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  1. Housing/factions

    Hm... Wonder how much cash it'd take to commission a system like that once source code is out. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Housing/factions

    Will that be coming to Intersect as a feature or?
  3. Where would I go to learn the most about C#?

    https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/training-courses/c-fundamentals-for-absolute-beginners-16169 That's what I've been using to learn the basics. Hope it helps.
  4. "Painted" maps

    Of course. Any advice I can implement currently or start to implement a little before source release, I'm doing.
  5. "Painted" maps

    Should be, and because the source code will be released to fine-tune core mechanics of this engine, I'm not TOO worried about it feeling clunky. Even modifying it to add diagonal movement would clear up most of that problem. I mainly wanted to know if I could go ahead and lay down my custom graphics instead of having to use tile placeholders until source is out.
  6. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Ahem. The name's Dagda. I am working on a game ((with my dearest waifu)) that goes by the title Wrathwood Online. I've always preferred Eastern MMOs to Western ((and MMOs with some sandbox model as compared to a theme park MMO)), my favorite being Mabinogi. Our game will reflect this idol sandbox style. My favorite offline games are mainly simulation games: The Sims, Hometown Story, Harvest Moon, the like.I also enjoy games with visual novel elements, my favorite being Danganronpa ((a mystery adventure game series with RPG and Novel elements)). When I'm not with the waifu or stuck in a game, I enjoy composing music and doing some art//animation.
  7. "Painted" maps

    That still looks slightly grid-based. I'm looking to conform it to the grid while giving off the illusion that there is no grid. My style is closer to something like this:
  8. "Painted" maps

    A little elbow grease never hurt anyone. Sometimes if you want better, you can't opt for easier. Right? I'll approach my maps from this angle, and rough them down to be painted atop of. If it is doable, trust I'll find a way to do it. Heh. I'm a tenacious one.
  9. "Painted" maps

    Is it possible to shift away from the standard tile-by-tile world approach and "paint" the maps using terrain-pass to block off the areas while still keeping it feel free? I suppose the closest thing I can give you is Star Ocean 2's town maps as such. I know you can do this in RPG Maker by way of parallaxing. Is there a way that our maps can look this way as well, while not completely conforming to 'the grid'?
  10. World Of Ghoul [PL]

    I'm interested although I can't speak for everyone else. I'm a fan of Tokyo Ghoul and willing to help write out some of the quests here and there if you give me a basic outline of each quest. I sadly cannot commit fully to the project but... The offer for me to help out whenever I can, is there.
  11. Intersect Custom Graphics Fundraiser

    Even though these out-of-the-box graphics are useless to my game due to its nature ((Mine takes place in a world full of 'tiny creatures' with the environments being much larger than the player)), I donated anyway because I see all the hard work done so far and am impressed. Can see many people using them in their projects. Also simply wanted to donate to the engine in general. Thank you for making this product free. I'll donate as much and as often as I can.
  12. Bartering system?

    I figured as much. I don't mind the wait. I can just convert the players' currency they've accumulated into limited trading vouchers when I upgrade to bartering after all. Since I'm guessing the game will be running a short time at least before the source code is available.
  13. Bartering system?

    My game is intended to have restricted to no use of actual currency. If I wanted to replace currency with a 'bartering system', would there be a feasible way to do this within the current confines of this engine? Rudimentary one: Each 'shop owner' has its own value appended to an item and players will have to match the 'items they drop in' to meet or succeed the 'item they want to buy's value' for there to be an agreement. Nothing more or less than that for now. I'm also fine with making this uniform to all shops ((the value of items)) for now. Later on I'd like some items to depreciate or appreciate in 'value' ((and have each shop holder have its own value appended to certain items if I cannot currently add that)).