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  1. Sounds like bad auto-generated music. Why do you keep putting notes next to each other?
  2. Have you got any midi? Like old school RPGMaker/FInal Fantasy type style stuff?
  3. So the editor still doesn't work on Linux?
  4. I thought this question deserved it's own thread because it's kind of important. I'm planning to replace my OS (windows Vista) with Linux Mint and was wondering if the engine will work fine on Linux Mint, or whether I need to consider another version of Linux?
  5. Looking into it, it seems that (Microsoft KB971644 platform update) is in fact an amalgamation of other updates bundled together for windows server 2008 and windows vista itself. I'm going to try downloading just the graphics and imaging portion of this package. The list of packages inside the 971644 are listed here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/971644/description-of-the-platform-update-for-windows-server-2008-and-the-pla Edit: Nevermind, downloaded the update and ran the installer but it threw an error at me. Trying to figure it out. Edit: Turns out the Nvidia GeForce 8200M G chipset I have is only DX10 capable, not DX11. So there is literally nothing I can do to solve that and use Editor on this machine. Still don't understand why the client is DX10 and the editor is DX11. Why not have both use DX10?
  6. Yeah, you're right it's not the client that fails, it's the editor. I misremembered. My old laptop has a geforce 8200m graphics chipset and when I open the editor, the editor does this: Is this not a DirectX issue?
  7. Well I'm always interested in there being more engines about. Especially since some of us can't render the Intersect editor on some of their older devices.
  8. Solstice

    Soulum Ender

    Don't you think it seems a bit orderly for an underground city? I mean you have to imagine they'd have problems digging out certain types of rock and would rather excavate around it, or perhaps for reasons of the cavern's structural support they left in some columns?
  9. I was unaware the forum was as dead as it is. This was rather high up on the most recent threads.
  10. Always need more engines, the vast majority never get finished or they're programmed by 12 year olds and barely function! Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Just looked at the Trello though and that deadline you set is way behind us now. Hope that's not a sign this has been abandoned. :S
  11. Dunno what the standard rates are but I just so happen to be trying to make some side cash with what little time I have. Unfortunately I can't private message you for some reason, presumably because my account is new. Drop me a message and I'll respond if I can do it, let me know some ballpark numbers and what you're looking for, also if you have a palette and example style/aesthetic ruleset send that too.
  12. Might work if it's online. Definitely won't if it's single player. Also create a sense of pressure in the world, a common foe for the players, it will lead to large settlements and groups, rather than little shacks and griefers.
  13. Solstice

    Soulum Ender

    That's interesting, I was also toying with the concept of writing a light novel and then also using that world as an orpg, where you're not the protagonist, you're just one of the background characters, like an NPC. I wish you good luck!
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