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  1. BugSICK

    Need Help Please

    I've been all around since touchofdeath with marsh, baron, robin and others. but this time is different, I need help with my mom to fight cancer stage 2 and we are out of resources after expending 250k PHP for hospital and medicines. We go from family and friends for donation and also register for Gofundme. Sorry jcsnider for posting this but i cant think more where i can get more help. A small amount can do any amount... i will not expect anything, like i said i tried here. Gofundme link: https://www.gofundme.com/fcarw-help-susan-beat-breast-cancer Paypal link: https://www.paypal.me/ragnarokclassic Thank you so much. Sorry for my english, not that good.
  2. BugSICK

    How parallax changes things.

    any tutorial on how to do it?
  3. BugSICK

    Rebirth Fantasy Online

    multi pre? very nice
  4. BugSICK

    Intersect Development Road Map

    really? emoticons? wow, really big wow.. amazing jc
  5. BugSICK


  6. BugSICK

    Today I did this on my project...

    Checking if the server is still working/running and it did then After reading the Jsonification, i think i will just post and leave this game in the history..
  7. BugSICK

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    is there a specific time when this be ready?
  8. BugSICK

    transfer map to new version of intersect

    Thanks Gib, but can it be just a file to copy to new version? or this is the best way?
  9. Hi how can transfer my map version 3.1 to version 4.2. is there a file that i will copy to v.4.2? Thanks
  10. BugSICK

    [R] World Tileset

  11. BugSICK

    [R] World Tileset

    Hi, been searching this world tileset that ive been using way back from resbak online in eclipse but unfortunately its been 2 days with no result searching for this world tileset. This picture coming from resbak online. Does anyone have this set. Thanks
  12. BugSICK

    Fake Tile Type?

    Thanks Guys i tried it already just now. thanks for the images @Kibbelz made my day Thanks please close this thread.
  13. BugSICK

    Fake Tile Type?

    i know this been ask many times but i cant find it in tutorials. just a few question because im been mapping lately this past few days but never use this Fake tile type, my question is what is the use or when should i use this fake tile type thanks. and also the animated should this be in animation? because i.ve been using animation editor to put in the map rather than this animated tile type. any help? thanks
  14. first i used the search tab Morning, how can i disable the npc vs npc? they attacked each other, but in my npc vs npc combat they are not enable. Anyone? Thanks 2. How to walk through player to player / player to npc without blocking, Thanks Again
  15. BugSICK

    [H] mapping problem

    thanks man i got it. can mod close this thread. ty