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  1. Hello! I recently added armors and weapons to my game and doing some testing I noticed that I need 1000 defense to block around 15 physical attack. Did anyone modify the base formula or know how to apply simple things like 10 defense reduces 10% incoming physical damage? (same for abilitypower-magic defense). Thank you!
  2. Wise words, I should have done that too. Someone from this community spammed me in discord 1 week to help him for $$, after I spend days fixing his problems in remote desktop he didnt pay anything.
  3. Progress has continued without rest, among other novelties there are: - Monster raid system to cities - New missions - New zones Next on the list: Update interface and put some finishing touches on gear and skills
  4. Hello everyone, I am pleased to officially announce the game that I have been working on alone for more than 4 years. An open alpha for testing would come in a few weeks, and in the future it is planned to launch on Steam (already in itch.io). Special thanks to AGD for their hard work these years and all contributors, you da real mvps, @jcsnider, @Kibbelz, @panda, @Cheshire, @Arufonsu, @Alrobin, @Aurele, @BabyLoves And also @XFallSeane for his work in the website and @Weylon Santana for helping with events. Game trailer will be recorded with player battles and events during a weekend (date anounced on discord and social media previously). https://meganiaonline.com/ Why a new MMORPG? During my gamer career I have played in hardcore mode more than 500 titles, and although not all of them have been bad ... in general the experience could have been improved, for example: No pay to win aspects Transparency during development (updates are released almost daily on discord) Expect titles that are announced and never come to light Continue to provide content and do not abandon it after a few months of use Endgame more durable, healthy and with variety to do Interesting leveling and not an obligation to reach the highest level Immersive adventure, here if you die you drop unbound objects What is Megania Online? A 2d mmorpg that features classic rogue-like elements and top down rpgs. Well-defined, old-school classes (Warrior, Archer, Druid, and Wizard) Cartoon-type combat animations (Boom! Zap! WoW! ...) More than 45 skills Open world PvP (in the future there will be Battlegrounds with objetives) Map rich in treasures, mazes and puzzles Allow players to own their house wherever they want Skills by class, potions and runes to get you into adventure Very dark caves and importance of torch and spells Crafting equipment and consumables Much more! Since it is a solo project, my time to record videos and upload them is limited, so I cannot provide much gameplay (I spend about 10 hours a day developing it, sometimes even more). For now I prefer to focus on advancing with the content (maps, monsters and objects, to have an alpha with quality and fun). I encourage you to join the discord (or another social network) and see the progress from there, THERE IS NO SPAM, just an image, gif or daily / weekly entry. Social media Discord: https://discord.gg/FTjmeRE2UE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Megania-Online-2d-Mmorpg-109441028012278 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meganiaonline/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/meganiaonline Itch.io: https://andical.itch.io/meganiaonline I encourage you to follow the development and contribute your ideas and impressions! See you in MEGANIA ONLINE !!! Staff: Engine: Story: Multimedia:
  5. common event > trigger > on death -> add "SHOW options" with a few options, for example spawn in city = free, or spawn near. if they select near add a conditional branch, if player has 100 golds take 100 golds and warp him where you want or if he doesnt have money show a message instead, you need a contiditional or he will spawn even if he doesnt have gold. to change default spawn points is more complex, you have to create a player variable and call it for example "spawn1", "spawn2" etc anything you want, then an npc change this, for example you go to a city talk to an npc and he says "would you like to change spawning point here"? if you select the option yes, change the player variable you created, if it was bool set it true or false and in a common event you control where player spawn easily with a contidional branch. If player spawn point variable = "spawn1" warp him city 1, if variable is "spawn2" teleport to city 2 etc
  6. what system takes less % of sales? Dedipass, paypal or stripe?
  7. Its bugged now, they checking it
  8. Cards to connect? I dont know what you are trying to do but you change map size in config.json not here. I wouldnt touch anything here, this is so risky. when you click a BLOBl, top right there is the binary value. You should only touch config.json, this will break your entire project with no return lol
  9. Upgrade 7 asap, 6 is inestable To edit databases I use DB Broser for SQlite, easy navigation and changes. Dont modify tables structure, only 2º tab of users data etc
  10. thanks I missed to add this line, Im so dumb lol
  11. Hello AGD members, Can anyone tell me what am I missing? Because I can't create guilds... 1- I create a PLAYER variable named "Guild Name" 2- I create a common event /createguild with an input variable "Create guild" and ingame I enter the guild name but I get a message "You are not in a guild". What else I have to do? Thanks
  12. www.meganiaonline.com En desarrollo aún pero en unos meses saldrá alfa
  13. Me equivoqué porque estaba en móvil cuando lo escribí. Era en config.json aquí Pones true en vez de false y los cuadrados maximos a los que se resetea el bicho
  14. Desaparecer no, solo se dan la vuelta cuando alcanzan el rango máximo. Se configura en pantalla de cada npc arriba derecha
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