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  1. I totally agree! Looking forward to every email notification from Ascensiongamedev
  2. Worldofjimmy

    Crafting events

    Hello, Is it possible to run a common event after every craft a item? For example the common event for resources
  3. Worldofjimmy

    Requirements to craft.

    This is possible with a kind of “work-around”. Having several crafting bench with different recipes. Using conditional to check what level in blacksmithing equals the right crafting bench and opening the right one. 😊
  4. Worldofjimmy

    fishing system

    Thank you Moscano for this fine piece
  5. Worldofjimmy

    fishing system

    Love the animation! Anything you mind sharing?
  6. Worldofjimmy

    Resource Skill Mining

    Here is the tiny tutorial to create a skill that works similar to RuneScape Mining. This can be altered for other resource skills as well. Date: January 20th 2019 Guide Written During Beta 5.1 Credits to Ainz Ooal Gown for helping me with the final piece: Add two Player variables - Mining (Keep tracks of experience) - Mining (Keep tracks of mining level) -Take a note of the Mining Text Id: \pv 4 we will use this later -Mining Level Text Id: \pv 5. Next create 2 Common Events - Mining Experience (Will add experience whenever a player successfully mines) - Mining Level (Will level up when Mining Experience reaches a certain level) Next Edit the event Mining Experience - Set Player Variable Mining and add 1 as the image below Next we have to make the Mining skill level up as we gain experience We do that with Conditional Branches -When Player Variable Mining is equal to 5 amount of experience -We set Player Variable Mining Level to 1 -If Player Variable Mining is equal to 6 we then set Player Variable Mining Level to 2. Next we have to connect the Mining to a resource In Resource Editor add the Common Event Mining Experience. Now we gain experience for mining. Next we can add a Mining Level requirement for Mining better ores. This time we Edit the Harvesting Requirements. We add a condition that the Player Variable Mining Level has to be greater or equal to Mining Level 2. To display the Experience and Mining Level in game we can do this with events Remember the Text Id we took note of in the beginning. Create a new event on the ground and add Show Text with this inside: "\pn mining exp: \pv{4} \pn mining level: \pv{5}" When the player interacts with the event the result will show the following
  7. Worldofjimmy

    Making a skill level up

    This is the solution for my problem Thanks for helping, I made this tiny tutorial with this final piece.
  8. Worldofjimmy

    Making a skill level up

    Hello, Im trying to make a skill level up when it hit a certain amount of experience points. So far i managed to figure out how to gain experience points on a newly created skill. For example Mining. what I can’t figure out is how to make the skill level up on X experience points. I tried to use a conditional but it got stuck in a loop. Anyone who might have a solution?
  9. Worldofjimmy

    Running Intersect's Server On Linux

    I tester this for Mac OS and it works there too! 1. Install Mono 2. Use terminal and navigate to the folder containing Intersect Server.exe Eg. ”cd /Desktop/Intersect Engine 5.1/Server/” Once you are inside that folder enter the following command mono ”Intersect Server.exe” 3. This works for the Client too