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Open Beta Rebirth Fantasy Online


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Introduction / Story

Rebirth Fantasy is a 2D Fantasy Online Game where you play the role as a hero who got summoned by the Goddess
Explore on a Open World map, find treasures, solve mysteries, battle monster, and play with friends

Due to the on going popular theme story about Fantasy where the main character got summoned on different world and help the citizens on those world

The game story won't focus in a single path and there will be different story that will be plugin into the game, but generally the story is where the player find people in trouble then help them



  • Open World Map
  • Monster attacking on sight (meaning they won't attack you unless they see you in front of them)
  • Monster attacking other monster that enter their territory (to make the monster on map be more alive)
  • Skill Building (you can edit the skill that you learned through their cores and you can change their information like, you can change what range that skill can attack, or you can even add a special effect like making the victim get stunned, but you need to obtain skill cores)
  • Guild Mission (this is where the main concept of the game focus, player will join on a adventurer guild and on that guild, they will give you certain mission that you can accept and get rewarded after clearing it, the more mission you do, you can rank up and get promoted)
  • Guild Rank (like the fantasy stories, guild give ranking to adventurers starting from Copper Rank, Silver Rank, Gold Rank etc)














Why we should play?

If you enjoy Fantasy Stories you can try to experience a game where you'll play the role as the main character on that Fantasy Story

The content will get continuously updated, so user won't get bored exploring or even doing some quests or finding monsters



Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/99doen09cuk5r7f/AABz1kZPLX4jVyWue6qUtknNa?dl=0

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Been playing this for not even 10 minutes and it's already the most polished game I've seen come out of Eclipse/AGD. Looking forward to sinking some hours in. I'd especially like to praise the work you've done with the UI. I especially liked the shaking effect on the items in the inventory. Really grabs the attention of the player during sections of the tutorial.


Furthermore the combat and spell systems are damn impressive, as well as the npcs that run away when hit. I think many, many people here could learn an awful lot from what you've done here, Sherwin.


In a word, fantastic.

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3 hours ago, Seruwin said:

We don't have any updater or installer at the moment, the game is available on a download link posted on our discord group

here: https://discord.gg/xZz35am

Thank you!

Any chance you can give me details on your developing platform? Like what engine you are using. Games like this make me interested in how it was made.

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So I checked this game out and in my opinion it’s pretty good for the little time I’ve put in. It’s a bit different then other games I’ve seen come out of communities similar to this. For example, this game seems to be focused more on combat rather then gear and trade skills. With that said, fighting some enemies also seem to require a certain strategy. I kept getting hammered by bees until I realized this. All in all though I’m interested to see where this game goes. 

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