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  1. Try a dedicated host, there should be some services that offer trials to make sure they're upto specs - although rare. Any game software of this size or structure should be hosted on a proper server for long term and development. The exception is a PC with very high specs catered towards hosting, or even a server machine you set up yourself should be fine and dandy.
  2. Lower your sprite to the bottom so there is not 32 pixels below him, that should fix it. Maybe a space of 2-3 pixels to allow for robe sprites or anything that goes lower than the feet. Edit: It works horizontally because it calculated 8 pixel out from the center line, while it calculates from the bottom of the sprite vertically. Hope this explains why it works sideways and not vertically.
  3. If somebody can make the mouse "target" the current tile it's hovering over, then it might be a good first step. Start with a modification that shows X, Y, with mouse positioning. Then look into changing the targeting mechanics from entity based actions to tile based actions. I would suggest keeping both systems working and having a toggle in the skill type to determine tile based targeting or entity based targeting. This could be all wrong but it's just from what I understand without actually looking at any of the code.
  4. Love the look of the main hero! Great job so far. I would argue for more colour variety in each region, as locking it to 3 colours or mainly 2 colours is a little underwhelming, but that's my only critique! Definitely keeping an eye out for this one!
  5. The DBZ tiles are great, the tiles for CDZ aren't matching the characters very well. Although it looks great so far! Good job
  6. Love the vines! Looks good. Only critique is maybe lower the door handle
  7. https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ascensiongamedev/filehost/e47558394225facf33e973841fb9529c.png Day 4!
  8. First map of the game! Not done yet but close
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