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  1. AQ ENGINES : The evolution ! AQ Engine is devided into two creators : One for your Orpg 2d game and the other one for your custom 3D Game 2D AQE : Features : -Dynamic day and night system -Character customization -Unique weather system -Open source ? Who knows -Skill trees -Smart NPCs -Cinematics -An extra super mega map editor ( surprise for later ) -WIP ( fast updates and bug fixes) -A GUI lol -Friends -Pets -Transformations -3D animation effects -Combos and realistic fight system -Parties , teams etc ... -GUI always being updated -Any other thing that you would expect from a ORPG creator -Your suggestions Screenies : The inside of the game is still looking draft , I'll be fixing that and then showing you how things look like More screenshots are coming ... 3D Engine : WIP ( Not yet available for preview ) I won't be updating this topic often due to the lack of my time , but I'll still be working on it .
  2. You can't change it , I think
  3. Akihiko

    DBZ Renaissance

    "Currently dead" --- In pause If you still are working on it , then it's not dead . Good luck mate .
  4. Is this like the fastest update in the history of Intersect ? Otherwise it's as usual a great job .
  5. If it worked for all of us , then it should work for you too if you followed the tutorial step by step and correctly ...
  6. Mugen games are getting revived thanks to their unique characters design , so I would recommend that style but only if you have experience in DOS programmation otherwise , go for side scroller
  7. He isn't talking about spells but stat points
  8. Not possible even using the events system cuz there are no stat points changer in it if my memory is good enough . Waiting for the open source release to easily add it in your way is the only thing I can advise you to do .
  9. Akihiko

    Web Hosting

    I'm interested . And thanks for this nice share , you're a great person
  10. New stuffs : Hoods of the nil . 1\ What are these : Elementary items that boost a specefic stat according to their color ( element) . 2\ Where/how to get them : Each hood is hidden somewhere in a different dungeon than the other . After completing dungeon's boss quest , you'll be able to pick up the hidden hood after finding it . CAREFUL : if you leave the dungeon before getting that hidden hood , it will disappear for you . 3\ What does those hoods look like : ---- Made by shinki's artists
  11. Akihiko

    PS4 or XBONE

    Xbox One is better for local games
  12. New concept : I decided to work on a system that I'll add when Intersect goes open source thanks to my unique skills in C# ( waiting for that impatiently ) : Ranks 1\ Getting a rank : Once you reach the level max in game , you'll still be able to gain more power thanks to the ranked battles , you'll recieve 1 AP which are arena points if you lose and 10 if you win but you first need to get yourself a rank before entering the ranked arenas . To get the bronze rank you'll have to get 1000 AP in the normal arenas , don't think a second that it's hard because you won't only get 10 AP by win and 5 by lose but 200 points whatever you lose or win . 2\ Gaining more power : When you get your first rank which is "Bronze" , you'll be able to enter one of the five bronze arenas where you'll have to kill players for APs in ranked battles . once reached a certain amount of APs , you'll be able to move to the next rank "Silver" which is not yet available but will be soon . You can spend APs to get skill points : Normal arenas APs doesn't give any stat points but in bronze arenas , you'll get 1 skill point for 50 APs . 3\ What to do with skill points : You can spend skill points to upgrade/unlock passive skills . Some of those passive skills may need a condition to be enabled , let's take an exemple : This skill : Adds 3.5 % to your base attack damage but only if you have less than 30% HP That skill : Allows you to stun the enemy every 5 attacks for 5 seconds but only if he has more than 80% HP 4\ Rewards : in addition to the skill points , the first player of a certain rank will get payed 20000 Yins a day as long as he stills the first . 5\ Removing a player from a rank : The last player will be removed from his rank if he stays in that position for 3 days , that player will then be warped to the previous rank in the last position. The player will be back to the normal arenas if he stays the last of the bronze rank for three days At the end of the month , the first player of the hightest rank will be honored in the forum and will recieve the item he wants from the store . This won't be available in pre-alpha 1
  13. 2 Sounds like Damian will be breaking this score too
  14. Yo guys , have some bad news here . I won't be able to make the pre-alpha available for all because of some server problems ... That's why I decided to offer 10 free places to take . You can send me a pm where you want ( Here , forum , discord ...) so that I can register you in the alpha testers list . I hope that everyone who wanted to test the game can register for the pre-alpha even if 10 places aren't much at all . Note : pre-alpha accounts will be deleted (I think that you already know about that lol)
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