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  1. https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/9044c9f0be2009e84db67a4c89f5a58b.rar Technically I am not supposed to be doing this, but I repackaged some TF with the default Interesect and thought some people might do well with this little kickstart. Here are the examples:
  2. If only I had photoshop!
  3. WereAlpaca

    Data Loss

    That's a current glitch that I've ran into multiple times. I would suggest breaking up your work sessions into smaller sizes to prevent data loss for when it occurs. Make less changes at a time and so on.
  4. Can we have the option to flip tiles and resources before we place them? Like flip an entire tilesheet in the engine? I would love to place my rock facing both directions without taking more tileset space. Thanks
  5. I drew inspiration from your top knot while making a Goblin Guard! Here is what I created: I have a few layering issues to fix but that's the general idea
  6. okay I'll try to remember to do that, I'm going to modify them severely and add them to our collection of real human scalps. Should be great fun, cheers.
  7. Do you have your hairs done for each direction? I'll take them for free and never give you anything in return, it's a great bargain.
  8. I would be interested in writing on a very part-time basis as I am with the Nightmare crew, have work and self study. However, would be happy to get some dialogue/quests out and give input to creative writings and story structuring.
  9. WereAlpaca

    Doodle Quest

    This was posted last year
  10. No problem! With a hub you never know, you could have 3 games going on at once with 5 players each, even different maps! Best of luck.
  11. I really like the blossom shrub, definitely giving off some creepy vibes. Might snag it! Who knows lol.
  12. You could do this by creating a sort of hub world to join up into first, a sort of buffer after creating your character. Use the same idea as starting off classles then graduating to a villian or hero later, or like a secondary job. Then control and track the players using variables when they enter or leave the official map. You could also determine their classes when they join and have lobbies leading into rooms and so on. This may not be the style youre going for, but without source thats the only wat I can imagine it being done.
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