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  1. It isn't even in the roadmap. So unless it's just not listed, you'd have to make a guild system when source releases.
  2. It is possible to do this now, but will take some work. You can use PHP to read the database inside the server's resources folder. Though, the database will be changing soon so it is not a good idea to make thing which work based on the current database. And as for B5. It's out when it's out. There is no set date (That I know of).
  3. To sum up all the creator on the Japanese website wants is his name in the credits (Link preferred but not a direct link to the image). And if possible, contact him of anything his work is being published in.
  4. This is probably the easiest solution if you don't mind spending a little money to get something up with little effort. There is always the option to host it yourself, which is free. To sum up what you have to do: Send the client files to anyone wanting to play. The editor program doesn't need to be sent if they don't need it. You will also need to modify the config.xml file inside the resources folder of the client so the IP matches your public IP. You can find this by typing "What is my IP" into Google. Provided UPNP is working fine for you, port forwarding should not be needed. However, if it is, you can look up a guide for your router on how to port forward. If all that has worked fine, everyone should be able to join fine. Keep in mind that any updates to client files need to be sent to the users.
  5. The only way I know of doing this (without modifying the source) is to distribute your game with a .reg file to modify the section of the registry that stores the resolution selected. Though, this could be seen as a shady thing to do since a .reg file could do more than simply set the resolution of the game. I believe it also boots into 800x600 default as some people still use monitors at that resolution. Just a backwards compatibility thing. You'll be better off just telling people that you recommend changing the resolution if their monitor supports it.
  6. I'm not sure about server-side, but client-side would have no issues. The client only keeps a few maps loaded at a time so that you can see only what you might be able to see from the map you are on. You'll see what I mean if you make a long line of connected maps and open the debug menu with F2. You will see that only a few of those maps are loaded and probably even less are drawn. I had 12 maps in a line and this picture shows 12 maps in a line but only 3 of them are known about by the client and then drawn by it.
  7. This isn't a great workaround, but this should hopefully help. Create a common event which loops turning a switch on and off which allows a player to eat or not. This isn't a great way of doing it and it could get annoying that sometimes you can't eat when you should, but it could help with the spamming problem until a better solution is added.
  8. Well currently what you are wanting isn't supported (From what I know). All you can do is add it to the suggestions and hope.
  9. Setting stats to certain things is clearly not added yet (hopefully it will be). However, as to the other thing you said. This is easy. Just set a Conditional Branch in the event and Condition Type as "Level or Stat is...". Then set that condition to whatever you need.
  10. That XML file works fine. You are probably missing one or more of "event2responses.png", "event3responses.png" and "event4responses.png" from your GUI folder. I removed these files and it created the same problem.
  11. If the GPU listed from the error in your first post is what you have, that will be why it will not run. That is a fairly old GPU and only has 256 MB of VRAM. The requirements on the documentation show that the editor requires 1 GB of VRAM. This is likely the problem. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Welcome.html#page_Requirements
  12. Technically, a mobile may be able to run the client or server. But not practically. If you root a phone, you could possibly install mono or wine, allowing them to run the client or server. But a problem is there will be no touch screen support and so you need to plug in a keyboard and mouse using an adaptor. I'm not sure how nicely mono or wine would run Intersect on a mobile though, or even at all. But it might be possible.
  13. For Z-Dimensions, add this: <ZDimensionVisible>True</ZDimensionVisible> to your server's config.xml like this:
  14. This is meant to be more of a method of hiding your files so that people can't mess with them as easily. But anyway, this does work with jc's launcher/updater. Obviously, this is not a very good permanent solution, but it should work as a temporary security for those who don't want people fiddling with files. Yes, this is probably the biggest drawback of it. I'd only recommend using it on a game you are mostly finished with and will rarely update anymore. Or if you would still update it, the updates would have to be big changes and not just update for every little thing. Edit: Forgot to mention that the launcher I was using was downloading the packaged exe and was not packaged into a single exe by itself. I don't know how it would work if you tried to use a packaged launcher, but I'd assume badly.
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