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  1. Question! The engine loads the nearest 9 maps to the player. Do the amount of maps that make up your game matter for performance if all the engine loads are the nearest 9? Also, is there a performance difference between maps that are linked and maps that aren't? Should I create a large 200 linked map, or is it better to have 30 linked maps with warp points, or does it even matter?
  2. I set up my files just like justin suggested. After copying the server/client and editor files, I cannot log into my account within the test folder. Says incorrect name / password. - edit - Also, the (server) version I downloaded from the intersect website (which I use as my test and final folders) is 6.2.457 while the (server) version from github (the one I build and use to replace files with) is 6.2, is this an issue? - edit - Should I be forking a different version other than Main, on Github, for development? - edit - I don't know what I did differently... Seems to be working now. Whatever, lol. My questions about the versions still stands. If I want to code with version 7 ( or 6.2.457) , where on Github do I get those versions?
  3. Okay. I got the client to run. I had to copy the resource folder from my other install location into the github debug location. This is my next question... From the Debug folder, I am able to run the exe from the three separate folders (client, editor and server). But there is also a test folder. Blink said this "When you compile the whole solution you must use the same client / editor from the Build folder of the source code," When I alter the code in visual studio, where is the code changing? In the test folder or in the three separate client, editor and server folders? Basically, should I be modifying, testing and running the game I want to make from the Test folder or from the three separate folders? I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly. I don't want to spend days messing with the wrong folders.
  4. This is what I have... In the Debug folder, I have Client, Editor, Server and Test folders ( amongst others). In the Client and Editor folders, there are no Resource folders. The server folder does have a resource folder. In the Test folder, there are client, editor and server.exe's AND a resource folder. I can run the server from this folder, but when I try to run the Client.exe from this folder, I get a black screen. I copied the Resource folder from the Test folder, and pasted it into the Client folder. I run the client.exe from the client folder, and I get the same black screen.
  5. Okay, I see. The client and editor files are in the test folder, not in the client or editor folders. I run the client, and I get a black screen.
  6. I built the client and the editor before. I just did it again to make sure. Neither folder has resources in them.
  7. There are no resource folders in the client and editor after building. I must be doing something wrong during the build? I would assume the resource folder 'appearing' in the client and editor folders are automatic, or do I simply copy the resource folder from the built server folder and paste it into the client and editor folders?
  8. I have the server running, but 1) the client.exe won't start and 2) the editor gives me an error "the resources directory could not be found! Intersect will now close."
  9. Following the directions under Compiling https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/start/compiling.html I have a few questions... Under the debug folder, there are no files under the client or editor folders. The only .exe I see is the server. Modifying "the game" can only be done through the server source code? Also, how do I test the game? I run the modified Server .exe (from the github directory), then run the client and editor from my normal download for the game ( on my c drive elsewhere)? New to coding, and learning the hard way - edit - Found the issue. I had to Build the client, server and editor separately. I just kept rebuilding the server over and over. That wasn't included in the instructions. Also, I then had to restart Visual Studio.
  10. Thank you all for the answers! I'm learning to code, so this is going to be a fun adventure for the next few years
  11. I don't see any file called client.entities.entity in the intersect directory folder for server or client. What am I missing, please?
  12. Trying to find out how to increase/decrease the movement speed of a player. Can't find anything in the forum or in the folders. Am I able to modify player speed?
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