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  1. After a lots of work, finally new Closed Alpha version of Telasia Online Released! This version includes tons of news. We are getting closer for Open Alpha! Stay Tuned! If you are patron you can play in closed alpha! https://www.patreon.com/uyarrr https://discord.gg/9Ftzq32
  2. Uyarrr

    Where are the boots slot?

    Open your server/resources/config.json with notepad or something similar. There are a tab named Equipment, add new line named Boots to it. "Equipment": { "WeaponSlot": 2, "ShieldSlot": 3, "Slots": [ "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Boots", "Amulet", "Ring", "Belt", Like that
  3. Uyarrr

    Editor randomly crashing in quest editor

    It happens to me too. One of my quests basically corrupted because of this. Can't delete or can't replace it.
  4. Uyarrr

    Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

    Using many of them for Telasia Online. Thanks!
  5. Uyarrr

    Bleed Effect Possible?

    Yes, use hidden projectile, give it a bleed spell on collision, make invisible projectile range 1, speed 1ms.
  6. Uyarrr

    Systems I want

    After Craft Events and Requirements. (Example: When Wooden Staff crafted, do events.)
  7. Hello everyone, I'm working on Telasia for months, but after It's started to be frustrating and tiring stuff since I'm the only one who works on this project and I don't have many investment to invest too. There are many roles to fill if you guys want to work with me! Graphic Designer Sound Effects Music Story Writer and Detailed Story Quests Creator http://telasiaonline.com/ https://discord.gg/9Ftzq32
  8. Tried to draw some weapons with my friend. (512x512) (256x256)


  9. v0.0.8 Released! You can download it from www.telasiaonline.com