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  1. Speed is based on agility stat, so maybe you could give the player a spell called "Speed up" that buffs the agility stat for a few seconds whenever the player mounts the motorbike and take it away when the player dismounts it.
  2. One solution with the event system would be as follows: Let's say you have 2 chests that you want to reset each week. Suppose the switches are "Chest1" and "Chest2". Create a player variable. I'll call it "Reset Chests". First it is set to 0. Now let's say a week passes and you want to reset all those switches for every player. Create a Common Event. Trigger: "Autorun". Execution condition: player variable "Reset Chests" does not equal to 1. In this event you set "chest1", "chest2" to false. Also, you set the "Reset Chests" variable to 1, so the reset won't happen again for that player. Let's say one more week passes, what do you do now? Easy, you just go to the same common event and change the execution condition to player variable "Reset Chests" does not equal to 2. Then, instead of setting that same variable to 1, you set it to 2. The only problem here is that you still have to manually change those two values each week, although it's a lot easier than manually changing the switches from the database (unless you have a script that automatically does that).
  3. Okay, thanks a lot!!! Actually I was really worried about that because I love Intersect but I wouldn't use it if it had that vulnerability. Question is answered so you can close the topic
  4. Hi, this is something that makes me worry about the security of the engine. I was editing some events while I was connected in the map with my character. I already knew that when you edit an event in the Editor, you have to reload the map with your character for events to be refreshed. I realised that if I edit an event in the editor but don't reload the map with my character, the event data is that of before the edition, but it still works. This made me think that events logic is sended by the Server but then handled by the Client. This could be an important security issue, but maybe I'm wrong and the Server has data about the events of each map for each player or something like that. Could anybody answer me this question? Thank you and sorry for my English, I know it's not the best.
  5. Hi all! I'm happy to announce my game is finished. www.peaverin.com Maybe the difficult is a little high, idk. Just test it! I don't want to win any money or visits in the page with the game, just feedback and the satisfaction of having programmed and created a game almost 100% by myself (except the resources part, although I had hard times editing with Gimp). Hope you like it ^^
  6. Thanks! Actually this game is being part of a final high school project so I have an excuse to be perseverant. Thank you! At the moment I'm focusing in single player game. It will be launched both for navigator and for Play Store. I sometimes think about making a multiplayer version someday but it will be too much time consuming and I'll have to learn loads of things (I've been learning something about node.js along with sockets.io but I'm still very newbie with all of this). So I'll first finish the offline version and then I might create the multiplayer one.
  7. I'm still alive! And my game too! Check this vid (note that the levels are just example levels): OUvwti1SADA
  8. Thanks! Actually graphics are my main issue because I have 0 knowledge on making graphics and I took them from freeopenresources. I know the GUI and the tiles and items have not the same style but they are good for testing.
  9. Hey! Lately I've been working on my game, and there's been some progress. There's a video demonstration of what's been added until now. I've already created a map editor that generates the code of the map you create. You can also edit an existing map and you can edit everything: blocks (there 4 layers: the first one is for blocks behind the character and the second one for blocks that block the character; the third and fourth ones are for blocks before the character), song, tileset, background... I also added items and hud for hp and money. The next now is adding weapons and enemies. Here's a little video demonstration of an example map. I might upload a video showing the map editor in the future. BtqcbEl1SZ8 By the way, if anybody is interested in helping with graphics (mainly for the UI,hud and items), please PM me. Any help will be appreciated. Also I tried this game in my mobile devices as well as Ipad and it works properly. There are still some problems with the multitouch and such things, but with a little twerk of the code it can be fixed easily. Anyways I want to focus on the PC navigator game firstly so I can transform it into a mobile game later. I can give some tips for HTML5 game programming in anywant wants to.
  10. Thanks! I appreciate your comments:)
  11. It's been a long time since I don't update this. I did a lot of things to the game and started programming the levels logic. Here's a video that shows what is done at the moment. I'll update the main topic explaining what's new when I have time. By now you can watch this video of the game. It was recorded with an annoying screen recorder because Camtasia Studio wasn't working and I had to use that other program: e-0dvwfFmUw
  12. Why do you have to reprogram the engine from scratch having Onion Engine in VB.NET? If you're being serious, good luck, it will take you a lot of time.
  13. Well, so I loved the electric guitar and I back in September 2014 I bought an electric guitar for a very cheap prize so I could start learning. I've got a youtube channel and I'd like to show you some of my videos. Well, actually I've only uploaded 2 videos because I'm to lazy to record more, but I might upload more videos from time to time. Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm Cover fevvZ0hxmEs And here's a very basic improvisation over an "A minor" base (I just learned the A minor scale so I could improvisate over it): tzp6rq3Xqy0
  14. Hey, this is my first post on the forum, so hi all! I'm 17 and I just started learning to program. I'm not really very good, so I started with html and the web basics (css, javascript and Jquery). Then I saw the relatively new html5 element called "canvas", mostly used for games, and I decided I could make a game in order to test my current skills. Well, I'm programming it all from scratch, avoiding the use of any framework nor library so I can really see how hard is to make a game (If i'm forced to, I'll add a library, but I'm trying to do it by myself). The game will be a simple platformer game with levels and I might make it more complex and add weapons and stuff (if I manage to finish the game first). In canvas there's no easy way to add buttons nor elements (as there is in VB), and you have to draw everything onto the screen every frame (meaning that you'll have to use several loops in order to draw everything again each frame). I haven't even started with the game levels yet but I've been creating the "core" for the game (functions for easy creating buttons, adding images, music, and such) so I can focus then on the game levels. Here's a short list of what I've done: -The "game" is separated with scenes, so you can change from scene to scene (for example: load scene, main menu scene, level scene...) -Every scene has it's own "init" function(this one runs just once when the scene is loaded), "paint"(drawing things to the screen) and "act"(checking for the user's actions and acting) loops, and there are also a general "paint" and "act" loops that runs on every scene. Those are the ones that handles buttons, images, music, texts so I can easily add them in the "init" function or "act" loop of each scene. -Every time you change scene, all the elements dissapear so I can set what I want to appear on the "init" function of the changed scene. -I've made my custom "preload" function (I think it's very bad scripted but I wanted to try without using any preloading library), and there's a load scene that loads all the music, sound and images before starting the game. -Sound is separated from music so you can choose to mute music and sound separately. I'll be updating this from time to time (I'm not working a lot on this at the moment but I'll focus on it someday). And yes, I know the code can be optimized for sure (or I think so), but I've just learned how to program and this is to test myself. If anyone sees anything bad in the code and wants to help me, just do it and explain me what can I do to improve it. UPDATE 4 September 2015 I've been adding a lots of things to the code and it seems more like a game now. You can check the last vid here: BtqcbEl1SZ8 UPDATE 06 November 2015: The programming part is almost done: Levels logic, shop... OUvwti1SADA Need to program the localStorage for saving data and create the levels.
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