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  1. Yeah, panorama! It's a shame this engine doesn't have it yet. There could be some really cool effects. I went ahead and did the tileset thing: It works fine of course, but on larger maps it would be difficult to use. You'd have to chop up things willy-nilly and it would take forever vs just porting things in.
  2. Hello, I tried searching up things in the forums and couldn't find anything but if the topic already exists, feel free to delete this post and give me a slap on the wrist. Anyhow I've been playing around with the engine for some time now and I really like how familiar it is for an RPGmaker user. I was wondering if there was a way to import and image to use as the ground layer like you can in RPGmaker, though. Right now there are only tiles available and it would be quite tedious to import the image in as individual tiles. Again, sorry if that has already been asked or if this is hidden in the engine already.
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