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  1. Can insure that @XFallSeane helps outside the forum
  2. I tested this too but its not working for me. I tried the same config but my credentials but seems to not be sending from the server? I use JC hosting. I use Any suggestions? "SmtpSettings": { "FromAddress": "crelasia@gmail.com", "FromName": "Crelasia Admin", "Host": "smtp.gmail.com", "Port": 587, "UseSsl": true, "Username": "crelasia@gmail.com", "Password": "verysecretpassword" }, Update: After lots of testing I narrowed down to the mail is not received by hotmail accounts, gmail accounts and other works.
  3. It seems to have switched back to fr? is this bug? UPDATE: I had to remove the cache data for the website to be default English. However, I tried to remove other languages completely via these steps and but the website received error 500
  4. Not sure if its something like this you're asking about: I've used this tutorial (shoutout to @wishy) to create my own farming system Here is another example
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