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  1. FeX: The Future "Action game 2D puzzles" Hello and welcome to my corner! On this occasion we will share the first Dream Maker Studios project! Game created with RPG MAKER MV FeX is a 2D Action game of Puzzles! They must flee from experiments, open doors, sneak out of the hunting robots that will kill you at the moment, they should not be detected by the video cameras. There are 3 different difficulties: Normal (With 3 lives and they can save the game) Difficult: One life alone but they can save the game Ultra Difficult: A life and without saving the game! The complete game will have 10 levels, in the first level there are 8 screens (1-8) On the second level (2-10) and so on FeX is a Garl with good heart, joined the rebellion to dethrone the Dark King who is conquering galaxies at the cost of a very peculiar way of life, you must flee from a maximum security prison to join again with what remains of the Rebellion to defeat the Dark King. Now we will show you some images of the project and later we will upload an updated video! (Menu of FeX) (Jail) (Screen 2-1) (Experiment Room) (Central experiment) (Active hunting robots) (When the hunting robot kills you, it makes you dust!) (Cinematica when you go up and down the stairs!) (And finally the screen of Game Over!) Well, I hope you like my project! Later I will edit the post and implement more information and some video! In the full version we will have 3 languages for the game! Spanish English and Portuguese!
  2. Me equivoque de lugar.
  3. sorry people, if my team includes someone about the resources of other projects. My intention was never so generic, but the game was not published in the forum of this creator of Arcwyre. Thank you very much for making me realize this problem. already talk to zzz in private. and thanks again for letting me use the resources of your project. I will not do this again without first asking permission.
  4. Yes I understand. I will contact the creators and ask for their forgiveness and permission, thank you!
  5. Good, the only thing I could recommend is much better mapping. After that, good luck in the project!
  6. I understand, it was not my intention the truth .. I had a partner with whom we are in the project but I have no idea where I got it. The Arcwyre project you mentioned I did not know until you told me, on the ascension page I'm doing very recently .. I'm sorry if it made you angry, it was not my intention at all. As I saw that the graphics that my colleague happened to me are very good, I decided to put them but I did not ask him where I got them from. As always, take out the goo gle graphics or ask. And sorry for my english, I'm using google translator.
  7. Do not take them out of that project, and if so, what's wrong? that is, there are thousands of people who do that, nor will I sell the game. I did not know that they would get angry if I used other resources, I had no idea sorry.
  8. La comunidad Hispana en esta pagina esta muerta, pero bienvenido?
  9. Urysoft presenta.. Tierras Rúnicas! Bienvenido al primer mmorpg 2D de supervivencia del grupo indie Urysoft. Debes crear tus propias armas y armaduras picando piedras y talando arboles! No existe la moneda en la gran isla, solamente los trueques. Tampoco existe la justicia, fuera de la primera isla todo sera PvP, por lo tanto puedes morir y perder algunos objetos de tu inventario. Esto hará que el juego tenga un toque de supervivencia y dificultad mas elevada que los demás mmorpgs. Creemos que el 1 de Abril del 2019 estará listo la primera versión BETA de Tierras Rúnicas! Ahora subiré un par de Imágenes! (Dentro de unos días vendrá el primer vídeo) Desarrollo Mapeo 40% Objetos 70% Recursos 80% Npc 60% Animaciones 70% Misiones 25% Magias 100% Projectiles 50% Pueden visitar la pagina de Urysoft de Facebook Pagina Urysoft de Facebook Pueden visitar el grupo oficial de Tierras Rúnicas de Facebook Tierras Rúnicas Grupo Oficial Y por ultimo la pagina oficial de Urysoft Pagina Oficial Urysoft
  10. Buenas me presento, me llamo Gustavo Romero tengo 25 años. Soy técnico PC, me gusta el tema de desarrollo de videojuegos. Uso RPG maker desde el 2010 más o menos, después use alter engine, ramza engine, eclipse, easee y después pase a intersect el mejor motor para desarrollar orpg actualmente. Estuve en varios proyectos entre ellos La Última Guerra 2D. Tal vez alguno de acá lo conozca. Pero al estar desarrollándolo solo se me complicó muchísimo. Pero ahora retome un proyecto llamado Tierras Runicas que es un mmo de supervivencia con intersect engine. Actualmente soy el único en el proyecto pero como ya tengo los sprites tengo casi el 50% del juego. Saludos
  11. A question about the year the biggest plan will come out? They make a price or what? Sorry for my lousy English.
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