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  1. Made free again for the summer of quarantine. :)
  2. I pay for the TF tileset for a project I've been working on for the past 2 years - and making paperdolls for everything is quite the task. I've slowly been chipping away at it but I don't think anyone would put the time in just to give it away. The bummer with graphics like that is that they are well known in the indie development world - but as a developer you're almost on a race to release the most popular game using those graphics so that your game doesn't look like anything else that has been super successful. It's an awkward concept, but you may be on your own for this one :p
  3. Hey everyone! It was many years ago when the PlayerWorlds engine got me into game development and since then I've been on and off with tinkering with pixel art. I made something I think is *finally* worth sharing - so here you go! I have a tileset in the works but it's not a huge priority right now. If you'd like to see anything else, let me know and I'll see what I can do! https://palisadestudio.itch.io/16x16-itemset
  4. I apologize but I can't understand what it is you're trying to say? The link shouldn't direct to any ads - it's just the Google Play Store link. Let me know if you have issues still.
  5. Hey guys - this isn't necessarily an intractable or MMO 'game' so I apologize if this doesn't follow the expected criteria. I just released v0.5 of my app called Back N Forth! It's an app that's geared towards human connection, and opening up dialogue between two people. There are over 120 questions that are geared towards specific relationships - Friends, Dating, Married Couples, Parent/Child, and First Date sections are all there and available right now. I will note that I forgot to add in a reset/exit button but that will be added in the next update! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PalisadeStudio.BackAndForth&hl=en Please let me know what you think, and rate the app if you enjoy it! Nate
  6. Typically your animations would be created frame by frame in the first place - so I'm assuming you added some sort of effect or particles / shaders ? I'm not sure how heavy your knowledge is with programming, but you may be able to build a scene that strictly exports an image every frame? It would export a ton unless you controlled the frequency, but there's something. Haha.
  7. When the source code is released I'm sure this will all be easily done with a few minutes of editing - but to my knowledge, this is not possible right now. This is for both of your questions. The game I've been planning to make for years is also based on economy, so it's a feature I've looked for myself - but we may just have to wait for the source code. If I'm wrong though, someone is free to correct me.
  8. If shes just getting into pixel art, this is fantastic work. I think it's a really great start - and with a matching tileset, this could absolutely fit. My opinion, otherwise, is that it looks a little bit like stained glass or a mosaic, not water. Like I said though, with the right tileset it could work. Nontheless this is awesome to see and she's done well
  9. Hey guys! It's super late here so this will be a pretty shotty post until I get back to it. Just wanted to post it here to get it out there for now. The quick points are; The game is called Merchant Tycoon and it has already been greenlit. Check it out here. I recently got a job with PlayStation (I'm from Canada) and my days are long. This has strained the time I have to program the game; this is where I need you. I use Unity, so you would need to be fluent with this engine and C#. Mechanim experience is a huge plus, as the models use Mechanim. Experience in 3D first person games is also an asset. The graphics are all complete with animations. Most menus are complete but not 'plugged in' on the back end. People have been quick to judge the graphics as "blocky minecraft" ripoffs. But the animations are very smooth and attractive. I have a 17-page Game Design Document I can share with a serious candidate. Why work with me? And who am I? My name is Nate, and I operate under the name Palisade Studio. I've got 2000 Instagram followers (@PalisadeStudio), a Greenlit Game, and I work for PlayStation Canada in Marketing. I'm literally dedicated to gaming, and it's always been more of a hobby. My intro to development actually sparked back in the PlayerWorlds/Mirage/Elysium days with a game called Dark Knights (name could be wrong...) and since then I've dabbled in pixel art, 3D modelling, music, programming, etc. I finally found my comfort zone in Unity and I've made 4 or 5 projects that never made it to a 100% complete state due to lack of time, etc. All of them, however, were been hobbyist games, trying to test my skills and learn new things. So it wasn't a loss nor a waste of time. I've done a lot of the work with Merchant Tycoon (enough to get it Greenlit!) and I'm serious about it becoming a functional (and profitable!) game. From October to April I teach high school students entrepreneurship through a program called the After School Company program. Students build a company from the ground up, literally. This year my students won numerous awards and scholarships, and I even won an award for my dedication to the group. I'm 25 years old and I'd love to find a partner with the same drive that I have. If you've got the know how and good habits in terms of C#/Unity; I am confident that I can balance out the business aspect of the game/brand. Feel free to shoot me an email or respond here. E-mail may work out best as I drive all over the province during most of the day. Pass my email along to friends or family if you think they have the skills! Nate.Melo@hotmail.com Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  10. If I understand your question correctly - you are asking what colour the background must be in order for it to come through as transparent when used in-game. Correct? If so, and I could be wrong on this, but this is how it used to be back in the VB days. The top-most left pixel (0,0) is the colour you wish to be transparent. Typically an arbitrary colour you would never use in a tileset. White is good because rarely would you ever want White (#FFFFFF) in a tileset.
  11. Sounds good man, thank you! It's really not an issue I thought if it was super simple it'd be worth it to ask. I'll give the browser a check later down the road! Thank you!
  12. Hey folks - is there a way to get the tileset.png[MISSING] I've deleted from the resources/tilesets folder removed?
  13. As a game developer - what I want to hear most of is what is not working or what sucks. I say that because I cannot trust my friends and family for their true and unfiltered opinion. The internet is a good place to have your work picked apart if that's what you want. The earlier you nip it in the butt, the better, because you're no longer wasting time. I started the tile set I posted in the resources area and it was very saturated and very green. I posted a screen shot after the second day and got the feedback that it was wayy too hard on the eyes and unusable in a serious project. The next day I took their advice and by the end of the week I had a hugely improved tile set. Art has no place for sensitivities if you wish to grow. But I do like the idea of the compliment sandwich.
  14. Nate

    [WIP] Life Forge

    Though I get the idea - I personally prefer the single trees below. Not that it looks bad; I just think this looks better. And for what it's worth - I think it looks good enough that you can let it out of your mind for a while to focus on other things. Come back to it when things are to your liking in other areas, you know? I only say that because I find myself doing the same things Focusing on something that is good enough and trying to refine it to the point of insanity.
  15. New screen shot of an updated UI! Still ongoing development on the UI but its getting there!
  16. Tutorial added tonight!
  17. Added a link to the Game Jam submission page for TEOE! Still very early and I got a little over ambitious for a 2-week Game Jam but more development is on its way. The UI overhaul will make everything look incredible.
  18. I bought the $99 package the day of its 'closed beta' and it's a really great game. The development updates are huge. I'll have to get back into it when I'm done my game!
  19. I think he just 'very hard' liked the post above his and wanted to support the music-depending-on-the-time-day idea.
  20. I'm working on a bunch of paperdoll items for this same base sprite for my Unity game at the moment! Haven't touched on pants yet, otherwise I'd post them here! If you still need them by the time I have them made, they are all yours.
  21. Thank you muchly! With the restriction of using only one button, I think it takes a large chunk of expectation out of it being a 'strategy' game and weighs more on luck with a very linear 'story'. When I release a public version that's not a game jam submission I will have more freedom to change things up if I want. If it's a hit with one button though; I won't fix what's not broken. Happy about the interest, guys - thanks so much
  22. Thanks Murdoc! The only graphics I actually made myself were the paperdoll versions of the popular item set by Henrique (7Soul?) on the sprites from a set called Time Fantasy. They are available for purchase from the author for $10.00 USD and $15.00 for the character set, and enemy/monster set. Lots of other ones available too. I will, however take credit for the game modes. I mean, "Campaign"? Who would have thought of that aside from a totally original genius...
  23. Though it is one button, the rules stated I could still utilize multiple functions of the button. Double tap, tap and hold, single tap, etc. Just couldn't use any mouse click positions in-game. As I progress through the public/commercial release beyond the game jam I think I'll have to open up functionality to keep things clean, especially with multiplayer modes. The UI is currently bland with black/grey colours but I only have so much time so I decided to focus on mechanics rather than UI look and feel... until the game jam is over Thanks a lot, Kibbelz!
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