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  1. pretty nice logo and buttons as well as mouse cursor.. nice use of background that crystalshire use, it fit with the logo.. a little bit on buttons
  2. Impressive , what engine did you use for that? or was it made from scratch?
  3. Random Map Generator https://www.facebook.com/seruwins
  4. Finally, a good mapping skills
  5. Microsoft Paint What you are doing is not making, but generating/building sprites using a already made paperdolls and combining them, if you want to create/make one, Draw it
  6. Game is now available to play on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1025260/Rebirth_Fantasy_Online/
  7. No, It is made on VB6 created from scratch, We are porting it on C soon, we just wanted to finish the VB6 version Also Update: Custom Boss
  8. Website is now up http://retrocraftzstudio.com/rebirthfantasy/ but it is still being develop, but you can now visit the page
  9. Halloween Event Started on the game
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