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  1. I would be interested in writing on a very part-time basis as I am with the Nightmare crew, have work and self study. However, would be happy to get some dialogue/quests out and give input to creative writings and story structuring.
  2. WereAlpaca

    Doodle Quest

    This was posted last year
  3. No problem! With a hub you never know, you could have 3 games going on at once with 5 players each, even different maps! Best of luck.
  4. I really like the blossom shrub, definitely giving off some creepy vibes. Might snag it! Who knows lol.
  5. You could do this by creating a sort of hub world to join up into first, a sort of buffer after creating your character. Use the same idea as starting off classles then graduating to a villian or hero later, or like a secondary job. Then control and track the players using variables when they enter or leave the official map. You could also determine their classes when they join and have lobbies leading into rooms and so on. This may not be the style youre going for, but without source thats the only wat I can imagine it being done.
  6. Lol good point! The pants are just so it's consistent styling with our giants. I did end up finishing him, so I thought I'd share. The main thing I love about your design is the legs are more accurate to a werewolf and the facial structuring, although I'd consider our version a big improvement from our last werewolf. I did clean him up more after this but this is the last time I took a screeny.
  7. I'm trying to update our werewolf right now! I quite like yours though lol. I'm told the forward facing version of mine looks quite "mouse-like" and I definitely agree. Good job on yours!
  8. squirrel reppin' bling
  9. however with a great
  10. I did a front facing paperdoll of dragon armour in Nightmare's style just because I liked your design! lol
  11. I do like the design, the only thing that really bothers me is the mixels, cool though! Well done
  12. I feel like if you've ever worked with RPG maker you'd be familiar with it, so if you find the tutorials lacking for Intersect I would highly suggest checking some on RPG maker. The way the software works is not 100% the same, but if you need basic concepts for mapping, events or other shared systems they would definitely be helpful. In order to understand what features are in intersect the dev blogs are quite helpful: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/forum/52-dev-blog
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