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  1. Bump! We are back. As Priority, I am looking for programmer to modify the source. (Paid)
  2. We can discuss if you are still looking for someone.
  3. Uyarrr

    Admin Tool

    Looks perfect, thank you!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm back to working on my game. I need several source modifications and pixel artist. I can pay. If you are interested my discord ⎝⎝Uyarrr⎠⎠#9075 . Game Name: Telasia Online Engine: Intersect Engine Looking for: GFX Artist or someone talented on editing pixel art I have. Programmer for source modifications for several stuff. Our Current Team: Me (Basically do everything except music) A friend (Makes music) Another Friend (Writes big fancy quest and story lines.) And another friend (Helps on simple stuff from time to time.) Trailer Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/YSeTEp5
  5. They look good ^^ well done
  6. Literally same thing happened to me in a while ago but from someone else named Trixer... who was really active in community discord. Difference is we talked way more when compared to this. I've paid him, he delayed me so many times with bullshit excuses. Since I've paid him, I tried to be polite many times so maybe I can get my money back or atleast he can work later on but ofc nope. I lost my 50$ aswell. I'm sorry about that.
  7. It's super amazing update! It will be awesome! Thanks for that I'm really hyped about input fields.
  8. You can make it easily by using animation editor and event type tile. 1 - Create new animation without sprite, set its light setting as what you want. 2 - Place event to map where you want to put your light, set event animation to your new animation. After add spawn condition to it. Done I don't think there are any other way to do right now sadly. You can't put conditions to map tile attributes.
  9. Answer: Yes possible, wait for source!
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