnjy6H Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Proyecto-Helheim-1842167339243042 Twitter: https://twitter.com/proyectohelheim Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ZNd1TbqLYfCLQC84NxPOA And more! Just check them in our webpage!
  24. Khaikaa

    Proyecto Helheim

    - Added new leveling up quest for bow + 1 new skill available after reaching that level! - Added new leveling up quest for hammer + 1 new skill available after reaching that level! - Added new leveling up quest for sword and shield + 1 new skill available after reaching that level! - Added new leveling up quest for throwing knife + 1 new skill available after reaching that level!
  25. Khaikaa

    Proyecto Helheim

    Added a new coliseum game mode! 1 vs 1 arena! Be the strongest gladiator of the entire coliseum and unlock an exclusive armor set by winning other players! Share your 1 vs 1 stats with your friends by writting /1vs1 in the chat box! And get ready, because we will be organizing tournaments with amazing prizes soon!