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  1. Character Movimentation Issues

    It's just how it's set up in the engine currently. It's important that the graphics are entry-level for people new to game making. I'm sure this is something you can change upon release. For now make sure you're using the proper graphics, use the default resources to figure it out. Cheers.
  2. Game Storm-Online World

    Careful with that, I recognise that indoor map from a youtuber I follow.
  3. "Painted" maps

    You've given very logical and well aimed responses to everyone, good stuff Konig! I'm enthusiastic to see what you produce. This thread seems to have an oddly pessimistic feel, but I know this can be done well - I'd also like to share some useful thoughts! First of all, I would highly recommend putting together a base tileset to work from. When you can tile in portions of the map, you can really expand on that visual by parallaxing over it and you gain a lot of FPS. This combining of techniques is the perfect balance, especially when your work load feels so overwhelming. There are many inspiring examples online. Secondly, using a tileset as a base will solve the players feeling unnatural or misaligned, as you can tell from this thread, that will be a problem you will run into later. You can export full resolution and properly scaled images of the maps - straight from the editor - might need open source to export with specificity. Third of all, having a base tileset allows your map makers/programmers to have something to use and test with. Having a "base" mapper who goes through and only maps out using the base tileset could greatly lower the load on the artist as well! Lastly, make all of your fringe details use an efficient amount of tiles. Sometimes when you're taking the parallaxing approach, the over the character details stop needing to line up to grids - then you start having excessive fringe tiles being rendered. Put simple: make sure your fringe layers fit in a grid logically. To wrap this all up, keep your artistic integrity, and break rules when you need to! Cheers.
  4. Yikes! Never encountered the problem myself guess that's crossed off as a cause though. Cheers!
  5. Did you change tile size or map size? Even though there is an option for it, there are a lot of bugs associated with it. I'm not entirely sure if this is the case, just seems that way
  6. "Painted" maps

    Would love to see any techniques you uncover along the way! Other members might have valuable advice if you start a progressive thread on it as well cheers
  7. Wolfy 2D Engine

    Paying anything less than 1000$ for this engine is extremely silly, and is still far too little. A license for a set of graphics can run you 300$ easily... Let that sink in.
  8. Glitchy resources

    The second image depicts an error by the graphics artist & not any engine. The dirt is part of the resource, which is incorrect - it must be on the ground as a tile. The plant is above the ground so it would be the only gfx for the resource. Cool comparison though
  9. Exactly.

  10. Exactly.

    Not quite
  11. Exactly.

  12. Exactly.

    C-c-c-c-Combo Breaker!
  13. Map Editing

    Different engine this person isn't using Interesect.
  14. Cross-threading

    "& at the end of the line backgrounds the process" while /this/true; do things and stuff done & Quick google gave me this answer, might work for ya. I have basically no idea what half these words mean though.
  15. Spell and Stats suggestion.

    That's completely fair - programming is not for everyone. The adjustment of the stat formula will likely be discussed and explained on many parts of the forum. I bet you'll have no trouble making these changes when the time comes.