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  1. AQ ENGINES : The evolution ! AQ Engine is devided into two creators : One for your Orpg 2d game and the other one for your custom 3D Game 2D AQE : Features : -Dynamic day and night system -Character customization -Unique weather system -Open source ? Who knows -Skill trees -Smart NPCs -Cinematics -An extra super mega map editor ( surprise for later ) -WIP ( fast updates and bug fixes) -A GUI lol -Friends -Pets -Transformations -3D animation effects -Combos and realistic fight system -Parties , teams etc ... -GUI always being updated -Any other thing that you would expect from a ORPG creator -Your suggestions Screenies : The inside of the game is still looking draft , I'll be fixing that and then showing you how things look like More screenshots are coming ... 3D Engine : WIP ( Not yet available for preview ) I won't be updating this topic often due to the lack of my time , but I'll still be working on it .
  2. Laggy . So what ? It may be the net , the computer , or the video itself . But ofc not the system . Bruh ... That system can be made at .net too
  3. Using the Eclipse engine too btw
  4. Spaming ? I never talked about spaming keys ... And you don't spam keys in DBZ Video games cuz they have CD time Here is an exemple video
  5. Your PVE and PVP system are just limited to be used in an as much dynamique anime game as DBZ . Fights are in need of mobility cuz as I can see in one of your videos , the player just stays immobile while fighting Nappa and that does not really give a Dragon ball Z fight impression . If you can't do that , just execute a cinematic each time that an event happens fx. When Nappa hits you 3 times in a row , he goes in a combo in which you'll have to dodge his attacks using random keys .
  6. Looks cool but PV(E/P) is too much limited for a DBZ Game in my opinion .
  7. You can't change it , I think
  8. Akihiko

    DBZ Renaissance

    "Currently dead" --- In pause If you still are working on it , then it's not dead . Good luck mate .
  9. Is this like the fastest update in the history of Intersect ? Otherwise it's as usual a great job .
  10. If it worked for all of us , then it should work for you too if you followed the tutorial step by step and correctly ...
  11. Mugen games are getting revived thanks to their unique characters design , so I would recommend that style but only if you have experience in DOS programmation otherwise , go for side scroller
  12. He isn't talking about spells but stat points
  13. Not possible even using the events system cuz there are no stat points changer in it if my memory is good enough . Waiting for the open source release to easily add it in your way is the only thing I can advise you to do .
  14. Akihiko

    Web Hosting

    I'm interested . And thanks for this nice share , you're a great person
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