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  1. Here Thank you very much !
  2. Omg How they did that for the quest marker? And how to setup the level on the head of the monster and the cooldown ? Thank you Best regard! Credit to DarkStory Online.
  3. Well medieval, knight fantasy style. I just start a game and I feel like I need to add weapon animation and weapon paperdoll. Best Reagrd
  4. Like the title said I need paperdoll weapon or animation anyone ?
  5. Can someone update this pack ? Or tell me the version that was in use ?
  6. Hello, sorry for my bad english, anyone know how to change the way groups are. I mean can we add gui of the goup like putting other player in the group under me.
  7. Nice thank you hahahaha ! I just start to use and wow is awesome!
  8. Is ascensiongamedev still a thing ? I want to make a mmorpr 2d Thank you best regard!
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