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  1. It looks really good and useful. I have one suggestion would make this even better. Can you add conditions to crafts? Like in item editor.
  2. It's super amazing update! It will be awesome! Thanks for that I'm really hyped about input fields.
  3. You can make it easily by using animation editor and event type tile. 1 - Create new animation without sprite, set its light setting as what you want. 2 - Place event to map where you want to put your light, set event animation to your new animation. After add spawn condition to it. Done I don't think there are any other way to do right now sadly. You can't put conditions to map tile attributes.
  4. Answer: Yes possible, wait for source!
  5. Uyarrr

    Stat equipment

    If you are asking about buff spells, answer is no. Percentage based stat buffs only includes character self stats, not includes stats from items. I think I didn't get your question at all whatever lol.
  6. Wow, this project is still alive! Keep up the good work!
  7. I'm down for anything required. Username: Uyarrr Intersect Projects: Telasia Online Roles: Anything required except gfx.
  8. I reported bug about it before. https://tracker.freemmorpgmaker.com/jcsnider/Intersect-Engine/issues/35 Shield is basically increases caster's max hp by amount of hp damage. But sadly it not scales with stats right now.
  9. You can do everything you want if you code it, when source code is out.
  10. This is super annoying issue. It makes me always confuse. It's really small box. Really... Look at this. It can be way more bigger.
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