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  1. It's interesting to see it's possible though.
  2. Yeah, they'll target you through blocked tiles if you're in their radius, but they won't attack you through blocked tiles with spells, I'm pretty sure spells have to be clear line-of-sight to cast.
  3. Can't you give NPCs spells to use?
  4. Nope, you can use the projectile or spell system to deal with that. Pretty sure Intersect supports diagonally aimed projectiles, courtesy of Kibz.
  5. Is there a way to FORCE people to use the launcher every time?
  6. I don't think it works like that at all. I think attack is similar to Strength from Runescape in that it adds to your weapon damage, increasing maximum hit. I think Magic does the same as attack but adds to your spell damage instead. MR and Armour probably have a deduction %, so the higher your armour, the more damage you'll absorb, same for MR.
  7. Nice one man, I'm terrible at monster sprites in most styles. I made a bee and I somehow gave it a butterfly/moth wing animation instead of an animation of bee wings. Y'know I wouldn't mind if you wanted to help out and create a few custom NPCs for any of my projects.
  8. AOE means Area of Effect, if you want a spell to hit a 3x3 tile with the enemy/friend in the middle, for example.
  9. Not a big Dragonball fan my knowledge only extends to the Majin Buu saga since I stopped watching shounen in favour of seinen when I was like 13, so whilst I personally don't have any interest in playing, good job getting this far- why don't you team up with someone else who wants to make a Dragonball game? You'd get way more done.
  10. Regardless, transparency is a good thing and would only help in this case.
  11. I've noticed a few people are saying Intersect is dead, but many more think it and don't say it. The problem from my side (the side of someone who is waiting for and wants to use Intersect but has doubts about it being completed) is the lack of visible progress- I have no doubt progress is being made, but from our side we can't see it and it has been a while since a release. I think the best option would be to open up some transparency to the community with a visual bug/feature tracker so we can see things getting ticked off and thus see the progress being made. It's not something you'd have to update every day, but every few days. This would ease the tension with regards to Intersect being abandoned since it's basically the pillar of the community. I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys that every community that's ever tried to do what AGD is doing failed because they never managed to get a better engine out of the door with which to accommodate the non-programmer devs such as artists, writers and producers. Without a communal engine, those people who can't program an engine will go elsewhere to a site with an engine and the programmers will be stuck here on their own having to outsource their art and music which will eventually lead to "why am I even here" syndrome and they'll also leave, whilst with a communal engine, people form in-community teams, trade code for art and it allows people who don't program to create a game. PowderEngine, IndieRising to name two off of the top of my head. (The ones I used, though I know there are more I can't remember their names.) PowderEngine had it made, the road was clear to success, people were joining the community and then Spork/Spike was contractually forced by his employer to stop developing the engine, so his community died because no one can use a half-made engine. IndieRising died literally because Sekaru refused to listen to me when I kept telling him the community needed an engine to use as a platform to build on- because he didn't do that, his site was almost solely programmers who made one or two posts, usually showing off their game, then left never to return. User retention is important.
  12. I'd take shitty custom art over rpgmaker art any day of the week. At least it looks like you put some effort in.
  13. Holy. Shit. That's a high pitched voice, I thought my video was playing sped up.
  14. Changed the config to play the menu music but it's not working with .ogg. Only having mp3 support would be the epitome of retarded, because .mp3 requires licensing to distribute in projects.
  15. Okay so, someone mentioned something about having a quest to build a house and then having the map change to have a house there. What does this mean for player visuals? Like if Player A hasn't done the quest, would he be walking through the building for player B? Likewise if you had a bridge appear, would player A be walking off a cliff to player B?
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