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  1. Khaikaa

    Making a skill level up

    Take a look to this tutorial I made a few ago, maybe it will give you some ideas:
  2. Khaikaa

    Closed Alpha Proyecto Helheim

    What is Proyecto Helheim? Proyecto Helheim is the codename of a MMORPG game developed with Intersect Engine (current version: 4.9.1). Everything (graphics, music, story, illustrations...) are 100% custom and original, we have not used any existing resource in the game and we are so proud because of that. The game was developed by @Chondo and me, but 4 more people worked with us(zaicuch, akatsuya, metarupx and megaoy). In this game everything is up to you. We killed the typical mmorpg game style and created a new one. No more farming to level up, no more linear stories to follow, just play as you want. Our level system is different from other projects in which you get experience by killing npcs or completing quests, in Proyecto Helheim it doesn't matter how many npcs you kill or how many quests do you complete, you will only level up by developing the 3 basic character's skills: Weapon skills, profession skills and coliseum skills. There are not permanent decisions in Proyecto Helheim. You can change your fight style or your profession whenever you want without any kind of handicap, so you can try everything with the same character. Also, our server is multi-language, so you can change the language whenever you want without modifying any client config file just by typing a simple command in the chatbox! In this version of Proyecto Helheim you will be able to explore Syraco, the smallest island of Olivium archipelago. Deep and dark caves, big forest with huge wildlife, extensive beaches... There are tons of new places to explore! Also, and for a limited time, there is a portal in the middle of Syraco's settlement which teleports you to the Olivium coliseum, where you will be able to play custom game modes never seen before on any intersect project! There is a 100% original story that you can discover. There are different weapons with special skills and different professions with different benefits. Do you want to cut down trees or craft stuff with some animal leather? Maybe you would like to be a biologist. Do you want to explore the caves and harvesting rare minerals to craft special items? Be a geologist! Your character may be unique. No, don't misunderstand me, when we say unique we say REALLY unique. There are special unique powers you could find, and if you are the very first player finding it... you will be the very unique player who can use them! But be careful... Proyecto Helheim's world is very dangerous. If your character faints... it could actually die! Be sure that your character's SSI is full of charges before you go to an adventure or your character could go to the purgatory if he gets defeated! Only your will could save it from the purgatory rooms, it will up to you saving your character's life or letting it die and creating a new one. But... let's stop talking and show some actual game content! So what? Are you ready to try Proyecto Helheim? Proyecto Helheim client will hopefully be released in the next 1-2 weeks. Stay tuned!
  3. Khaikaa

    Free programming books

    Hi everybody, A friend of mine sent me this link with some free books to learn different coding languages or technologies, such as java, c, c++, c#, python, ruby, sql, swift... and more. I hope someone finds this useful. Link: https://books.goalkicker.com/ Cya!
  4. Khaikaa

    Runic Land/Tierras Rúnicas

    This is one of the biggest problems in the game development community. I "understand" people using other's content, making custom content is hard/expensive(depending if you make it or buy it). The bad point is people usually don't ask for permission, they just "google" for content and add it to their projects. I don't care about legal issues, I think personal issues are more important here. A lot of people would give permission by free if you just ask them, asking doesn't hurt at all. It doesn't matter where you find the content, that content was made by someone, it's not spontaneously generated in the internet. Next time you add any kind of content to any project of yours make sure a) it was made just for your project on purpose or b) you have all the permisions of usage of that content from their real creators, @Urysoft. That being said, nice mapping, and I like the "mapa mundi"(world map on english) idea so much.
  5. Khaikaa

    Incredibly easy /commands tutorial

    Hi starlord, There is not any link to learning how to code intersect engine since it is not open source yet, so you can't modify it yet. Only way to "code" is making complex event systems. About the second question, I don't think so. I think you can only display the time of the server's time zone, but I'm not sure.
  6. Khaikaa

    Mi página web / My web page

    Bueno, el programa todavía está en una fase de desarrollo muy temprana, ni siquiera he definido el roadmap todavía (https://khaikaa.com/hla-roadmap/), pero tengo varias ideas que creo que podrían ser interesantes, como registrar los pokémon que usó cada participante, hacer un registro de los enfrentamientos, compartir los resultados... ese tipo de cosas. Pero bueno, ya te digo, todavía no tengo muy claro qué metas me pondré con ese programa. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, the program is still in a very early development stage, I havn't even defined the roadmap yet (https://khaikaa.com/hla-roadmap/), but I have a few ideas that I could be interesting, like registering the pokemon of each competitor, making a registry of every battle, sharing the results... that kind of things. Anyways, as I said, I'm not even sure about which are the goals I wanna reach with that program.
  7. Khaikaa

    Target Box Position

    The trick is very simple(and that's what I'm actually doing) Set a default spritesheet picture size and draw the sprites fitting these picture dimensions. The target box will be displayed in the same position for all the characters whose spritesheet follows that rule.
  8. Khaikaa

    Mi página web / My web page

    Muchas gracias si tienes alguna duda sobre cómo utilizarlo no dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo. Me gustaría recalcar que el programa no está terminado todavía, por lo que nuevas funcionalidades serán añadidas pronto. Un saludo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you so much if you have any question about how to use it please ask me without any fear. I would like to remark that the program is not finished yet, so new functionalities will be added soon. Regards.
  9. Hola a todos, he abierto hace unos días mi propia página web, http://khaikaa.com. En ella podréis encontrar algunos programas y juegos desarrollados por mí. Actualmente hay 3 disponibles: CPJutsu: Mi propio programa de edición de imágenes. Es una herramienta que sirve para cambiar las paletas de color de spritesheets de manera rápida y cómoda. HLA: Mi propio gestor de torneos de pokémon go. Administra una pequeña base de datos en la que podrás registrar jugadores, crear torneos, apuntar a los jugadores en los torneos y darle puntos a los participantes. Snake Worlds: El clásico juego de Snake hecho a mi manera. Iré subiendo más programas y mejorando los que ya están subidos a medida que vaya teniendo tiempo libre. Podéis descargarlos y usarlos cuando queráis. Un saludo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everybody, I just made my own website, http://khaikaa.com. You'll find some programs and games developed by me there. There are 3 at the momment: CPJutsu: My own picture edition program. It's a tool that easily changes the color palette of a spritesheet. HLA: My own pokemon go tournament manager. Admin a little database where you can register players, create tournaments, sign up players to the tournaments and give them points. Snake Worlds: My own version of the classic Snake game. I'll be uploading more programs and improving the ones I've already posted there. You can download and use them whenever you want. Regards
  10. Khaikaa

    Something is coming to AGD

    It's almost here...
  11. Khaikaa

    Nope, projectile still not .... projeciling.

    As zzz said, attach screenshots of the spell and projectile. We can't help if we don't have enough information.
  12. Khaikaa

    Higher Level Players are weaker

    Don't be a crybaby, if you write a post everybody has the right to give their opinion. If you don't like it get out of the internet. I don't think that's a bad idea, actually I think it is interesting to try out new game concepts. Of course nobody will give you a damn credit for that, and nobody has to, but many great games were born because their designer tried ideas others said that they were bad ideas.
  13. Khaikaa

    Higher Level Players are weaker

    I think he is joking with the credits thing lol
  14. Khaikaa

    Event flow optimization

    This may be a stupid question but does adding labels as comments (I mean, without adding any go to label command) costs to the cpu?
  15. Khaikaa

    Event flow optimization

    Hi everybody, I have a technical question right now about event flow. Imagine the next scenary: - There is a player variable called value which can value 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. - We want to make an event that checks that variable's value and acts in consequence. We can do in 2 diferents ways: 1st option: Simple conditional branches We can make a structure like this: Conditional branch: [Player Variable value is equal to 0] @> do stuff @> : Else @> : End branch Conditional branch: [Player Variable value is equal to 1] @> do stuff @> : Else @> : End branch etc 2nd option: Inner conditional branches Conditional branch: [Player Variable value is equal to 0] @> do stuff @> : Else @> Conditional branch: [Player Variable value is equal to 1] @> do stuff @> : Else @> : End branch : End branch etc Both options will do the very same thing, but which one is cheaper for the server/client? Also, there is the possibility to add label and go to laber commands to the first option so it only runs a portion of the event, for example: Conditional branch: [Player Variable value is equal to 0] @> do stuff @> go to label endEvent @> : Else @> : End branch Conditional branch: [Player Variable value is equal to 1] @> do stuff @> go to label endEvent @> : Else @> : End branch etc label endEvent is it cheaper for the server/client doing the label/go to label thing or running the whole event? Thank you!