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  1. Thanks! I can't wait to get home and test this option
  2. Hello again hehe, Today I noticed that the spells animations look weird because they are cut in different masks. For example, if a rock has 2 parts, the bottom in mask 1 and the top in mask 4 (fringe or fringe 2) the spell animation looks like in the image (split). Shouldn't it be shown on top of everything to avoid being cut in two? Just wanted to mention it here because maybe it has some easy fix, dunno =)
  3. So imagine you are doing pvp in your game and when the enemy is going to die he logouts to avoid it. How would you prevent their character from disconnecting with the current state? In the future with the source I have in mind something like the character stays online for a few seconds if he is in combat(15 for example). Did you guys manage to do something similar at the moment with "on logout" event ? Sorry for my bad english
  4. I should not be able to use it since I added 500 mana too and I have 245... I think it ignores every property of spell :S
  5. Hello friends, since I dont know if it is a bug or if I dont configurate it well, I will ask it here... I created a damaging rune (Sun Furry), and in order to make damage I select the Spell "Test Area" that has a Cast Spell Range(tiles) of 5. If I dont mark "Quick Cast Spell" I cant even use it. But after this configuration, I can use the rune with no range limits, throwing it to ALL screen area. I cant make a limitation to the rune cast range. EDIT: I also tried to create a spell with type "EVENT" that removes 1 rune everytime I use it, but the range and the other properties are ignored too. It seems none of the other spell properties are loaded either... Am I doing fine? Is there any other way of creating damaging runes? Thanks!! My second question is: If I am in party with a friend that is near me and I press tab to target a monster it doesnt change the focus because its trying to target my friend. Can I configurate this too? I'm excited to show you guys my game but it's not ready yet, we are working hard to create more content. Will create a game post soon
  6. This still works! (windows server only, couldnt make ubuntu work) Im developing a game with a friend and we really needed this to work together. Thanks!!! Will show my work soon. Its soooo good
  7. ok perfect! patience is the key to success
  8. Good morning friends, I am still discovering all Intersect features. Is it possible to create a new channel now? For example Trade channel or Guilds Channel. It would be amazing if there was an option for players to create channels too (and people join/leave them) Thanks in advance!
  9. my game will have a really large map... what do you recommend me for this? this version or B6?
  10. Thank you mate, you are awesome. Will try it later I hope it works I am developing the game of my dreams and this is going to fit perfect.
  11. Thanks for the info. I will have to wait that sm1 else find it out first and share it :|
  12. Did anyone manage to throw a projectile to target enemy and see the trajectory? The only way I can see the projectile is by throwing it in a straight line but I cant see it following the target. Is it possible to make it? Did anyone do it, how?
  13. Ok no problem! I will wait for it then If I make my game in 5.1 beta in the future I will be able to update it to 6 right?
  14. Thanks for the fast response
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