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  1. Downloading it right now, looks fun
  2. Just got the source code, I'll read the code and see what I can get fixed
  3. Tbh I've been following this project since it was in eclipse origins and I would gladly help, I have some knowledge of C#.
  4. Hello, I want to purchase a server but currently I get a critical error
  5. I asked because I had the same issue, I changed the name of playerdata to another db I had before and it just worked after that (Well I also commented out the line of config to force it to go straight to the main page and check how it worked)
  6. Did you create the database "playerdata"?
  7. I know php and mysql, I would happily help with this project anytime
  8. Can you share the sprites you are using? Perhaps we could do something about the file.
  9. Is there a way to use a player variable in the damage formula? I read the tutorial on ability points and I tought it would be cool thatif you have 50 points in your katana weapon you would get like a buff on attack
  10. So it is basically masking your ip with the No-Ip address, you still need to port porward and have your game accessible to the outside world right?
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