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  1. MiniGrief

    Tool Types

    I think you can change them in the server's config.xml. Edit: Just checked and yes. Here's an example of what you do if you're adding a tool called "Extra Tool" <Slot4>Extra Tool</Slot4> Add that into the <ToolTypes> area.
  2. Idk if anyone actually knows this yet, but JC's name isn't exactly hidden. While I don't know what the C stands for, Snider is his last name. I'll only post (At least what I believe is) his name if he says I can since I don't really know if he's ok with it.
  3. MiniGrief

    Animation play on projectile hit

    Ideally, I would have liked it to work as a equipable weapon, but I can make what I'm trying to do work as a spell. Thanks.
  4. Is there any way to have an animation play when a projectile, such as a bullet or arrow, hits a player or NPC. I've been trying for the past 30 minutes with no luck.
  5. I'd assume so. But you can easy change the port so people can't just randomly join if that's what you're worried about. It also runs off UPNP which can be disabled in a router's settings if you want. Anyway, those features look amazing. The auto port forwarding will definitely help people new to the engine and even people new to game development.
  6. MiniGrief

    Favorite linux distro

    Ubuntu is probably the best one to start on. It has a very good amount of documentation and support. Not to mention, it comes pre-installed with a very easy to use graphical shell. (I think It's called Unity). I prefer Arch for general usage, development, customisation, etc. I find Debian or Ubuntu server to be best for hosting servers.
  7. MiniGrief

    Server and deploying

    If you really don't want to host it yourself, just find a cheap VPS host. Some recommendations: Linux Only: Waveride (Very cheap and works perfectly for me) Windows or Linux: OVH (Very good quality, but a bit more pricey)
  8. MiniGrief

    How to work server?

    A pretty good guide on how to port forward is here: Guide Port forwarding might not be the same for you as shown in the guide but it should hopefully give you a good idea on how to go about doing it.
  9. MiniGrief

    Trying to run the server on Ubuntu

    That should be the solution, Martinnl.
  10. MiniGrief

    Intersect plugins injection

    This is actually incredible. A very nice way to add custom things to the engine without access to the source. A issue I see is that these plugins will have likely access to everything. If that is the case, couldn't someone make a malicious plugin?
  11. MiniGrief

    Low FPS Editor Fix.

    Just that processor is strange to see in a Desktop PC as it's a notebook processor. Very low powered for a Desktop PC then. It also makes upgrading easier and likely what you'd need to upgrade is motherboard, CPU, GPU and possibly memory if the old memory is not compatible.
  12. MiniGrief

    Low FPS Editor Fix.

    From the looks of it, you probably have a laptop of some sort. If you do, upgrading it is not impossible but it would be fairly difficult. Everything but the CPU/APU is fine. As it is probably a laptop, installing a GPU would be pretty much impossible. I think the best you could do would be install a better CPU if you manage to locate one. Just want to point out that installing a CPU in a laptop can be a pain for even someone who works with computer hardware a lot so it might not be a good idea to even try. It mostly just depends on the laptop and how it is put together. If you really are desperate to install a new one, I'd recommend watching a few guides first to see what it can be like and the kind of hassle you will need to deal with. Example.
  13. MiniGrief

    Using uTorrent to port forward

    Here's a program that I personally use for creating upnp ports: https://sourceforge.net/projects/upnp-portmapper/ Has been working fine for me and (as far as I know) should be free from malware
  14. MiniGrief

    Dev Blog 3/29/17 - Friends list and advanced chatbox

    Would the text next to the person's name (Aka the map they are on) be able to be turned off or at least have some kind of alias for the friends list as I can imagine some people not wanting many maps called the same thing for a big area.
  15. MiniGrief

    Server specefications

    This isn't really a proper answer to the question, but the game server is unlikely to be so intensive that it has to use more than 1 core. Majority of the time, it would just be unnecessary.