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  1. feder

    Rain Tale Online

    nice pixel art. Is this your draw?
  2. so this means intersect engine can use cheaper servers with less requirements and get good quality?
  3. Really nice, I might use this in future. I wonder how much players it can handle at the time. I saw games like orake 2D using deticated server for 70 usd per month to hold 10 players lol.
  4. feder

    Support on developing

    You are right, making a good quality game needs time. Maybe I will stick with it, I dont know need to prepare for everything mentaly.
  5. feder

    Adding new skills

    Hello, How to add new skill in source? I know already there is herbalism,fishing,woodcutting,mining, for example I want to add runecrafting like in runescape, what files to edit? The skill can use same properties and mechanics like herbalism and ect.
  6. feder

    Support on developing

    Im just scared that I will receive the game breaking bug and even if I pay for it the devs wont fix for me that bug and the game will fail So I want to know if I will get support, becouse the updates are going slowly for intersect engine.
  7. feder

    Support on developing

    Hello, If for example I start making game on this engine and release it to public, its possible to get support from devs fixing bugs if players report them? Or I shouldint touch this engine until the source is released?
  8. feder

    Orion+ 2.0

    what version needed to use visual basic? becouse I tried to open with visual basic 2010 cant open the project and compile it.
  9. Hello,

    Really want to use the intersect engine, then the source will be released? Becouse I want to create mmo, but it limits me becouse I cant edit new features like guilds or something.

  10. Hello, Anybody knows how to create Mining, Smithing, Alchemy skills with levels like Runescape? Its possible with events? And how to show the stats in GUI?
  11. feder

    Stable engine?

    Thanks for replies, I think I will go for intersect
  12. feder

    Stable engine?

    what language intersect is using? Still same vb6?
  13. feder

    Stable engine?

    Hello, Is this stable engine for creating mmo? I saw this engine can hold atleast 70 players online without the lag not like another eclipse origins engines. Is all scripts writed by vb6 language and is this still supported and get updates? I saw intersect engine so what you recommend what engine is better to use? Thank you for replies.