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  1. Okay hear me out. I will personally pay you all 20$ if we can make it to 20. Here it goes: 1
  2. You could do a set number of rooms, and have limited dungeon runs happening at once. Literally have identical maps, lets say 10. Use events to make sure each party is in a separate map. I imagine it would work with the size of most games on this forum. 10 might even be too many dungeon maps as you wont likely have 10 parties worth of people running 1 type of dungeon at once.
  3. Except no one remembers your name other than your somewhat strange Uncle, and the appletini is always a bit bitter compared to how you like it. My superpower is to be able to memorize anything I repeat 5 times over
  4. but you can only use the electricity for small appliances like toasters and microwaves my super power is the ability to grow new body parts at will
  5. This is pretty close to what I mean! However, I want the players to have full access to the editor, just only building their own world - while still having the client to log into the hub world and make friends with everyone else. So they would still have access to making quests, items and so on, with the only provided resources being the graphics. Definitely would need a system to create, edit, share maps, ideally through the hub world AKA the client.exe. Okay so I don't think I'll do this but I was just wondering because it feels like it would create a very unique community.
  6. Note: This is an extremely silly idea logistically I was just wondering if it's possible. Can we within the terms of licensing gamify the editor client? I was thinking of creating assets for a game, then having source mods to make the editor have a unique world to each player. Then from there I would have a hub world where players can meet eachother and explore the worlds other players have made. Is this allowed in any way?
  7. scoop doop da toodle de doo

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