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[WIP] Life Forge


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    Life forge is an ORPG designed to be what you make of it.



The story is simple, you are found unconscious along a shore line by an elderly man who leads you to his home for shelter. There, the player soon realizes they have no memories, of course and the world in Life Forge is all new to them. From here, the players life is whatever they make it. A Life Forge, if you will.
    In the world of Life Forge there is lots to do and be a part of. Players can become great and powerful heroes or, if they wish, villains and take part in quests, explore dungeons and have PvP battles in arenas. If a player decides they don't want to run around and take part in adventurous deeds then they won't have to. In Life Forge crafting is available as well, so If a player wishes then they can harvest all sorts of goods to create a variety of items. All of which they can either use for themselves or sell to other players. Guild and Player housing are also planned features for the game, giving players another little slice of variety and choices which will make their game play unique.


Website and Forums: www.lifeforgerpg.com

Please visit the site for more frequent updates and to see whats going on through out the community!



Mount System



Use mounts to travel faster! Different mounts will travel at different speeds and there will be several to choose from.


Character Creation



Choose your characters gender and their hair style. We plan to add new races as well.


Death and Revive system



When your character dies, you will have 60 seconds to either wait and be revived by another player or respawn back at your last check point.

*Note: You can press "V" to respawn anytime within that 60 seconds.





Use materials to craft items by using recipes! Crafted items will generally be better then what you would find at a shop. 


Mostly Custom Graphics



You wont find any RPG Maker graphics here!


Stamina and Weight system



Items have weight and your character has stamina. The more weight you're carrying the less stamina you will have which will cause your character to move slower. Stamina can be raised through strength and endurance.


Boss Framework



Each boss is created to be unique for a more enjoyable boss battle. Custom programming for each boss is put into the game, so expect a challenge!


Threat System



Your character will gain threat when in battle! Be prepared, enemies will attack the fighter with the most threat first. And, there are taunt skills to increase your threat even more, for those who feel bold anyways.


Quests with Quest log and tracker



Keep track of your quest progress and pin the ones most important! By clicking on the quest while in to quest log, the quest(s) will pinned to the game screen for easy tracking!


Talent System



There are three different skill trees to apply talent points too, giving players the chance to make their character a unique and fun experience.


And of course we have all the basic needs of an ORPG...



Projectile Weapons

Blinding Spells

Invisibility Spells

Spell Casting and Projectile Enemies

Paperdolled Items

Zelda-Like Puzzle Systems

Many other fun features!





The maps displayed are not in game maps and are not current with the UI, they are just for graphical show off.








~Life Forge dev team: @SkywardRiver Lead Developer and Programming, @Zetasis Lead Developer and Graphics, @BeNjO Programmer and @Kibbelz Programmer and Developer


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Hey man, sounds pretty cool.

I see it's in SkyWyre, so what are some of the new features of your list that are already in?

Also, I love the graphics, very cool, only your mapping style is pretty terrible to be honest. Not trying to be mean, but it's messy and tiles seems to be placed randomly.

Anyways, good luck with your project! Hope to see more updates soon!

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Topic looks great, I love all the detail and your current progress. While reading your post I went from liking, to disliking, to liking, to disliking, to liking those graphics again. I am still trying to decide lol. Please keep us updated! I will let you know when I make a final decision for myself :P

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Kasplant, the maps are only to demonstrate the graphics and I assure you that they will be better in game. As for other features, to be honest, I can only do so much. I am not a programmer by any means and if I can't find one I'll have to try and be creative with what I have. Somethings I can do right now through the event system(though limiting) is good/evil system, player housing, guild housing, and a farming system in which a player would have to dig up soil, plant a seed, water, wait, repeat, and eventually harvest their crop.

Kibbelz, yes that idea is very much already planned. I'm just waiting patiently.  ;)

Jc, lol thanks.. I think.  ;D

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Small Update:

I started work on the first map of Life Forge and, sadly, had to edit my tiles. The current autotile/animated system in Skywyre is huge FPS eater so I had to convert some of my autotiles to normal tiles. I'm not a fan of having to do this because without animated tiles I feel like the maps a dull and boring but I gotta do what I gotta do to get this game made and playable. Hopefully in a day or two I'll have some updates with actual pics to show off.

On a side note, I am currently in talks with a programmer. Nothing is set in stone as of now so I am not going to say their name but if they do decide to program for Life Forge I will be sure to update everyone on the plans we come up with.

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Alright, so work on the first actual map in Life Forge has begun. It's not very large and its meant to be that way, there really won't be any reason to come back to this map once a player starts playing. In case you didn't notice, the plan is anyways, the player will actually start out with an unconscious sprite until the old man comes and wakes the player. Just thought that would be a nice little graphical addition. Anyways, here is the map:


What do you think? All right for a starting location?

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If you look at the style you're trying to mimic, they don't have random branches crossing over, the tree stumps are also not defined. The trees intertwine between the tiles, if you make it so that there is no difinitive tree trunk per tree i think you will get what you're looking for. I'm no artist but thats my two cents.

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So I know it has been a while since the last update and I thought I would let everyone know whats been going on since then. Life Forge is now being developed with the Intersect Engine, thanks to Jc and Kibz, so there will be an update to the features list. For the most part I have started working on adding graphics again and have a little to show off.


First, I have made a hood and robe. Both will be paperdolled and lay a general style to add onto later.



Next, I have a little recording to share. In this video I wanted to show off some of the paperdolled items so far, my waterfall(which i should have mapped lower, damn ui) and water animations, my fire pit animation, fruit trees, and some crops thanks to George! Oh, also thanks to Murdoc! I ripped some rocks from an old tileset of his.




It was recorded with record.co, which I found thanks to Murdoc, and the sprites movement is choppy but the animations and everything else seem to be okay so I'm not sure if it is the program or my computer. Either way, it still got the job done.


Anyways, just letting everyone know this project isnt dead and I will try and get some more updates out soon.

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Your graphic are top notch. I love the work you have done, are they all custom? And the game seems to be going in a pretty awesome direction. I want to keep updated with this for sure!!

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Thanks! I would say about 90-95% of the tiles I have made. I have ripped a small portion from various places. Dash created the sprite base as well as a few sprites and I have been adding more also. I will probably rip most of the monster sprites, unfortunately. I'm just not very good at making non-human sprites from scratch.

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I've been working on some tree canopies, you know for like a dense forest or something, and this is what I have come up with. If you scroll up and look at the some of the earlier screenshots you will see my original canopies and I think these are alot better. Down below is a screenshot of the trees and if you click on the image it will take you to a short video of them and some other things in action. Please let me know what you guys think.




                                                                              ^^^ CLICK ME ^^^


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Are the monsters in your screenshots the ones that Kreator made for Elandor Chronicles? I remember seeing them in the blog posts when he was still working on that game- it's cool he let you use them.


For your last screenshot- the floor isn't very good, it just looks like carpet because it's not covered and repeating. What you want to do is create some long and short grass tiles and add some decorations to the floor like rocks etc. 

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The last screen shot is not an I'm game map or anything. It's only purpose is to test things. As for the monsters, I'm ripped them from dragonquest but it would be awesome to get to use Kreators monsters. 


Anyways, I was more curious if the tree canopy looked okay. My earlier canopy was terrible so I tried to fix it up a bit. 

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