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  1. Today I made a little cinematic scene/cliffhanger
  2. Wow, very interesting Might try this in the near future!
  3. a datasheet over numbers. Possible some ingame stats table
  4. I think what you are looking for could be found in this tutorial
  5. Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more. How long time does it take to count to 100 000?
  6. I checked the size of your image and then aligned them accordingly to the size. The red markings shows that the image is not aligned in the middle of the grid. Width was 1144 and to find the correct aligning I divided that by 8 which easily viewed the aligning error The Notepad shows how I calculated the grid.
  7. Here, try this one. Looked like it wasn't correctly aligned.
  8. Worldofjimmy


    Always love the TF tile sets
  9. Today I made this spear fishing for Tuna (Which I don't have high enough Fishing level for yet...)
  10. I made a gate open and closing flawless with a modification of this tutorial I also made this farming system with modification of this tutorial @wishy
  11. So no way of achieving this without source modification? Maybe it's time for me to get into the source code and learn how to modify it
  12. Hello, Is it possible to make this window wider so it actually fit the whole name via some config file? I have several Crafting stations for different skill levels and it is quite hard to guess which one is which without viewing the whole name of the crafting table. Im using Intersect
  13. Im planning to purchase a slot. Is it possible to also run IntersectCMS on the same server?
  14. Hello, Is there any Design Ready Tier for EU available?
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