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  1. It isn't even in the roadmap. So unless it's just not listed, you'd have to make a guild system when source releases.
  2. It is possible to do this now, but will take some work. You can use PHP to read the database inside the server's resources folder. Though, the database will be changing soon so it is not a good idea to make thing which work based on the current database. And as for B5. It's out when it's out. There is no set date (That I know of).
  3. To sum up all the creator on the Japanese website wants is his name in the credits (Link preferred but not a direct link to the image). And if possible, contact him of anything his work is being published in.
  4. This is probably the easiest solution if you don't mind spending a little money to get something up with little effort. There is always the option to host it yourself, which is free. To sum up what you have to do: Send the client files to anyone wanting to play. The editor program doesn't need to be sent if they don't need it. You will also need to modify the config.xml file inside the resources folder of the client so the IP matches your public IP. You can find this by typing "What is my IP" into Google. Provided UPNP is working fine for you, port forwarding should not be needed. However, if it is, you can look up a guide for your router on how to port forward. If all that has worked fine, everyone should be able to join fine. Keep in mind that any updates to client files need to be sent to the users.
  5. Even if anyone did, it is likely useless at this point. This hasn't been updated in over a year and a lot has changed in that time. Not to mention, the new version that is being developed will have a giant database change, making this useless unless you want to make your own plugins.
  6. The only way I know of doing this (without modifying the source) is to distribute your game with a .reg file to modify the section of the registry that stores the resolution selected. Though, this could be seen as a shady thing to do since a .reg file could do more than simply set the resolution of the game. I believe it also boots into 800x600 default as some people still use monitors at that resolution. Just a backwards compatibility thing. You'll be better off just telling people that you recommend changing the resolution if their monitor supports it.
  7. The only way I can see this working is some kind of PHP shell. BUT, they can really screw you over for security if not protected properly and so I highly recommend finding other ways to do this. If you use Linux, You should be able to have the PHP shell send commands to a running screen session. shell_exec("screen -S InsertGameScreenName -X stuff 'CommandToRun''\n'"); Again, this is a giant security flaw waiting to happen. Try avoid using it if possible. Edit: Just to clarify why I say PHP shells are bad security. If someone realises that they are entering text into a shell, they could potentially compromise your entire machine by writing commands into it and creating their own users to then SSH into it and so on and so forth. I won't go into full detail, but it is generally not a good idea to allow a user to type anything into one. They should only be used by the web server to enter pre-defined commands. This you could still do if you want to make the page a little fancier and have buttons with pre-defined commands attached to them. This only means you can't do anything like ban a player or make an announcement from this as it opens up the security flaw with the shell due to requiring the user to type text into them. Provided you only allow the user to press a button to do a pre-defined command and you protect it with very good security (Possibly a hard-coded password that is created in the PHP code so it is never sent to the user), you can probably get away with doing it.
  8. I think it's just a bug with text. I tested it with EXP, where I can see an exact number going up or down in real time and it only went up in intervals of 1 each time. Might be a good idea to submit a bug report of it.
  9. Oh, I didn't realize you wanted it to show for both players. Either way, I don't know a way around this, I think it might be a bug actually. Also, not sure why you'd want to do this in the first place. By having this happen, everyone in the game will have the text pop-up. Only (kind of) fix I can think of is to only allow the event to play the common event once. It seems to work first time just fine for the first time. Only after that it seems to trip up.
  10. Try these, I highlighted anything you need to change: Common Event: Event: Edit: Forgot to mention, remove the condition list in your Common event.
  11. I think you can change them in the server's config.xml. Edit: Just checked and yes. Here's an example of what you do if you're adding a tool called "Extra Tool" <Slot4>Extra Tool</Slot4> Add that into the <ToolTypes> area.
  12. Idk if anyone actually knows this yet, but JC's name isn't exactly hidden. While I don't know what the C stands for, Snider is his last name. I'll only post (At least what I believe is) his name if he says I can since I don't really know if he's ok with it.
  13. Ideally, I would have liked it to work as a equipable weapon, but I can make what I'm trying to do work as a spell. Thanks.
  14. Is there any way to have an animation play when a projectile, such as a bullet or arrow, hits a player or NPC. I've been trying for the past 30 minutes with no luck.
  15. I'd assume so. But you can easy change the port so people can't just randomly join if that's what you're worried about. It also runs off UPNP which can be disabled in a router's settings if you want. Anyway, those features look amazing. The auto port forwarding will definitely help people new to the engine and even people new to game development.
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