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  1. Hello, I would like to request a source request. When you open a shop you can only see images of items that is being sold by the shop. I would like that you could switch and see what items the shop is currently interested in purchasing from you. I think the Shop view is quite non-userfriendly due to only showing items sold by the shop.
  2. Just found this tutorial and must say that it is brilliant
  3. So two different options 1: work on areas not accessible by online players (Beefy Kasplant). 2: work on local version of online db and then push new changes to live server db (wishy). How would you push new changes to live server db? via migrate between mysql and sqlite?
  4. Oh that is a clever way. Is it something else that should be kept in mind while creating more content on released games? Will players notice anything that saving in editor does? For example, item respawns.
  5. Hi, Im planning ahead and thinking of how a release of a game would work out. If I release a game, how do I keep working on making more content without interrupting the online game? If I press save in Editor the game implements the changes directly. What would be the most appropriate way of releasing a game + making more content? ________ Summary of answers 1. work on areas not accessible by online players (Beefy Kasplant). - If editing npcs or items that are in accessible areas, those changes would take immediate effect when saving (jcsnider). 2. work on local db version and then push to live server while doing scheduled maintenance (wishy). How to push local db version to live server? shut down server, replace gamedata database, then start server (Joyce). Thank you so much for contributing for explanations.
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