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  1. @Kibbelz still for hire? Im looking for more endpoints with API which I want to be available for everyone
  2. Is your games public? or locally?
  3. Yes I receive a token when I tried via Postman. I made a clean setup with your version. Can it be something with the php code?
  4. Yes same message: Seems to work to via Postman but not via Intersect CMS Here is Intersect Server running via Intersect hosting
  5. I did that but it does not work. I setup a new host via Intersect hosting and tried to connect to API there but same problem. I this correct for your version of cms?
  6. I guess CMS cannot connect to my IP via the port. Not sure why since Postman requests works fine. Maybe the game server needs to be located on an VPS instead of my mini homelab? I got this message:
  7. Is there slots available for Intersect Server Hosting (EU West) Early Releases? :-) Edit: tried to purchase a slot and it was available :-)
  8. Now I receive this error when I try to Login, is there any logs that I can check somewhere?
  9. I'll try your reworked version, use google translate for the installation guide and update you on this :-) Thanks for sharing!
  10. Not really an explanation but more information regarding this: start server as admin in Windows when api is *:5400
  11. Exactly, does not work. If the password was "Password" then yes, the password is in plain text in web database...
  12. This is in SqlLite Browser for this user. I have also opened all incoming traffic for this port 5400-5403 in IIS in Windows 10 and I run the server as admin. Not sure where I can debug as it works fine via Postman...
  13. The user have api roles full access made via cmd accordingly to api docs. Is this cms database settings correct then? Or do you have an example?
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