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  1. Speed is based on agility stat, so maybe you could give the player a spell called "Speed up" that buffs the agility stat for a few seconds whenever the player mounts the motorbike and take it away when the player dismounts it.
  2. Buenas! Yo tampoco me había presentado porque no había visto esto antes. Me llamo Albert, soy de España, estoy estudiando ingeniería informática y matemáticas (estoy a finales de segundo año, plenos exámenes), y me gusta bastante este mundillo para entretenerme de vez en cuando. Un saludo a todos!
  3. Hi, I saw this option in the config file of the server: <AnimatedSprites></AnimatedSprites> I have searched over the forum and found nothing about it, and the documentation doesn't say anything about this https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Game_Design/Advanced_Configuration/ServerConfig.html. Do someone know what is this option for? Thanks.
  4. You can open the Client and Server in Mac OS, Linux and Windows, but the editor is only available through Windows and I think there's almost no chance you could open it with Linux using Wine (I'm not 100% sure about this). https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/Welcome.html#page_Cross-Platform-Compatibility
  5. The only "bad" thing I can see is the tree next to the house doesn't look well for me. It seems like it's next to the house but behind it at the same time. Other than that it looks excellent!
  6. Hello guys, this is just something I have curiosity about. I literally have no idea about this and 'd like to listen to some opinions about this matter. Do you think it is needed to create an enterprise in order to get revenue from your game? Have you done it before? Every opinion about this is welcome.
  7. One solution with the event system would be as follows: Let's say you have 2 chests that you want to reset each week. Suppose the switches are "Chest1" and "Chest2". Create a player variable. I'll call it "Reset Chests". First it is set to 0. Now let's say a week passes and you want to reset all those switches for every player. Create a Common Event. Trigger: "Autorun". Execution condition: player variable "Reset Chests" does not equal to 1. In this event you set "chest1", "chest2" to false. Also, you set the "Reset Chests" variable to 1, so the reset won't happen again for that player. Let's say one more week passes, what do you do now? Easy, you just go to the same common event and change the execution condition to player variable "Reset Chests" does not equal to 2. Then, instead of setting that same variable to 1, you set it to 2. The only problem here is that you still have to manually change those two values each week, although it's a lot easier than manually changing the switches from the database (unless you have a script that automatically does that).
  8. A lot of hours spent and I don't even have the outlines
  9. It's not possible at the moment since there's no event command to force the player to cast a spell, so by calling a common event you'll be able to take an item from the player but you won't be able to cast any additional spell.
  10. Love the style! This may become a very nice platformer game when source comes out! And You can upload it here https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/filehost/ and then copy the link and paste it in the post.
  11. That's actually an original idea :), but as you said it isn't not stable. I think the best for now is to take this "system" as an example of what events can do and wait until they add the features I proposed or just wait for open source.
  12. The first one you said, when the player logs in the arena again there's no problem because the timer will continue and he will exit it anyways, but yes, the main problem is if the player logs out and don't log in again. As I already said in my post I have already though in ways of solving it but it would require extra event commands which we don't have. But if you come up with a solution with the ones we have just post it.
  13. Okay, thanks a lot!!! Actually I was really worried about that because I love Intersect but I wouldn't use it if it had that vulnerability. Question is answered so you can close the topic
  14. PVE Arena Using Events and Quest System Posted: 31/01/2018 Written during Beta 4.7 First of all sorry for my English, I know it's not the best but I think you can understand me. I was testing functionalities of the engine and its potential and I managed to create a PVE Arena so I decided to share this here. You talk to a NPC and he gives you the quest to enter the Arena. If you already had the quest taken he asks you if you want to enter. Then you're teleported to the arena. Only one player is allowed to be in the arena at the same time. There are 3 possibilites to exit the arena: 1. Be killed 2. Kill the monster 3.Run out of time(so you can't stay forever and block other player's entrances). Uses events and the quest system. When the monster is killed the task is finished and therefore you can run an event and do anything. There are two known bugs because of the limitations of the event system (or maybe my own limitations, if anybody knows how to fix them without editing source code just say it): Video: The player in the left had already entered the arena before (that's why you see the quest in the quest log is already yellow). The player in the right hadn't. You can see that no player is able to enter the arena if there's already someone in and the 3 ways to exit the arena (die, kill the monster or run out of time). When monster is killed the player gets out of the arena and can enter the reward room. Tutorial: For this tutorial I have two separate maps. The first one is the Lobby and the second one is the Arena itself. First of all we're going to use the following: A Player Switch called "Player in Arena", a Global Switch called "Arena", initially False (will be True if a player is in the arena), and a Global Variable called "Arena Timer". This last one variable doesn't need to be a Global Variable and can be a Player Variable instead but if its Global it could be used for letting other players know how long they will have to wait. Now let's go to make the Quest for this: Follow the image: Green is for optional, Red is for mandatory, Yellow is for anotations. As you can see you can't quit the quest because if some player quitted the quest while inside the arena, then he wouldn't be able to exit by killing the monster (he would still exit the arena when the time goes down so you can actually mark the option but it would be extrange). Then you have to choose the task of killing the monster you want to be in the arena. Then, on task completion event you have to warp the player outside of the arena and set the "Player in Arena" and "Arena" switches to false so other players can enter the arena. Then you can choose to finish or not the quest and reward the player. Now let's go to the Lobby and create the NPC that will teleport you to the arena: Everything is explained in the image "Arena False" and "Arena True" condition list are only formed by "Global Switch Arena is False" and "Global Switch Arena is True".The second page of the event is what will appear when there's a player inside the arena. Note that in this example I've done it this way, with a NPC, but it could be done in a lot of different ways. Last but not least, you might be asking why is the Player Switch "Player in Arena" for. This switch is used now! This is used for when a player dies in the arena, the arena gets reset so other players can enter. Create a Common Event and follow the image: In my case now I have a NPC called "Guard" that after you've completed the quests lets you pass to the rewards room, but you can make it different. The best thing, if the quest can be repeated, is to give the reward at the event that is called on task finished. You can do almost anything you want to! That's the power of Intersect. Your PVE Arena should by ready by now! Let me know If I missed something, if you have any problem/suggestion or if you know how to fix any of the bugs I mentioned above! Thank you!
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