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  1. You've got a great sound! I hope you find some clients here. If a new project comes by I'll come hollering. Cheers
  2. It's feasible by coding pixel based movement, but you would also have to custom code enemy AI for pixel movement as well. That would be the easiest way to conceptualize it but it would still take a very skilled coder to make it happen.
  3. I believe you can lower the name plate by adjusting the border on your base sprites to be lower. This applies to NPCs and enemies but I'm unsure of the actual player if someone wants to correct me.
  4. I don't know why you would want pre-made maps if you're trying to create your own game? I would suggest looking at tutorials for RPG Maker mapping if you're having trouble getting started.
  5. I believe we had issues with maps saving as well, not sure what the fix or cause was, could have been tandem with Leafling though - I remember both teams struggling with it at the same time. If I can I'll change the title to a saving issue. Thanks for all your answers!
  6. I'll give it a shot Saving possibly has some issues universally? I don't know much about sqlite but I can see how that could factor into this issue.
  7. Kibbelz plans to make a test server where he can view what's causing this issue (test server is for many other reasons as well), I was hopping on AGD in hopes that someone had this same issue and it was an easy fix. I just tested and it saved properly for my first batch of edits, then I rebooted to make changes again, rebooted and the changes were reversed. The game I work on is Nightmare, it's pretty big at this point so I imagine there are many global variables being changed. I can't confirm this (because I'm mostly an artist) but I'm fairly certain that would be the case. Do you think it's a good plan to try and recreate this issue with a fresh install? I can do that in a day or two to see if it's my PC having issues.
  8. I can explain it very clearly, interesting that it may be relevant to using one account for editing and playing. The process: - Make 15 new items - Put them into a folder - Rename them into what they're supposed to be - Save, and close down the editor Result: Edit - re-open the editor and check the item editor - All the new items are now outside the folder and not named - There is one remaining item that saved, haven't confirmed if it's the item I had selected when I saved or if it's random What I think: If I could save without the editor closing then I could individually save each item and not run into this issue. Although I could be totally wrong from a technical standpoint. Edit: Could be an issue with saving and not necessarily rollbacks now that I think it through
  9. I'll give that a shot, thanks! Edit: This did not solve the issue, I will wait to see if anyone else has ran into this, then try to replicate on a fresh install.
  10. I have had this issue on my personal game while using intersect, but I am running into this issue with Nightmare right now. Does anyone else experience rollbacks when editing anything? Maps, item editor, etc. I was hoping someone has experienced this before and it's as simple as admin privileges or default Microsoft security. I can try and replicate the problem on a clean intersect client/editor if it's not immediately ringing a bell.
  11. Whatever you don't, do.

  12. Hello AGD! WereAlpaca here with a contest for Nightmare. Create a weapon and post it in the Discord channel "Contest Entries"! The winner with the most checkmark reacts from the community gets a prize, as well as second and third place. The rules are simple: 1. No stealing! Create it yourself! (Entries found plagiarizing will receive a ban) 2. The first place winner understands that their weapon will now belong to Nightmare. 3. Try to keep it at a reasonable size, but don't stifle your creativity if you want it to be large. 4. I will polish (if needed) and animate it, so we only need the front facing frame! 5. You have until the 17th (Friday) to post your entry, anything after that won't be considered. 6. 3 total entries allowed. 7. You can create just the paperdoll (the weapon that shows in the players hand) or the icon as well! No icon required though. 1st Place: Weapon skin gets added to the game & User gets a free skin of their weapon + 10,000 Blood Runes 2nd Place: 10,000 Blood Runes 3rd Place: 5,000 Blood Runes Tips: 1. If you screenshot the game, and resize it to exactly 50%, you can use other weapons in game as a base to get started. 2. Concept images are hard to translate into pixel art, but references are always helpful. 3. Try using the palette of anything ingame as a reference for your own colours. Discord link: https://discord.gg/tMFNSfS3
  13. Stoked for release! Many years of hard work.
  14. Weird ! I use TF and I haven't seen that one yet. Cheers
  15. Hey! Looks great. Was wondering if you custom ordered that mount or if the source was publicly available? I'm just wondering who the artist is above all else. Might commission them for other work if they're available!
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