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  1. Cross-Platform

    Technically, a mobile may be able to run the client or server. But not practically. If you root a phone, you could possibly install mono or wine, allowing them to run the client or server. But a problem is there will be no touch screen support and so you need to plug in a keyboard and mouse using an adaptor. I'm not sure how nicely mono or wine would run Intersect on a mobile though, or even at all. But it might be possible.
  2. For Z-Dimensions, add this: <ZDimensionVisible>True</ZDimensionVisible> to your server's config.xml like this:
  3. Package your game into a single exe file

    This is meant to be more of a method of hiding your files so that people can't mess with them as easily. But anyway, this does work with jc's launcher/updater. Obviously, this is not a very good permanent solution, but it should work as a temporary security for those who don't want people fiddling with files. Yes, this is probably the biggest drawback of it. I'd only recommend using it on a game you are mostly finished with and will rarely update anymore. Or if you would still update it, the updates would have to be big changes and not just update for every little thing. Edit: Forgot to mention that the launcher I was using was downloading the packaged exe and was not packaged into a single exe by itself. I don't know how it would work if you tried to use a packaged launcher, but I'd assume badly.
  4. This is something I'm surprised hasn't been posted here before, or at least some variant of this. Either way, this is a way to package all your game files into a single exe file. This can be used as a method to hide your files, but it's just that. Hiding. This is NOT encryption and should not be used with the interpretation that it is. You can right click the packaged exe and open it in Winrar to see all your files. But it stops the average person from fiddling with the files if you don't want them to. Note: Some anti-viruses detect these packaged files as suspicious and mark them as viruses, but these are typically brands that few people commonly use. VirusTotal Scan Required software: Winrar Your game Step 1: Step 2:
  5. Php - Server

    The only way I can see this working is some kind of PHP shell. BUT, they can really screw you over for security if not protected properly and so I highly recommend finding other ways to do this. If you use Linux, You should be able to have the PHP shell send commands to a running screen session. shell_exec("screen -S InsertGameScreenName -X stuff 'CommandToRun''\n'"); Again, this is a giant security flaw waiting to happen. Try avoid using it if possible. Edit: Just to clarify why I say PHP shells are bad security. If someone realises that they are entering text into a shell, they could potentially compromise your entire machine by writing commands into it and creating their own users to then SSH into it and so on and so forth. I won't go into full detail, but it is generally not a good idea to allow a user to type anything into one. They should only be used by the web server to enter pre-defined commands. This you could still do if you want to make the page a little fancier and have buttons with pre-defined commands attached to them. This only means you can't do anything like ban a player or make an announcement from this as it opens up the security flaw with the shell due to requiring the user to type text into them. Provided you only allow the user to press a button to do a pre-defined command and you protect it with very good security (Possibly a hard-coded password that is created in the PHP code so it is never sent to the user), you can probably get away with doing it.
  6. For this bug, you can set a common event to run when a player logs into the game and have that common event check if the player was in the arena using a switch that will only be true if the player was in the arena and logged off. For when a player logs out, it is a hastle, but some kind of global event that tracks a time variable that counts down every second would work to at least reduce the problem.
  7. Unable to connect the server, help

    It looks like you haven't entered your PC's IP on the network properly into your port settings. Open CMD and type ipconfig and then this should bring up some information on your network connection. You need to look for IPv4 Address in the information and this should be very easy to find provided you don't have more then one adapter installed. It will look like but the 17 will likely be a different number. You need to change the Internal IP in the port settings to the number found in your CMD. Another possible fix is enabling UPnP. This will deal with the port forwarding for you. Very few older routers support it though and it is usually enabled by default if the router does support it. This is the only problem I can find with your setup, but it might not be all of the problem(s) as port forwarding can be fiddly sometimes.
  8. Common events again

    I think it's just a bug with text. I tested it with EXP, where I can see an exact number going up or down in real time and it only went up in intervals of 1 each time. Might be a good idea to submit a bug report of it.
  9. Common events again

    Oh, I didn't realize you wanted it to show for both players. Either way, I don't know a way around this, I think it might be a bug actually. Also, not sure why you'd want to do this in the first place. By having this happen, everyone in the game will have the text pop-up. Only (kind of) fix I can think of is to only allow the event to play the common event once. It seems to work first time just fine for the first time. Only after that it seems to trip up.
  10. Common events again

    Try these, I highlighted anything you need to change: Common Event: Event: Edit: Forgot to mention, remove the condition list in your Common event.
  11. Display Image From Event

    For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Suggestion Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// The ability to display an image to overlay on the screen from an event would be extremely useful. It could allow people to create much better looking text or even possibly (If someone wanted to) a kind of stop-motion animation.
  12. Need help with splitting images.

    If it doesn't already support it, I think you'd have to suggest that as an option or add it when source is released. It's best to just use 32x32 if possible as that's supported already. You could go through all of the images you want to use and resize them to 32x32, but this will be really tedious.
  13. Need help with splitting images. They are unorganized, but it should hopefully be a start for you. There's just so many that the usual method I use for splitting wouldn't work.
  14. People on server?

    There is no real answer to this. The only true way to know is to actually have the amount of people you're expecting to play to actually play at the same time. Personally, I believe that 100-200+ should be no problem if everything is perfect about your set up. This really does depend on the specs of the system it is running on and the speed/stability of the network though. There will never be a truely perfect set up.
  15. Tool Types

    I think you can change them in the server's config.xml. Edit: Just checked and yes. Here's an example of what you do if you're adding a tool called "Extra Tool" <Slot4>Extra Tool</Slot4> Add that into the <ToolTypes> area.