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  1. AlexandreKayle

    how do i create a jump button

    I'd like to create a button to jump, but I do not know how to do this, anyone know?
  2. AlexandreKayle

    Rain Tale Online - More info and Design !

    Thanks !
  3. Hello everyone, today i will show some more of my Rain Tale Online. Well, this game includes a whole mechanics, like fishing, mining, cutting trees and etc. this game have a lot of equipments, some exemples is Belts, wings, capes, rings, amulets, shirts, boots, and etc. The story is not finished yet, but when i finish i will update you with more information Now i wil show you some pics of how my game is : My Logo: You can have more than 1 character : Customize your Character ! : Custom Icons : Lots of equipment paperdolls : Custom Equipped Icon : Custom Character Info : Lot of hairs and colors for hairs ! : Great game in general ! : And that's all for today ! Hope your enjoyed some infos of my game, send feedback below ! <3
  4. AlexandreKayle

    Rain Tale Online

    Yes i will, i'm just preparing some outfits and hair paperdolls to show with the char creation system
  5. AlexandreKayle

    Rain Tale Online

    Yeah, all this is in-game
  6. AlexandreKayle

    How i change the red dot icon of item equipped in Beta 5.1 ?

    But where i edit to change ? is in gui ? Layouts ?
  7. I don't know how to change the red dot icon to a decent equipped icon, how i do this ?
  8. AlexandreKayle

    Concept Rain Tale Online

    Hello guys, so today i will releasing the first teaser of the game i am making, i hope eveyone like it ! This teaser shows some extra equipment and paper dolls, The extra equipment is : Gloves/Gauntlets Rings Amulets And will have a slot for capes too. and the convencional shield and sword ^^ i hope everyone like it, i will release some more information in future, will take a time because i'm working in this game solo, and don't worry, i don't want help, i'm fine. put your feedback below !
  9. AlexandreKayle

    Looking for Work [PAID] Animations Designer

    Hey ! I'm looking for work and i am selling some of my animations i already have here, take a look : These animations are for selling in my itch.io : https://alexandre-kayle.itch.io/kayles-animation And if you wanna a custom animation, send me a message, i will make any animation that you want, for a price of course All of my animations are already in Intersect format, so you can request without any problems with compatibility
  10. AlexandreKayle

    [PAID] Animations

    Send me a message saying what you need, I'll do everything you want, if you like my work of course
  11. AlexandreKayle

    Introduction to cracking

    The game is alredy full, but when i click to export a image, says i need to buy it for export, how i can bypass this system ?
  12. AlexandreKayle

    Hello, I'm willing to work with pleasure!

    Thanks !
  13. AlexandreKayle

    Introduction to cracking

    How do I crack a program that does not ask serial but is in demo ? Like, I have a program that is complete, but when I go to export a file it says it's a demo, and I have to buy the original software, what do I do to get this screen off?
  14. AlexandreKayle

    Hello, I'm willing to work with pleasure!

    Ancient Dungeons
  15. Hey, i'm a mapper looking for work, anyone needs help for mapping ? here is some examples of my creations and editions, i'm especialized of making realistic map effects, like lights, fire effects, neon, and other thinks ! Tilesets Credit : Celianna's