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  1. I'm trying to buy some at discount but when I add them to cart, I see them as full price. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Edit: I'm dumb af, the discount is for the whole bundle including the 21 packages, they don't individually have discount.
  2. If you can copy the full text, I can happily check it and see where the problem is but so far i gues you have an issue with the "Greater than" since everytime you get a fish, it will trigger the message since it will still be greater than the exp threshhold.
  3. Downloading it right now, looks fun
  4. Just got the source code, I'll read the code and see what I can get fixed
  5. Tbh I've been following this project since it was in eclipse origins and I would gladly help, I have some knowledge of C#.
  6. Hello, I want to purchase a server but currently I get a critical error
  7. I asked because I had the same issue, I changed the name of playerdata to another db I had before and it just worked after that (Well I also commented out the line of config to force it to go straight to the main page and check how it worked)
  8. Did you create the database "playerdata"?
  9. I know php and mysql, I would happily help with this project anytime
  10. Can you share the sprites you are using? Perhaps we could do something about the file.
  11. Is there a way to use a player variable in the damage formula? I read the tutorial on ability points and I tought it would be cool thatif you have 50 points in your katana weapon you would get like a buff on attack
  12. So it is basically masking your ip with the No-Ip address, you still need to port porward and have your game accessible to the outside world right?
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